boosted unveils the Boosted Rev rugged electric scooter

the maker of the electric skateboard
boosted board boosted has unveiled its next mode of transportation the electric
scooter available for pre-order today boosted rev costs one thousand five
hundred ninety nine dollars and is designed to be durable fast efficient
uphills and safe the boosted Rev which has been about
eighteen months in the making will start shipping this summer the scooter which
features dual wheel drive is able to travel up to 24 miles per hour with a
range of 22 miles and climb and descend 25 percent grade Hills he scooter also
comes with three ways to break though boosted is confident people will only
really use one that’s via the throttle wheel which enables one-handed
acceleration and braking the two other braking mechanisms are the traditional
disc brake and fender brake similar to other scooters the Rev has three ride
modes that respectively max out at 12 18 and 24 miles per hour unlike many other
scooters on the market Rev features wide air filled tires to help with shock
absorption and traction down the road it would make sense for boosted to launch
additional scooter models given boosted offers four types of its skateboard the
company has yet to commit to additional scooter models but there is a range of
directions boosted could go be that a more economical scooter model or even
another form factor

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