Black Girls Code

My name is Kimberly Bryant, and I’m the founder
of Black Girls Code, located in San Francisco, California. Our organization, Black Girls Code, serves
the community by getting at the core of the most underrepresented population in terms
of resource and exposure to technology. We teach girls as young as 7 and as old as
17 or 18 everything from basic web design, HTML, and CSS to Ruby on Rails. More than 90% of our students come to our
first class with no experience with computer programming at all. They don’t even know the definition of computer
programming. So to see their evolution from not knowing
anything to being able to build their own websites, their own video games, and their
own robotic programs is amazing. The primary goal of Black Girls Code is really
rudimentary: to create girls from underrepresented communities – African American, Latino, and
Native American – that will eventually become the tech creators and leaders of our next
generation. I think, as an educator this summer, one of
my greatest achievements, in terms of what made me feel good from a teacher’s standpoint,
was seeing my girls who had been attending some of our previous workshops actually step into leadership roles and teach the classes themselves. To see that level of growth really was amazing
to me, from a founder’s standpoint, but it made me extremely proud of the growth that
I’m starting to see in the students. We’re always looking for folks to join our
ranks of volunteers as well as supporters by volunteering for a class, making a donation
from a personal standpoint, or even getting involved with girls in your community and
starting a chapter yourself.

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