Bootin’ it into Booterdrive | The Spike Feeders Commander Gameplay S4E7

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where you can support us directly. Now, sit back and enjoy the show. [music] Jerry: Sup spikes? We’re back on this probably
a chilly Thursday. We’re playing some competitive Magic today. We got some spicy generals at
the table today. We’ll go around in turn order here. I’m going first in turn order and I
am playing my Tishana elfball list. Jan: Excellent. I’m going second and I’m playing
Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero eggs, and if you want to understand how the combo works, go
check out our Better Know a Combo. Bill: It’s up here. Jan: It’ll be in one of these directions. Bill: I am going to be playing a deck that
was submitted to us on Twitter from somebody named Prats. Sorry if I’m not pronouncing
that correctly. Jim: It’s actually prahts. Bill: So anyway it’s a mono-red Neheb, Dreadhorde
Champion deck and this – not this deck – but Neheb has been featured on the channel before
in one episode. This is a slightly different build. It’s less all-in combo and it does
have some stax elements. Jim: And you’ve made some modifications, too. Bill: I’ve made some modifications just to
make sure that it can sort of square up against these decks here, but largely the deck is
the same. I will link the original deck and my modification deck in the comments, in the
description below. And hopefully I’m able to slow down the game and hit people with
this Legendary Creature – Zombie Minotaur Warrior. Jim: Yeah. By the way, if you ever want to
see the decklists for any of our decks, we have them in the video description. We always
have them there, as well as – you can skip to any given turn. I toss the timestamps for
the turns in there too. I am playing a deck that I’ve wanted to play on the channel for
so long, and I just want to thank you guys for subscribing to Cat Stax. This is a stax
deck. It’s Selesnya, which is real interesting. The idea behind it is you want to stick a
cheap beater that is a cat. Eminence triggers and you attack for damage, and you supplement
it with stax. So hatebears and every kind of stax artifact and enchantment. Jan: Hate cats. Jerry: Oh yeah, hate cats. Jim: Yeah, there are some hate cats too. Bill: I don’t know if you mentioned the name
of your commander, though. Jim: It’s Arahbo, Roar of the World. Bill: World! Jim: Yeah, so I’m hoping that that’s the way
it’s going to play out. Jerry: Rawr? Bill: Just go. Turn 1. Jim: Start the game, Jerry. I’m going to draw to open ‘er up, and
then I will play a Verdant Catacombs. I will crack the Verdant Catacombs instantly. I’m
going to get this Tropical Island off that bad boy. Jim: Instantly. Jerry: Instantly. Bill: God, I don’t even know what happened
there. That was too fast for me. Jan: He didn’t even search. It was just in
play. Jerry: And then at sorcery speed, I’m going
to tap this Tropical Island for a Joraga Treespeaker, or Sol Elf if you will. Bill: I will not. Jan: If somebody could Gut Shot it that’d
be sick. Jerry: Yes sir. Jan: I’m going to draw on my turn. Ooh, that’s
a card. I’m going to play this Snow-Covered Plains and I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: Draw! I’m going to play a Mountain and
ship it over. Jim: Draw a card. I’m going to play a Plains.
I’m going to cast this Mana Crypt and I’m going to cast Thalia, Heretic Cathar. It is
a first strike 3/2. Bill: Creatures and nonbasic lands. Jim: Yep, enter the battlefield tapped. Bill: Yeah fetchlands are pretty bad. Jim: And then I will pass the turn. Jerry: Untap, draw. Jim: I wish I had gone first. Jerry: I’m going to play a Forest. Jim: Hey, that’s a basic land! Jerry: Then I’m going to level up Joraga Treespeaker.
Boop! And then I will pass the turn. Jan: Ooh, powerful. Bill: I love that level up is sorcery speed. Jan: I’m going to draw this card. I’m going
to play a Snow-Covered Montag-na. Bill: That’s what that is. Jan: I am going to cast an Arcane Signet. Jim: Tapped. Oh, no. Jan: It is not! Jim: It’s not that one. Jan: I gotcha! Jim: Decidedly not Blind Obedience. Jan: Yes, and then I’m going to spin it to
play a Terrarion, tapped, because it says so on the card. [all laugh] Jan: As well as a Welding Jar. Jerry: Ta- Jan: And then I’m going to pass. Jim: This is a list. Bill: I’m going to play a Mountain. Jan: Lots of do-nothing cards. Bill: I think I do want to do this, but I
don’t know to what. Jim: To whom. Is it Lightning Bolt? Jan: Is it Abrade? Bill: I’m going to just pop this off right
now just for funsies. I’m going to cast Shattering Spree replicated once. I’m going to choose
Arcane Signet and Mana Crypt. Jan: I am going to regenerate my Signet. Bill: Ha! That was my target all along, you
fool! Pass. Jim: I feel bad now. Jan: I’m going to regenerate the Mana Crypt!
Take that! Jim: Untap. Draw a card. I’m going to play
this Tectonic Edge then I think I’m going to cast… Jerry: A cat? Jim: That taps for mana, right? Jan: Yep. Jim: I’ve never tapped Tectonic Edge before.
I’m going to cast Spirit of the Labyrinth. Jerry: You got it, friend. Jim: I would like to move to combat and attack
Jerry for 3. Jerry: Yeah, you got it, man. I’m going down
to thirty – is that 3? 36. Jim: I’ll pass the turn. Jerry: Untap draw. That’s an interesting Magic
card. Each player can’t draw more than 1 card a turn, you say? Bill: Yeah. It’s pretty good against Tishana. Jerry: Yeah, I guess I’m not drawing cards
anymore. Bill: I’m not going to lie to you. Jan: This says draw a card. This seems not
good for me. Jerry: Play this Wirewood Lodge tapped, because
it is a nonbasic land. Bill: Yikes. Jerry: Yikes indeed, Bill Lapage. Jan: Indeed Bill Lapage! This yikeses have
happened. Jim: I hate us. Bill: Yeah. Jerry: then I’m going to play this Chrome
Mox. Jan: Tapped. Jerry: You almost had me! I’m going to imprint
an Edric, Spymaster of Trest. Bill: That’s pretty uniquely bad with Spirit
of the Labyrinth. Jerry: Correct! Jan: Oh yeah. Oh, wow that’s like fine though.
Because now we just attack who we want, not who Edric says we should attack. Bill: No James just attacks Jerry a bunch
anyway and then still draws – oh, no because it’s… Jan: It’s each player. Bill: It is also each player. There are two
reasons why that doesn’t work. Jerry: Then I will pass the turn. Jan: You don’t have a Disenchant, Jerry? I’m
going to untap. Jerry: I do not currently. Jan: Draw this card. Jim: Not in Simic, Jan. Jan: This card is good but not good, so. Jerry: So it’s not great? Jan: Good talk. Bill: Make up your mind, Jan! Jan: I’m going to play a Chromatic Sphere.
Yeah. Jerry: Yeah, you got some eggs. Jan: I guess I’m going to cast this Goblin
Welder. Tapped. Bill: You got a stew goin’. Jerry: He said tapped while it’s already tapped,
it’s untapped. What’s it like having a perfect mana base over there, Bill? Bill: It’s… it’s insane. I just did it again.
I’m going to slam this Blood Moon. Jim: That does nothing to me. Jerry: I have a response to Blood Moon. Bill: Yeah you got it man. Jan: I’m a red deck! Jerry: I’m going to Arcane Denial your Blood
Moon. Bill: That’s so fine. I’m so happy. Jim: Yeah, me too. Bill: Okay pass turn. Jerry: In your upkeep draw 1. Bill: I also draw 1. Jim: I will also draw 1. Jan: I’m going to crack this Chromatic Sphere,
I’ll also draw 1. Bill: He’s just feeling left out. Jim: I’m going to play this Marsh Flats. Jan: That’s not even a mountain. Bill: It was supposed to be. Jan: Why couldn’t you let this Blood Moon
resolve, Jerry? Jerry: Gaea’s Cradle. Jan: Is it in your hand? Jim: I’m going to crack it. Bill: Yep. Jim: Going to 39, I’m going to put this Savannah
into play off of Marsh Flats. Then I’m going to cast this Leonin Arbiter. Jerry: That is a cat. Jim: That IS a cat. Bill: Oyoyoy. Jan: You’re the blue deck, Jerry. Jim: Does it resolve? Jerry: Oh yeah, absolutely. I just draw cards. Jim: Then I’m also going to cast this Wild
Nacatl. Jerry: Oh THAT… Jim: Is a cat. Bill: It’s a cat warrior! Jim: Then I would like to move to combat.
I’m going to give Leonin Arbiter +3/+3 and then I’m going to pass the turn. Oh wait,
hang on. I’m going to attack. Jan: What are you doing? Bill: I’m okay with that. Jim: Bill, I’m going to attack you for 3 and
Jerry I will also attack you for 3. Jerry: There’s no Ad Nauseam decks. Jim: Go ahead. Bill: Jim is puttin’ the boots to us either
way. Jerry: Draw. Jim: We’re about to kick it into overdrive,
actually. Bill: With the boots? Jim: With the boots. Overboots. Bill: We’re about to boot it into… Bill and Jim: Booterdrive. Jim: Name of the episode right there. Jerry: Please no. I’m going to tap 4 mana.
I’m going to play a Temur Sabertooth. Bill: Hm, are you going to bounce this Joraga
Treespeaker to your hand? Jerry: Depends, do I need to give this indestructible? Jim: That gets indestructible.That blocks
Thalia real nice. Jerry: Yes it does! Guess what I’m playing
it as. Jan: It’s also tapped. Jim: It is tapped. Jerry: Doesn’t block Thalia! Jim: Next turn. Bill: It will eventually. Jerry: Then I’m going to tap 2 more mana and
play a Kiora’s Follower. Jim: Tapped. Jerry: Yep. Pass turn. Bill: [gasp] It can untap it- no it can’t. Jerry: Untap to tap it? What? Jan: Draw this card here. Ho! Oooh, that’s
a bad one. [all laugh] Jan: Such a bad card. Jerry: You should cast it. He’s got a 2/2
over there for 1 mana that’s going to become a 5/5. Bill: Yep, it’s bad. Jerry: For us. Jan: Yeah it’s not great. Alright well let’s
commence the not good stuff. Bill: Commence the end game. Jan: I’m going to play this Wall of Omens. Jim: Tapped. Jan: Tapped, and not draw a card. And then I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: I was skeptical on the “stuff enters
tapped” theme in this deck, cause there’s several of these effects. Jan: It’s like pretty solid. Jerry: That enters play tapped. Jan: Non basics is randomly relevant. Bill: I’m going to pass the turn after casting
this Fellwar Stone, which I did very silently. Jim: Untap. Draw a card. I would like to move
to combat. Trigger Eminence. I would like to buff Wild Nacatl. Jerry: So Wild Nacatl’s currently a 5/5. Jim: Currently a 5/5. I would like to attack…with all of my creatures.
I’m going to attack Bill for 8. And Jerry for 5. Jerry: I’m going to go down to 28. Bill: 29. Jim: Then, in my second main phase, I would
like to cast Thorn of Amethyst. Jerry: That’s not a cat. Jan: That is non-creature spells? Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: I’m going to untap. Draw this magic
card. And I’m going to…(The video is glitching and it’s hiding Jerry’s comments here.) Jan: You do have a 4/4 thats tapped. Jerry: 7 mana 4/4 thats tapped… Jim: You can return her to your hand to give
Temur Sabertooth indestructible. You can untap her with Kiora’s Follower! Bill: No he needs to use the Kiora’s Follower
to cast… Jan: Shhh. Jerry: I’m going to level up Joraga Treespeeker. Jim: That’s absolutely the correct play, though. Jerry: I’ll pass the turn. Jan: End of your turn, I’m going to Goblin
Weld my Terrarion for my Welding Jar, and draw a card on Jerry’s turn. Jim: Welding welding welding. Jan’s just secretly
playing welding tribal. Jan: Draw a card on MY turn. This is not good.
(Stop playing not good cards then Jan!) Bill: You can cast this 3/3 with first strike. Jan: I cannot. I have 3 mana. Bill: You could have if this Scalding Tarn… Jan: Alright, go ahead. Bill: Draw! Oh, that’s fascinating. I’m going
to tap these 3, cause I have to pay an extra one, for Ruby Medallion. Tapped. I will then
pass the turn. Jim: I’ll untap. Draw a card. Cast a Mana
Vault. Bill: It costs 2. Jim: It does cost 2. Okay, I would like to move to combat. Bill: I knew it! Jim: Trigger Arahbo. I’m going to give the
Wild Nacatl +3/+3. And I will attack Jan for 5, and Bill for 8. Bill: 21. Jan: I will go to 35. Jim: And then I’ll pass the turn. Jerry: Untap draw. Jan: Bill you’re going to need to Anger of
the Gods. Bill: I have…something. I don’t have nothing
is what I’m trying to say. Jerry: Tap for 2 green, level up. Then, I’m
going to tap for Wirewood over here, to untap it. Then I’m going to tap it, level up. Bill: He can untap it with Kiora’s Follower!
Oh my god! Jan: Just been next level’d guys. Jim: I’m just waiting for him to pump all
of his mana into it, so I can drop a Linvala. Jerry: Then I’m going to play an Arbor Elf,
tapped. And then I’m going to pass the turn. Jan: Alright, end of Jerry’s turn I’m going
to Weld the Terrarion into Chromatic Sphere. Bill: Nope, that’s part of the ability. Jan: Hmm (fixes board state) This is much
worse than I thought it was, why isn’t this Chromatic Star. Why am I not playing the actual
version of this card? I’m just gonna…do that. Draw
an extra card every other turn! Jim: This is powerful magic we’re playing. Bill: This is the most powerful. I think you’re
going to agree once it hits my turn. Jan: Plateau tapped. And pass the turn. Bill: Untap, and draw a card. I’m going to
play this Bloodstained Mire tapped. Jan: Are you gonna pay two life? Bill: This is a Bloodstained Mire my friend.
I am however gonna…pay 5. I’m going to cast Inferno Titan. Jerry: Trigger. Bill: So it resolves! It is tapped. Jim: I’m going to pass priority on Inferno
Titan. Jan/Jerry: Pass priority. Bill: Enter the battlefield, trigger. I’m
going to deal…I don’t want to get rid of this Spirit. Jim: Yeah Jerry’s gonna win if you get rid
of the Spirit. Bill: Yeah, Spirit of the Labyrinth is totally
fine. I’m going to do here, and one here. Jim: Yeah, that’s correct. Jan: I’m going to Goblin Weld, draw a card. Jim: All done? Untap. Draw a card. I think
I’m just going to cast Arahbo. That’s with one mana floating. I would like to move to
combat. And trigger Arahbo, targeting Leonin Arbiter. Then, I would like to attack Bill
for 11. Bill: Go to 10. Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: I’m going to untap, draw this card
that DOES SOMETHING. Bill: Did it work? Jerry: Nope. I’m going to tap Joraga Treespeaker, to level
up Joraga Treespeaker. It’s a 1/4. Jim: And all your creatures tap for 2. Jerry: All my elves. Bill: But this Arbor Elf, taps for 2. Jerry: I will then… Jim: You should untap your Joraga Treesqueeker
and level it up again. It doesn’t lose the ability to level up. 🙂 Jerry: I’m going to actually untap it though. Jim: Never stop, never stop. Jan: I could Hex Parasite it and take one
of the counters off. Jerry: I’m just gonna (gobble gobble) Jan: Great strategic advice Jerry. Jim: Have fun captioning that, whoever is
doing it. (Madison: I DID. I LIKED IT.) Jerry: I look forward to whatever words get
put there. (turkey words, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving!) Bill: Good luck Jan. (Yeah, why isn’t Jan
doing this?? Wow.) Jerry: I passed the turn! Jan: Alright cool, in your end step, I’m going
to make a red with my Chromatic Sphere, and draw a card. And then I’m going to crack my
Scalding Tarn, and pay 2, for the Leonin Arbiter. So I’ll get this Sacred Foundry, tapped Bill: Paying 2 life? Jan: No. It is a Bloodstained Mire. Are you
continuing to be done your turn, Jerry? Jerry: Yeah, absolutely man! Jan: Okay, sounds good, I’m going to untap. Jerry: Uh, go to my third main phase. Jan: That sounds powerful, I wish I had a
third main phase. Jim: I feel sorry for anybody listening to
this game. Bill: Yeah, me too. Jan: I’m going to draw this card. These cards
are all bad, why am I playing them? Jerry: No idea. Jim: That’s called “playing Eggs”. Jan: Alright, well, whatever. I guess I’m
just going to play this Academy Rector, tapped. Bill: Oh, I can blow that up! Jerry: You can! Jan: And then I will pass the turn. Bill: Untap, draw for my turn! Jerry: That was an excited draw. Bill: This is gonna be a weird play but I
think I’m still going to do it, I’m going to attack James for 6, trigger Inferno Titan,
deal 2 damage to Thalia and 1 damage to Arbor Elf. Jerry: I have a response. Bill: I’m aware that you do. Jerry: I’m going to tap Arbor Elf for 2 Green
mana, I’m going to activate Temur Sabertooth’s ability to bounce Arbor Elf to my hand. Bill: You got it. Jerry: Okay, cool. Jim: Thalia down. Jan: So you are currently attacking for 6. Bill: Yes- oh yeah. Jim: I have no blocks. Go to 34- er, 33. Bill: Perfect. I am then going to pay 3!-
Ruby Medallion- and cast Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion. Jim: That doesn’t have haste, that’s good. Bill: It does not have haste. Jan: That’s good. Bill: And then… I’ll pass the turn. I also
already attacked. Jim: I will take a damage off of Mana Vault,
32. Draw a card. I would like to move to combat. Bill: If you attack me with Spirit of the
Labyrinth I will block it. And then Jerry wins on his turn. Jim: Yeah, I know. Jan: If you attack me with Spirit of the Labyrinth,
I will block it, it won’t die, and Jerry won’t win. But you’ll be down a blocker. Jim: Okay, I’m going to target Leonin Arbiter,
because it’s the only valid target for this ability, Jerry: So it’s a 5/5. Jim: It’s a 5/5. Jerry: Big ol’ cat Jesus. Jim: Then I will move to combat, and I will
declare attackers at Bill – it’s a shame, because I actually want Bill in this game,
but I can’t afford to have him keep popping my stuff with Inferno Titan. Trigger Arahbo,
pay for it. Make this a 10/10. Bill: Yeah, I’ll block. Jim: So you die? Bill: I take 5. Jim: This has got Trample. Bill: Oh, it gets Trample? Jerry: Does it? Bill: Oh okay, so I was dead either way. Then,
knowing that, I will instead block Arahbo. And I’m dead. Jim: Okay. Jerry: And then Arahbo dies. Bill: Yeah, I take 10 either way. Jan: And Bill’s dead. Bill dies. Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: Untap, draw. Jan: C’mon and save me Academy Rector. Jerry: Forest. I will pay 2 for Mana Vault,
tap Chrome Mox for Arbor Elf Jim: Tapped. Jerry: Nope! Bill: He almost got you, though. Jerry: I will then pass the turn. Jan: I’ll untap, draw this card. I think I’m
just going to cast a Semblance Anvil. It has an Imprint, yeah. Jerry: What does Semblance Anvil do? Jan: Exile a Nonland card- Jerry: Makes things cheaper, yeah. Bill: It’s a Cloud Key. Jan: If nobody has any.. Jim: You got it, man. Jan: I’m going to exile this Dowsing Dagger. Jerry: So, Equipment. Jan: Artifacts. Bill: Equipment?? Jan: Pass the turn. Jim: I’ll untap. Take a damage, go to 31.
Draw a card. Play this Command Tower, untapped. Jerry: *spooked* Jan: It’s your card. Jim: I’m a little nervous. Because now Jan’s
back down to Eggs. But he can’t draw cards, so that’s like, fine. I’m going to cast Linvala,
Keeper of SIlence. I will move to combat, I’ll make this a 5/5, and I will pass the
turn. Jerry: I’m going to untap. Mana Vault is untapped,
I’m not going to take damage. I’m going to draw a card. Jan: You also should untap your Chrome Mox. Jerry: Oh, wow! Jan: Where are all your counterspells, Jerry?
You’re playing a Blue deck. I’m playing Boros. Bill: He already used a counterspell! Jerry: So we’re going to do something real
sad, that I could have done last year. Bill: Last year? This has been a long time
comin’. Jerry: Play this Wasteland (that’s not it). Bill: He’s going to Wasteland his own Wirewood
Lodge, so he has fewer options on his turn. Jerry: Big brain. I’m going to tap Arbor Elf
for 2 Green, Forest for A Green, I’m going to play an Eternal Witness. I’m going to trigger
Eternal Witness to get this Arcane Denial back to my hand. Bill: Oh! You can’t. Jerry: Uh, yes I can. Bill: You can’t. Jim: You can’t activate Arbor Elf. Jan: Yeah, tap your actual mana! Jim: Got him. And in the process, Jerry folds
his Tropical Island. Bill: Just right in half! Jerry: Who needs a Tropical Island? Card’s
bad. Go. Jan: Untap. I’m going to draw. Jerry’s just
going to counter whatever I do. Jerry: Nope! Bill: Yeah, I feel like that’s not the most- Jerry: I feel like at this stage in the game,
countering whatever you do just to draw a card is probably not what I should be doing. Bill: You should counter your own thing and
draw 2 cards. Jerry: Yeah. Bill: Except it doesn’t even work that way,
either! Jan: Alright, well I’m going to cast an Ashnod’s
Altar. Jerry: You got it. Bill: *wretching* Jim: That may be worth Arcane Denial- oh.
Oh yeah, you can do it. Jerry: Oh, I can absolutely Arcane Denial
it. Jim: He’s going to Ashnod’s his Academy Rector. Jerry: What does he get? Jim: I have no idea. Jerry: That’s terrifying. Jan: Neither do I! Bill: He’s going to get Overwhelming Splendor
and enchant Jerry! Jerry: Because that’s the move. Bill: Yeah! That’s what I’d do. Jerry: Yeah, I’ll just Arcane Denial it. Jim: Yeah, you gotta fire that off. Jan: Why, Jerry?? Jerry: Because I can draw a card now! Jan: Uh, sure I guess. Bill: And so can you! It’s fine! It just gets
replaced, it’s a 3 mana Cycling card. Jan: We’re going to die to this Linvala. Jerry: I was going to die to this Linvala
anyway, but you decided to try to play an Ashnod’s Altar, so I’m going to counter it. Bill: You fool! Anyway. Jan: I’m pretty sure the only enchantments
in here are Land Tax and Goblin Bombardment. Jim: Goblin Bombardment seems good. Maybe?
It has to be. Jan: It has to be. Bill: It has to be. Jan: It has to be. Bill: There’s no other thing that’s possible. Jim: That’s part of a combo, I think, with
Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero. Jan: But I don’t have the rest of the combo! Bill: What’s the rest of the combo?? Jerry: Click here to find out! Jan: I want to go home. Jerry: Eliot, if you do not put- or, whoever
uploads the video does not put the link there, I’ll be upset. Jan: I’m just going to pass the turn, then. Jim: I’ll untap. Jerry: I’ll draw a card in your upkeep. Jan: This card’s weird. Jim: Do I untap the Mana Vault? Jerry: Yes. Bill: Thems the questions. Jim: I get to draw first, right? Jerry: Yep. Bill: Yeah. Jim: So I’m going to draw. Jerry: No, nonono. Bill: It’s the beginning of your draw step,
yeah. Jim: Yeah, but I draw first. Drawing is the
first thing that happens. Jerry: Is it draw step? I thought it was upkeep. Bill: No, it’s the end of your upkeep, is
how it’s worded originally. And then, there’s no such thing as the “end of your upkeep”. Jim: So, beginning of my draw step. Jan: So you draw first. Jim: I am going to untap my Mana Vault. Jerry: You got it. Jim: I’m going to play a land for my turn.
Then, I would like to move to combat, trigger Arahbo, targeting Leonin Arbiter. Declare
attacks at Jerry for 3 in the air. Jerry: That’s all? Okay, yeah, 25. Jim: Second main, I would like to cast this
Jungle Lion. It can’t intercept. It’s a 2/1. Bill: It definitely can’t intercept. Jim: It’s a real Magic card, I promise. Jan: Comment down below what YOU think intercept
means! Jerry: “The lion’s only loyalty is to its
hunger.” Bill …and not intercepting. Jim: Its only loyalty is to not intercepting. Bill: Cannot be declared as an interceptor. Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: I will untap. Bill: There are cards from Portal that say
that you can only cast them after blockers have been declared, except it’s “after interceptors
have been announced”. Jan: Not declared, announced is so good. Jerry: I’m going to tap 2 mana. I’m going
to play this Sylvan Library. What’s Jim’s life total at, 31? I’m at 25? He can make
things into 5/5s? Or a 5/4? And then he has 3/1s, I have… nowhere near a 5/5, okay.
Math. Jim: This can’t intercept. Bill: It’s not allowed. Jan: If you try to intercept with it, it just
won’t. It goes- you can’t select it. Jim: You can’t announce it. Jan: You can’t even announce it. Bill: It can’t even be announced as an interceptor. Jerry: Can I announce it? Bill: Jungle Lion! Jerry: Breeding Pool, tapped. Jan: You know you can pay for that, right?
When did you.. oh, I was like “When did you cast this Sylvan Library?” I just, like, stopped
paying attention. Jim: Actually just now. Jerry: Literally just now. Jim: What else are you going to do, Jer? Bill: Yeah, you can’t do that! Jerry: Pass the turn. Jan: Fun! Bill: 4 of your 5 creatures are Vanilla, currently. Jan: Draw. Bill: I just have to sit here making obvious
remarks, because… Jan: Because otherwise you feel like you’ve
wasted an afternoon? Bill: *laughs* Jan: Alright, cool I guess. I’m going to cast
this Reveillark. Jim: Okay. Bill: Goblin Guide. Jerry: Goblin Welder. Jim: Gobling Welder, yeah. You got a Reveillark. Jan: Pass. Jim: I’ll untap. Jerry: Oh yeah, that’s when it leaves play. Jan: Yeah. Jim: Draw a card. Jan: I’ve got a blocker that trades favourably
with Linvala. Jerry: He’s not going to attack you with Linvala. Jan: I know, but at SOME point he will. Jim: Do I just want to cast Arahbo? Jerry: Probably, it’s just going to be a 5/5. Jim: I kinda do. Bill: You just wanna go all in on the Cat
Avatar? Jan: Cavatar, the Last Airbender Bill: Caviar Jim: I would like to move to combat. I would
like to trigger Arahbo, targeting Leonin Arbiter. Jerry, I’d like to move to my second main
phase. Jerry: Hold on, I’m holding priority in your,
uh… Jim: You can’t request priority and not do
anything, Jerry. Jan: Yeah. Jerry: …I get a game loss. Jim: Just wanna remind you! I appreciate the
meme, but this is unacceptable. Jerry: I’ll take the game loss and head outta
here. Bill: I appreciate the meme, but memes are
unacceptable. Moving on. Jim: I’m going to cast Lost Leonin. Bill: It has INFECT! Jim: It’s a 2/1 with Infect. Bill: Oh, man. That’s a 1-shot with Arahbo
out. That’s really powerful. Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: I’m going to untap, I’m going to draw
2 extra cards in my draw step- Bill: You are not! Jan: No, you’re not. Jim: Spirit of the Labyrinth. Jerry: I wish you’d told me that before- Bill: You did it pretty quickly… Jerry: I’m going to pay 8 life to keep these
two cards. (I’m not going to) Bill: He does have to pay 4 though, doesn’t
he? To keep one of the cards? Jim: Don’t you have to put 2 back? Bill: Or, no, he doesn’t draw. Jan: He’s not actually triggering Sylvan Library,
so he doesn’t have to do anything with the draws that don’t happen. Bill: Because it’s a may, right? Jan: Yes. Jerry: Does Wasteland target enchantments? Jan: No. Jerry: I’m going to Wasteland your enchantment. Jim: No. Bill: Your enchantment creature. Jerry: I have a Platinum Angel, I can’t lose. Bill: Oh, that’s Honolulu all over again! Jim: He can request priority any time he wants! Jerry: I’m going to tap 3 mana, I’m going
to play Elvish Archdruid. Other Elf creatures get +1/+1. Bill: Oh my god, that’s a Glorious Anthem! Jerry: For 2 creatures! Then I’m going to
pass the turn. Jan: This game is exciting now that Bill’s
dead. I’m going to untap and draw this card. Bill: I just wanted to attack with Inferno
Titan. Jerry: I might tap this Mana Vault so I die
faster. Jan: I’m just going to cast Gerrard. Jerry: Is that a flier? Bill: No. Jan: I have a flier. Bill: It’s a first striker. Jerry: It has first strike. Okay. You have
a Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero on the battlefield. Bill: Anything else? Jan: No, pass the turn. Jim: I will untap. Jerry: (8) Untap this time (8) Bill: No. That’s banned. Jim: Whaddya got over there, Jan? Jan: I have an Academy Rector, a Wall of Omens,
a Reveillark and a Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero. Bill: And Semblance Anvil. Jan: And a Semblance Anvil, and a Welding
Jar, and an Arcane Signet, and a Sacred Foundry, and a Snow Covered Mountain, a Snow Covered
Plains and a Plateau. And 6 or 7 cards in my hand. Bill: What else do you have over there? What
are you wearing? Jim: How much does Arahbo cost? 7? *counting*
8. I could do it. Bill: One floating! Jim: That’s all I need, right, one floating? Jerry: All you need is one. Jim: (8) All you need is one (8) Bill: Bwap bah da da daaa Jim: I’m gonna do it. Jan: You did it. Jerry: So, before we continue, I just want
to point out we cheated a few turns ago. It didn’t end up mattering because I had the
mana, but Sylvan Library was supposed to cost 1 more. Bill: I just noticed that at the same time.
I wasn’t going to mention it because it didn’t matter. Jerry: I just wanted to point it out so that
in the comments they understand we found it, and it didn’t end up mattering because I didn’t
use anything else. Jim: Okay. Meow. Jerry: Meow! Jan: Jerry’s getting attacked for a million? Jerry: Do it, please! Jim: Move to combat? Trigger Arahbo, Jungle
Lion. Jerry: It can’t intercept. Jim: It cannot. I don’t know why I’m leaving
it up as a blocker. Bill: As an interceptor! Jim: I would like to move to combat. Jerry,
5 on the ground and 3 in the air. Trigger Arahbo, I can’t pay for it. Jerry: So that is currently a 5/4? Jim: Yep. Jerry: Double block. Jim: Okay. Bill: This Jungle Lion just traded up in the
brawl of a lifetime. Jan: Jerry’s going to go to 22, though. He
doesn’t have any fliers. Jim: Then I will pass the turn. Jerry: Untap, upkeep, look at the top card
of my library, yep, that’s there. Jan: That was exciting. Jerry: I’m going to not play any cards from
my hand, and I’m going to elect to tap… Jan: All of your mana? Cast your commander? Bill: Oh my goodness. Oh, it’s happening.
Oh my goodness. Jerry: I’m just going to cast this Tishana.
It is currently a 4/4. I have no maximum hand size. Jan: Sounds good! Bill: Nice! Jerry: I do not draw any cards. Bill: It DOES trigger. Jerry: It does trigger, that’s why I said
I don’t draw any cards. Jan: I’m going to draw this card right here.
Ooh, that is a card, right there. Jerry: Where? Where is it? Jan: I’m going to play this card, because
it’s not helpful but it’s hilarious, because it’s actually randomly relevant. I’m going
to play a Tsabo’s Web. I’m not going to draw a card, but lands with an activated ability
that doesn’t produce mana don’t untap during their controllers’ untap steps. Jim: My Tec Edge! Jan: Wirewood Lodge! Wasteland! We did it! Bill: Oh no! Jim: My Tec Edge!! My cabbages!!! My Kraj!!!! Bill: I’m a big fan of it costing 1 more because
of Thorn of Amethyst but then also 2 less because of Semblance Anvil. Jerry: So it’s free. Bill: No, it costs 1. Jerry: Does Semblance Anvil prevent things
from being free? Because it costs 1, so- Bill: No, it costs 2. Costs 2, down to 0,
plus 1. Jerry: When you said plus 1, I thought you
meant- Jim: Jan, are you done? Jan: I am going to also cast a Gibbering Fiend. Bill: Uh, that’s jibbering, sir. Jan: When it enters the battlefield, it deals
1 to each opponent. Jim: Aw, man. Jan: So I have Jim at 30 and Jerry at 21.
And then Delirium – At the beginning of each opponent’s upkeep, if there are 4 or more
card types among cards in my graveyard, it deals 1 damage to that player. Jim: Online? Bill: No, he’s 1 off. Creature, Artifact,
Land. Jim: Are you done? Jan: Yep. Jim: Okay, Tectonic Edge does not untap. Jan: You also take 1 from your Mana Crypt. Jerry: Well, he might still elect to.. Jim: Yeah, true. I do get to draw. Jerry: We don’t know yet. Jim: I can pay for it. I am not going to pay
for it. 29. Jan: It’s as if I had a Gibbering Fiend. Jim: Then, I would like to move to combat.
Trigger Arahbo, targeting Leonin Arbiter. And I would like to declare attackers… Jerry: You wanna swing with this Spirit of
the Labyrinth at me? Jim: No. Jerry: ok 🙁 Bill: At least he asked. Jim: I’m going to attack Jerry in the air
for 3. Jerry goes to 18. Second main. Jan: Second main. Another non-intercepting
cat. Jim: I’m going to cast Initiate’s Companion. Jan: What the heck does that do? Jim: It’s a 3/1, and whenever it deals damage
to a player, I can untap target creature or land. Bill: Your Tec Edge! Jim: My Tec Edge. My cabbages. Pass the turn. Jerry: Untap everything except for my Wasteland
and Wirewood Lodge. Draw that card. Bill: Tsabo’s Web! Jan: Tsabo’s Web. Jerry: Is that worth just playing out as an…
anything? Jan: Is it a flier? Jerry: Nope. Jan: Okay, cool. Jerry: Thanks Jan. Jan: You’re welcome; just trying to help.
Gotta get some attitude on that, too: “does it FLY, Jerry?” Bill: I appreciate the flavour of this Gibbering
Fiend, where it’s like as long as you have 4 or more card types, it just talks really
rapidly and it just wears you down as a person. Jerry: Pass turn. Jan: Untap. Draw this card. I’m going to play
a Boros Signet. And…yeah pass turn. Jim: Untap. Draw a card. Trigger. I am going
to not pay for it. 28. I’m going to cast Null Rod. Does that resolve? Jerry: Oh absolutely. Jim: Okay, I would like to move to combat.
Trigger Arabo. I’m going to trigger Initiate’s Companion, and I would like to attack Jerry
in the air for three and on the ground for 6. Jerry: 9. Jim: I’m
going to trigger Initiate’s Companion, and untap… Jan: Untap your Tec Edge. Jim: I might untap my tec edge guys. Oh hang
on, Null Rod, that costs 3. So let’s say that I did that, and then I’m going to untap my
Command Tower with companion. Then, I would like to cast Gaddock Teeg. Jan: I would like to read Gaddock Teeg. Jim: Read it out. Jan: Non creature spells with CMC 4 or greater
can’t be play, non creature spells with X in their mana cost can’t be played. Jim: Then I’m going to pass the turn. Jerry: Alright, um…pass the turn. Jan: That’s exciting. I’m going to untap,
and I’m going to draw this card. Ho boy, it is a Marsh Flats. Yeah, go ahead. Jim: I’m going to untap, I will draw my card,
and make a decision on Mana Vault. I’m not going to pay for it. 27. I will move to combat.
Trigger Arahbo. I would like to target Initiate’s Companion, then I will move to combat. Declare
attackers in the air… Jerry: Just a heads up, Tishana’s now a 6/6. Jim: Yup. In the air for 3, and on the ground
for 6, trigger Arahbo. Pay for it. Make it a 12/8 with trample. So that is 15 total. Jerry: I will trade with it, and then I will
take…7 total. Jim: Jerry goes to 2. And I will pass the
turn. Jerry: End of your turn, I will tap this Breeding
Pool and Chain of Vapor your Spirit of the Labyrinth. You may sacrifice a land to bounce
one of my non land permanents. Jim: I could bounce some of Jan’s stuff too… I’m going to sacrifice my Tec Edge, and… Jerry: Oh I apologize, I have to pay one more
for this. Jim: I’m going to sac my Tec Edge and bounce
Jan’s Academy Rector. Oh or maybe a Semblance Anvil. That seems really good. Yeah, his Semblance
Anvil. Jerry: Jan, would you like to sacrifice a
land to bounce a permanent? Preferably one of mine. Jim: Or is that it? Jan: I’m thinking…artifacts I can’t activate
anyway. Is there anything that I necessarily care
about? Jerry: Do you need to search or activate abilities
of artifacts? Or not die to infect? I was about to say there’s a lot of stuff that you
can bounce. I don’t know if you need your lands. IF you do, don’t bounce. Jan: I’m good. Jerry: Ok cool. I will then move to my untap step, I’m going
to Sylvan Library for full value. Jan: Slam that down. Jerry: I actually wasn’t supposed to put them
all back, I was supposed to keep one in my hand. Gaea’s Cradle. Jim: Ohh, it was Gaea’s Cradle. Just as he predicted. Jerry: Just as the man himself of the hour. Jan: Still not enough to cast Tishana. Jerry: Nope. But it is not enough to cast
the other spell too, cause all non creatures cost one more. Bill: Huh? Jan: Good talk. Jerry: Preordain. Bottom bottom. Jim: Jerry’s been waiting to draw cards for
a little while. Bill: Yeah, all his cards read draw a card
on the bottom. Jerry: Draw this card. None of my creatures
do anything. Jan: Sure they do. Bill: This is a 1…4. Jerry: I’m going to tap Gaea’s Cradle for
3 green and Tropical Island for one blue. Using my mana, I’m going to play a Rhystic
Study. Go. Jan: End of your turn, I’m going to crack
this Marsh Flats. Pay 2, go to 33. I’m going to get this humble Snow-Covered
Plains. Jerry: That comes into play untapped, you
actually don’t have to tap it. Jan: I’m going to untap. I draw this here
card for my turn. It is a snow-covered mountain, that I’m going to play. How many spells can
I cast into Jerry’s Rhystic Study and not pay for them? Jerry: I don’t know, but probably not… Jim: Just wait until my turn and I’ll play
my Spirit of the Labyrinth again. And then you don’t have to pay for it at all. Just once a turn. Bill: I feel like once it gets to your turn,
Jerry’s dead. Jerry: I’m at 2. Bill: Jerry could be dead on this turn. Jan
has a Reveillark. Jan: I do have a Reveillark. Bill: You should attack him with Academy Rector,
he’ll block. Jerry: No, it’s a 1/2. Jan: So then he’ll go to 1, and then I’ll
cast an instant and then he’s dead to the Gibbering Fiend. I think I just pass the turn. We’re playing
the traditional, well known Boros status of Go. Jim: I will draw a card and make a determination
on Mana Vault. I’m not going to pay for it. Jan: 26. Jim: I would like to cast this 4 mana Grasp
of Fate. Jerry: Are you paying the one for that? Jim: No. Jerry: Yeah I got nothing. Sorry should have
said something as soon as I drew the card. Jim: Jan? Grasp of Fate? Jan: No effects to Grasp of Fate. Jim: I will be taking Temur Sabertooth, and
Academy Rector. Bill: Haha, yoink. Jim: That should be the flavor text on Grasp
of Fate. Bill: Just haha yoink. Jim: Move to combat. Arahbo trigger, the Leonin
Relic-Warder…Leonin Arbiter. Then I would like to move to declare my attacks, Jerry
3 in the air, and Jan, 5 and 5. Neither of them have trample. Arahbo triggers, and I cannot pay for it. Jerry: Neither of them have first strike either.
They don’t have haste… Jim: Or sliver cycling. Blockers? Jerry: None. Jan: I’m trying to decide. I will not block. Jim: Okay, Jan goes to 24. Jerry: I go to negative… Jan: 23 because I cracked a Marsh Flats. Jim: And Jerry goes to -1. Bill: Jerry joins me. Jim: And that’s it for me. Jan: End of Jerry’s turn… Jerry: There’s no end of Jerry’s turn. Jan: There is an end. Jerry: There isn’t an end of Jerry’s turn. Jim: It’s the end of my turn. Jan: End of Jim’s turn, I’m going to path
???. Jim: I’m going to… Jan: You will not. Bill: Well he’ll exile it. Jan: He will exile it, but he will not search. Jim: I can search, I just gotta pay for it
Jan. Don’t tell me what to do. Jan: That’s fair, I apologize. Jim: I’m not going to search, but only because
I don’t want to. Jan: Alright cool, I’m going to draw this
card. Bill: Put it over his eyes. Jim: Can you guys stop interfering with the
game? Bill: We’re not. XD Jan: Kiki-jiki. Why’d you have to take my… Jim: Yeah, you have it. Jan: I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: I’ll untap. Jan: I have a trigger on your upkeep. Because
I have an instant now. Bill: Upkeep take one, and then draw step,
take 1? Jim: Draw step draw a card. I will take 1. Jerry: I have Jim at 24. Jim: I would like to cast this 3 mana Suppression
Field. Jan: What does this do? Jim: Activated abilities cost 2 more, unless
they’re mana abilities. Jan: With that on the stack, I am going to
activate Kiki-Jiki, making a copy of Wall of Omens. Draw a card. Okay, resolves. Jim: I would like to move to combat, trigger
Arahbo. I would like to target Leonin Arbiter. Then I will attack with Arahbo and Leonin
Arbiter, both 5/5s. Jan: I will block…so this is at all times?
Activated abilities? Jim: Yes. Jerry: You do have a token. Jan: I do. Bill: a 0/4 creature wall. Jan: I will block the Arahbo with the token. Jim: Okay, and you’ll take 5? Jan: Yeah, 18. Jim: And I will pass the turn. Jan: Draw a card. Cast a Recruiter of the
Guard, and then I’m going to pay the 2 to search. So I’m going to get these Loyal Retainers,
then I’m going to move to combat. I’m going to attack Jim for 4 in the air. Jim: You got it, I’m at 20. Bill: This is a weird game. Jan: Pass the turn. Jim: I will untap. Trigger. Jan: Trigger Gibbering Fiend. Jim: 19. Draw a card. Trigger Mana Vault.
I am also not going to pay for it. 18. Then I’m going to play this Windswept Heath as
my land for turn. I would like to move to combat. Trigger Arahbo, I would like to… I think I’m going to trigger Lost Leonin.
I’m going to move to combat, and declare my attacks like this, trigger Arahbo and pay
for it, to make Lost Leonin a 10/8 with infect. Jerry: And trample. Jim: And trample. And yeah, I’ve got 15 damage
coming at you. The result of which will be 5 loss of life and 10 infect, if unblocked. Jan: Okay, and Arahbo is a 5/5? Jim: Yep. Jan: Okay. You have 1 mana open. So I’m going
to activate Kiki-jiki, paying 2, copying Reveillark. The Reveillark and the Gibbering Fiend are
going to block Arahbo. The Wall of Omens is going to block the Lost Leonin. Jim: Can you put the Wall of Omens down so
I can look at it? So…I will assign my damage such that Gibbering Fiend takes damage first…wait…yeah. Jan: They’re all gonna die. Jim: Right Arahbo is a 5/5. Okay, that resolves,
so.. Jan: I will take 6 infect, these are gonna
die, the Reveillark triggers. It’s going to bring back Gibbering Fiend, and Wall of Omens,
so you’ll take one. Jim: Go to 17. Jan: And I will draw a card. Jerry: And then the end of this turn, Jan
has 18 life total still and 6 infect. Jan: And you’re at 17. Jim: And I will pass the turn. Jan: Untap. I will draw a card. Go to combat.
Attack you for 4. Jim: No blocks, go to 13. Jan: Then I will proceed to pass the turn,
actually, I will not pass the turn, I will cast this Loyal Retainers. Then I will pass
the turn discarding a Land Tax. Jim: I’ll untap, draw a card. Jan: Trigger the Gibbering Fiend. 12. And
then triggering your Mana Vault. Jim: Yeah, so go to 11. I’ll draw a card.
I’m going to move to combat. I’m going to trigger Arahbo, targeting the Lost Leonin,
and then I will swing out. That’s 9. Jan: Alright, so go to blocks, I will pay
2 and activate Kiki-jiki making a copy of Reveillark. So Reveillark and the…so this
is a 5/4? with no trample or anything…Okay Reveillark will block, token will block this,
Gibbering Fiend will block the Leonin Arbiter, and Recruiter and Loyal Retainers…no. Wall
of Omens will block Gaddock Teeg. Jim: Okay. Bill: So these two trade, Leonin Arbiter and
Gibbering Fiend… Jim: Hold on, you double blocked? Jan: Just single blocked, with the Reveillark
token. Jim: So it’s a 4/3, so they trade. And then
you were… Jan: These trade, and then Wall of Omens is
blocking Gaddock Teeg. So triggering the Reveillark token, bring back Gibbering Fiend and Goblin
Welder. Jim: I will move to my 2nd main phase. Jerry: Gibbering Fiend entered the battlefield… Jim: 10. I’m going to cast Spirit of the Labyrinth,
and pass the turn. Jan: I will draw this card, play this Arid
Mesa. Then you are at 10? Jerry: With no fliers. Jan: I’m aware. Jim: Jerry no strategic advice please. Don’t
make me warn you again, I’ll enroll you in this event and then DQ you. (laughs) Jan: I will activate Kiki-jiki make a copy
of Reveillark, and then I’m just going to attack you with everything. Jim: Yeah, I’m dead. So let me tell you why I swung out. This is
important. I was trying to bait you into killing Gaddock Teeg. I realized that I didn’t have
enough mana for it, but I almost had enough mana to cast Tragic Arrogance. And I was going
to get rid of all of your creatures. But failing that I could have Armageddon’ed, and then
you wouldn’t have been able to activate Kiki-jiki anymore. Jan: I had faith’s reward, and Angel’s Grace. Jim: My other ones were Stony Silence, and
Grim Monolith. I already had Null Rod out, so, I drew that
Grim Monolith like 10 turns ago. Bill: That was a weird gear that this shifted
into. Jan: I was like sitting there and I was thinking…and
so this was the turn before you played Linvala, had 5 mana open, and I was like, I can cast
this Kiki-jiki and make a copy of this thing, but I don’t know if I have…just enough mana
to search once, but then where do I go from there. And then I didn’t, and you played Linvala,
and I was like okay, I can still play this Ashnod’s Altar as back up, and Jerry returns
this Arcane Denial and counters my Ashnod’s Altar, and I have nowhere to go at this point. Jim: The correct play. Jerry: My correct play actually would have
been do it a turn earlier, and counter the…that. No I was going to counter the Linvala. And
then I was like I have no mana. And then Null Rod, I have no. To be fair I lost to a turn
3 Spirit of the Labyrinth. There was no coming back. Jim: Turn 1 Thalia to be fair too. Jan: Turn 1 Thalia was pretty rough, the Spirit
of the Labyrinth slowed me down a ton too. Bill: The Spirit of the Lab was like fine,
because I had the Inferno Titan, so I was like yeah whatever. Jim: Yeah I would have loved to keep Bill
in that game, I actually would have preferred to kill Jerry first. The inferno Titan would
have actually just screwed me. Bill would have won that game. Jerry: In a game like that, Inferno Titan
is insane. Jim: It’s a real shame, because I really wanted
Bill in that game, rather than Jerry or Jan actually, because I think my match up against
Bill is better absent Inferno Titan. Bill: But Inferno Titan is just really strong.
The best thing about it is because of the way Neheb is worded, it’s not on attack it’s
on damage, so I can keep the… I can keep attacking with the Inferno Titan,
and when I want to attack or when I can attack with Neheb, I can just on attacks kill the
Spirit of the Lab and deal damage with Neheb, and draw cards. I don’t have to get rid of
it until the absolute last second necessary, so I was feeling pretty good, and then…Arahbo.
Roar, you’re dead. I really want to play this deck again, I honestly
think that the mix between slowing the game down and glass cannon which i dunno makes
just a midrange deck, that’s just an established strategy. I think that this is kind of where
this shines, I know that Cobblepot would probably call me an idiot for saying that because he
has a really tuned combo list, but I think this is… Jan: I think this was pretty sweet, that turn
1 or turn 2 Shattering Spree was kinda strange, but still good, it was very good. Jim: I was very mana starved that entire game,
I really could have used that turn 1 Mana Crypt. Jan: Me too, I think I didn’t draw my 4th
land until like turn 5, and it was a fetch land after the Leonin Arbiter came down. Jim: And so one of the changes I actually
made with this list is it was running 35 lands, and I pared it down to 30. It might be like
a 32 list. Jan: There was one turn, because effectively
Jerry was dead, there was one turn where I had done something and I don’t know if you
picked up on it, you attacked Jerry for a bunch, you didn’t attack me, you could have
attacked me because I only had one mana open I couldn’t have searched with Rector, because
of the Leonin Arbiter. Jim: Oh yeah, no I didn’t pick up on that.
No I should have attacked you then. Jan: I didn’t notice either, it was one of
those things like I’m just going to play this onto the board, and then I stopped and I was
like I didn’t do this right. I’m not going to say anything. Jim: I would have liked to cast that Tragic
Arrogance a lot earlier, after Bill was dead, I think I was pretty favored on the Tragic
Arrogance, but I never had the opportunity to cast it, I would have had to untap my Mana
Vault, and then spend like 8 mana on it. Jan: And then it’s a turn you’re taking off
to do it. Jim: Yeah. It would have been like fine. Jerry: I’m going to keep jamming this deck
until I don’t play against a Spirit of the Labyrinth or a Torpor Orb. Cause every single
time it’s been on camera… Jan: I don’t play Torpor Orb in this deck
Jerry. Jim: I play Torpor Orb, and Hushwing Gryff,
and… Jerry: I was about to say every time this
deck has been on the show, somebody has had an early Torpor Orb or an early Spirit of
the Labyrinth. Bill: This deck should run Torpor Orb. Thanks
Jerry! Jan: Like actually looking through this, some
of these things like the Gibbering Fiend… (debating how to pronounce Gibbering Fiend) Jan: There is a lot of random incidental one
damage as win-cons in this deck, so I thought that card was super sweet and Reckless Fireweaver
is another one. Jim: Anyway, these are decks you don’t see
at the average competitive table, so..I think you’re going to see it at our tables a little
bit more. I’m definitely going to play cat-stax again, this deck is sweet, it plays a lot
like Bears in Cars. Jan: And if you want to know how this deck
is supposed to win, go check out our Better Know a Combo. Bill: How many times have we…anyway it doesn’t
matter, thanks for tuning in. Jim: We’ll catch you next week.

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