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– [Voiceover] This is The
Billion Dollar Startup series. Your host, the Angel King. – Hey guys, today we’re gonna
talk about Boosted Boards. So, Ross, tell me about the
founder of Boosted Boards. – All right, so they have,
they’re actually founded by three people, they’re all Stanford grads, phenomenally skilled. And in our rankings on our
website,, we rank these top 25 startups. The reason we put Boosted
Boards in that space, right, of the billion dollar
companies, was because this is an absolutly groundbreaking,
affordable way in which people can stop driving and
start using easier ways to get to work, right? So they took, you know,
these founding team, right, Matthew Tran, who actually
went to school, high school, with my brother. I know the guy, totally
separate why I ranked him, I absolutely believe in
everything that they’re doing and the innovation that they’re doing. So they started out,
like I said, three people and they fit all three
hacker, you know, hustler, and social media maven,
which are the three things you should look for in a founding team. – Okay, and well, they
sound like an electric, can you explain a bit
more about the product? What is it? – So, at its core, it’s a
more or less a skateboard powered by electrical, you
know, mechanisms, right. It’s a battery that you can
charge and if you’re, you know, they’re in San Francisco and as you know– – So is it more like a scooter? – It’s more of like a
traditional skateboard that has the functionality to get
you somewhere, from point A to point B, quicker. – Okay. – It’s still, it’s not as
inexpensive as I would like it to be at some point so that
they can get to the mass, but at its core, it’s a skateboard, it’s a longboard that,
you know, is an easy way to get from point A to point B. – And they’re very popular in
San Francisco, like you said? – Yeah, I mean, I’ve been out
to San Francisco many, many times investing with Angel
Kings and you see these everywhere now. – (laughs) I imagine. – I mean, you were a University
of San Francisco grad. – Definitely.
– [Ross] The hills are not easy so you imagine, if having to build or, you know, develop a device, a product, a hardware that can go up those hills. – Yeah, well that was my
concern because the bikes there definitely have
trouble going up the hill. – Right, right, right. – So will it be around in 20 years? Do you think it’s gonna
take away from those bikers that run rampant? – I hope so, right? I hope that, biking has pretty
much stayed the same, right? You got bikes, you’ve got two wheels and longboards, or you know, skateboards, whatever, the fancier word
for what their product is, is a way in which you don’t
have to elevate yourself, you’re not as far up on the ground, so probably a little safer. Obviously, you still
have to wear a helmet, so maybe that’s an add on the can sell, but these products, when
they launched, by the way, it was a Kickstarter campaign. And I actually, as an Angel
investor at Angel Kings and as we do venture capital, I love that. It showed that they had a
phenomenal amount of people supporting it before the
product was even built. So that talk about demand,
talk about a minimum viable product, it was even built yet. There was a prototype. – So they definitely
created the need for it. – Yeah, absolutely. – So have you actually used it though? – I have. Yes, one of my first
companies that I built was a TechCrunch finalist, we’re
out in the pavilion out in San Francisco and we’re
able, you know, Matthew was riding around on his Boosted Boards. And we had a great time using the product and I absolutely vouch for it. Not just as somebody I know,
I could care less, right? I want to invest in
companies that I can see transforming transportation, you know, an entire industry? – Right, sort of like Uber. – Exactly, yes. – And so going on that, do
you think there’s a community for Boosted Boards, that there’s gonna be dependency for them? – So community, yes. I know there’s a
community, you see people, they’re out there, they’re talking about, “Hey, what’s that? “What’s that device,
what’s that equipment?” Dependency’s a little different here. I mean, that’s why they
weren’t number one or two on our startup list at Angel Kings. But I do see the community
there and I think that offests some of the dependency. If they can prove their, if
they can get they’re product down to the one to $200 range, then you could get a
community, or sorry dependency, ’cause people can say, “Wow,
I don’t have to drive my car “anymore, I can use it
to buy Boosted Boards.” And that could be a brand. – So just out of curiosity,
how much are they actually? – So they start at, yeah, they
started out at Kickstarter around a thousand plus range. – Oh wow, okay, yeah. – So not inexpensive, right? And that’s something
I recommend, you know, if you’re investing in,
and particularly hardware, ’cause a lot of our
rankings at Angel Kings are ones that we score, are software. Easy to scale, they’re
sort of not that widget, what are your cogs? Things like that. I do think they need to get
their price down significantly. – So when did they get into the market? How do you plan to, how do you think the
investors in Boosted Boards are gonna get their money back? What do you think their
plans are for their exit? Do they even have one yet? – Yeah, so these guys were,
I believe one or two of them were NASA folks–
– [Host] Oh wow, okay. – They either interned there
or had connections there. They were a group of Stanford grads, always very bright, but that’s
not the reason to invest in a company. They came in the market at a time in which there’s innovation, now
there’s innovation with drones, but before this there was
ways in which you take a very traditional model, like
you take a wheel, right? It hasn’t changed, but they
made it more efficient. And we, at Angel Kings,
like to invest in either a completely revolutionary,
create your own platform. I know Peter Thiel advocates for that, or it’s something that’s
phenomenally efficient and been done before but it’s so phenomenally efficient
that millions of people would use it. I could see an exit,
Melissa, as being an IPO or a massive, you know,
acquisition target. GoPro would be a company
that I could see, potentially acquiring them. But this is a company that
you don’t need a lot of people to buy it for it to become
a billion dollar startup. – So you definitely would
recommend for Angel investors to look at this? – Yes, well, right, this is a
company that it might be past the Angel investment front
but you should look out in the future and use our model: the people, product, execution timing, as a way to find the next company. So I recommend people
to check out our website and, you know, find that as well. – Okay, so you heard it from us, guys. Check out Boosted Boards and our website at – [Voiceover] Thanks for tuning in at The Billion Dollar Startup series. Visit to learn more today.

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