Boosting the Liliana Planeswalker Deck

Boosting the Liliana Planeswalker deck Making The Liliana Planeswalker deck more
competitive A lot of people have mixed feelings about
the Planeswalker decks. I like them because they give me some good
ideas. But more important is they are a great teaching
tool for new players after the Welcome Decks. But how can you make the Liliana Planeswalker
deck better for less than $15? I’m going to show you how, right now. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. We picked up both the new Gideon and Liliana
Planeswalker decks. We battled them against each other and Liliana
is a much better deck. But when you play her against a Constructed
Deck at Friday Night Magic, she’s really bad. Really bad. So using $15 we are are going to improve the
deck. Will this be good enough to win Friday Night
Magic? Probably not, but it is a great start to have
a fun deck. This is also pretty fun because it has some
surprises in it. The first thing we need to fix is to make
the deck faster. The second is to make it have better synergy. And third it needs another win condition. Let’s look at the original deck. ——=======——— All of the cards are from Amonkhet. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in
Standard you have a lot more sets to choose from. They can really make this deck better… a
lot better. The mana curve has the right shape, but the
average Mana cost is above 3. We need to get that below 3. The things we need to take out. Dune Beetle. It’s a 1/4 for 2, which is nice in limited,
but we can do better in Standard. Desiccated Naga. A 3/2 for 3 with an ability you almost never
get to use. We can do without this guy. Everyone’s favorite Giant Spider…, or
not. A 2/4 with Reach for 4, too slow for Standard. Gravedigger. I really wanted to keep this guy, but he just
doesn’t work well enough. Decimator Beetle He’s a cool big body for 5, but not cool
enough. For the price he’s not big enough. And the artifacts. Edifice of Authority, Luxa River Shrine, and
Oracle’s Vault just don’t do enough. We are also taking out Splendid Agony. It’s a great spell for limited, but not
enough for Standard. Wow, that’s a lot. In all 18 cards. But that leaves us a lot of room for other
things. You will notice that the new deck has a lot
of 2 of each card. There’s two reasons for that. Number one, it helped keep the cost of the
upgrades down. And number 2, I’ve found that new players
have a really hard time understanding sideboards. Doing 2 of each card gives you a lot of variance. There’s still a lot of nice Synergy but
new players don’t have to worry about Sideboards. So what have we done to improve this deck. Since Liliana is a 7 drop Planeswalker, we
need a bit of ramp. Adding an extra Chanler Initiate is very important. Two Deathcap Cultivators fit the deck nicely
and are really cheap. And we also have an extra Gift of Paradise. This is nice later in the game when you need
to push past any mana stall. And finally 1 Traverse the Ulvenwald. When I got mine they were less than a dollar. But it’s pretty easy to hit Delirium with
this deck so having the ability to get a land or creature later in the game will be pretty
easy. We need to make the mana curve work better
and get it below 3. Jaddi Offshoot is a nice Defender and getting
that extra life each time a land comes out is very helpful. We also have 3 Evolving Wilds in the deck. If you have your Jaddi Offshoot out before
you play one of them, you get 2 life. The Exemplar of Strength… Great card. It has so much value. Put -1/-1 counter on him and attack to gain
a life. You get the life and remove the counter before
your opponent assigns blockers. I don’t see a down side. We have an extra Baleful Ammit, Defiant Greatmaw
and Crocodile of the Crossing. I don’t see why they didn’t do this in
the deck in the first place. The -1/-1 counters is what this deck is all
about. Now for the fun stuff. Bone Picker You have creatures that are going to die. You cast this for one black after they die
and now you have a 3/2 Flying Deathtouch. No downside. I see this as a one drop card. You may cast this for 4, but I haven’t yet. This deck needs an extra win condition. How about Tree of Perdition? Ok, yeah it’s kind of expensive. You can do just one if you can’t handle
the cost. But think of it. A Tree of Perdition comes out. Really nice big blocker. They swing with a couple of big creatures
and the tree takes some damage. You cast a couple of your creatures that add
-1/-1 counters to your guys. Put them on the tree. What if the tree’s toughness is down to
1? Tap it and your opponents life total is now
1. Not a win, but really close. The final problem is getting these cards in
your hand. Since we don’t have more than 2 of the best
cards, we need a way to get what we want. So we are going to finish this deck upgrade
with 2 Diabolic Tutors. This can get any card you may want. You don’t have to reveal it. So if you are ready for Liliana, you can get
her. If you need the Tree of Perdition, get it. If you need the hippo to add -1/-1 counters,
you got it. Whatever you need. ——=======——— That’s it for the Liliana Planeswalker deck. Total cost of the upgrades at the time of
recording this video… $14.98. If you want to only spend $5, I would get
the second card of the Channeler Initiate as well as the other Amonkhet creatures here. That’s a little less than $5. But go for the $15 upgrade if you can. It’s a lot more fun. If you want to see how to improve the Gideon
Planeswalker deck head over to Booster Tutor’s channel. He’s got Gideon pumped up for a fight. I think Liliana can still take him tho. What do you think? Check it out and tell both of us what you
think. While you are at it, subscribe to his channel. He’s got the best draft pick videos around. Your comments, thumbs up and sharing of our
videos is appreciated. Make sure you click like on my videos, it
helps out a lot. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t
already. And there are a few things here and here that
may interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. And until then, Rhino out.

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14 thoughts on “Boosting the Liliana Planeswalker Deck

  1. Maybe make a refined deck tech of the mana sources mono red maddness deck. With amonkhet out there are more cards to put in.

  2. Love how I get killer Alien Rated R movie Trailers for a Younger kid/ Newer MTG players channel. Thanks for the video.

  3. Looks like a ton of fun to play. I like how we both had picks where we were like "why wasn't this in the deck originally". They were both cheap uncommons too

  4. I'm new to magic, I love the upgrades!

    Why evolving winds? Also any more upgrade options that are viable with a higher budget?

  5. I usually donΒ΄t leave comments, but this time i will. Great, yet simple ideas that improve this deck. I belive that this kind of pre-build decks, are just a base that you have to use to build something you feel confortable with, and you did a good job with your sugestions…keep the the good job…thumbs up :D.
    (Sorry if i make mistakes with my english, not my native language :D)

  6. I don't see why you decided to take out the decimator beetle. Everytime you swing with him you dump a -1/-1 AND remove one off your guys. In my opinion, he's a much bigger bomb than the tree of eternal suffering. Good video otherwise!

  7. Wow! You're great! We have been avid Pokemon players for about a year now, and have finally crossed over into MTG. We're just starting out, so your videos are helpful. My 10 year old daughter loves having someone around her age posting MTG vids. Keep 'em coming! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, since a lot of the new added cards:
    – Tree of Perdition, Jaddi Offshoot, Deathcap Cultivators and Traverse the Ulvenwald
    are going to be out of Standard by the end of the year, are there any comparable cards from other sets I could use instead of those, so that I don't need to purchase new cards in a cpl of months time? Thank you! Nice videos, keep up the work.

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