Black Friday Tech Deals 2016

– [Michael] I’ve never, ever
gone shopping on Black Friday, and that’s a record I hope to keep up till my last holiday season. But it’s still one of the biggest
shopping days of the year, and there are some great deals out there on some of the hottest gadgets
I’ve covered as MrMobile. So these are my Black
Friday picks for 2016. (upbeat music) Let’s start with smartwatches
and work our way up. The Samsung Gear S3 is
probably the most talked about Black Friday deal in wearables
because the watch is so new, it just launched a few days
ago, and it’ll eventually be compatible with iPhones
as well as Android. But despite the $50 savings
and excellent feature set, $299 is still up there. If you’re looking to save some more dough, Huawei is the way to go. The Huawei Watch has seen
a price cut of a 100 bucks to make it $199. My personal favorite Android
wear watch is the Moto 360, but it’s already sold out
in its discounted trims. Same with this excellent deal
on the Pebble 2 at Best Buy. So don’t dawdle on smartwatch deals just because you may have
heard they’re not selling well. And Apple might announce a discount on the new Apple Watch series too, but those price cuts
are usually pretty thin. Pro tip, go for the Series
1 to save some money in exchange for not too many
lost features versus Series 2. In the smartphone category,
the more exciting stuff comes at a cost, even on Black Friday. You’ll get a $250 gift card if you buy the iPhone 7 at Best Buy or
Target on an installment plan. You can find the same $250
savings on the Moto Z family at but only
if you bundle the phone with one of the more expensive Moto Mods. Sure, it’s cool to get a Projector Mod or a camera attachment for
almost nothing, but frankly, these phones are still pricey
if you’re shopping unlocked. Then you’ve Samsung’s Galaxy S7 due for replacement in the spring, but still one of the best
Android phones around. Several retailers are offering
it in conjunction with, you guessed it, a $250
gift card, and Best Buy will give you more if you
trade in a working phone. But, surprisingly, it’s Target that really
goes the extra mile. Activate a Galaxy S7 on
Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint at a Target Mobile location and you’ll get the $250 gift card, plus
a free Gear VR headset, and $50 in Oculus VR
software for that headset. That’s a lot a swag. For me, though, things
are much more exciting in that $400 smartphone segment
I covered a few weeks back. Phones like the IDOL 4S
and AXON 7 will be $50 off on either Black Friday or
Cyber Monday, which is cool, but I prefer the Honor 8 to both of those, and it’s getting a price drop to $300, which is a great price
for a phone that capable. Personally, though, I’m more drawn to the
discount on the HTC 10. While it’s as old as the Galaxy S7 and missing several of
that phone’s features, I called the 10 the best
Android phone you’re not buying a few months back, and the price tag was
a significant factor. At $499 it’s an easier sell, specially since you’re not
messing with gift cards or activations when you
buy it unlocked at Remember that I tend to
prefer unlocked phones. If you buy your phones from your carrier, you should absolutely check with them, specially if you’re on
Verizon or T-Mobile. That Moto Z I talked about
before can be had for under $300 with Verizon service,
and the Google Pixel, a really wonderful, but
usually expensive phone, can be had for $240 after a bill credit. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is
offering a free iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 when you trade in your phone and pick up one of their
new unlimited plans. Of course there’s a ton of
fine print with each offer, so make sure to read that
before you pull the trigger. I haven’t looked at many
standalone tablets this year, so there isn’t one I can
straight up recommend. But convertibles are another story. I lump the smaller iPad
Pro into this category because when you add a keyboard dock, it’s a very capable road warrior, and iMore was able to find it for $50 off. As usual, discounts on Apple
products are pretty anemic. To save more on computers that do more, you need to go over to Microsoft. The mid-range configuration
of the Surface Pro 4, which I used back in the
summer, is on sale for $799 through Microsoft, Newegg, and Staples. That’s a solid deal if
you’re a Windows user, specially since it comes
bundled with the Type Cover. If you’re looking for more of a laptop, there’s the Surface Book. Again, it’s the mid-range
version, not the cutting edge one with the Performance Base
that I recently reviewed, but it’s still a very
beautiful, very capable machine with a unique pen experience,
and it’s $300 off. Of course the Surface
line is the premium brand, so you don’t have to look
far to find much cheaper PCs from the likes of HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Windows Central has the scoop on those. Wrapping it up with accessories, I’m still waiting for Bose to
drop its price on the QC35, my favorite pair of headphones ever. In the meantime, the far more elaborate and far less finished
VINCI is going for 50% off on its Kickstarter page. As usual, there are plenty
of Amazon deals to be found in the world of portable power, including RAVPower’s 22000 milliamp
hour battery pack for $39.99. And to carry all this stuff, you’re gonna need a lot of pockets. Most of the SCOTTeVEST
clothing catalog is on sale in an early Cyber Monday promotion. Use offer code CYBER16 at With this guide I mainly stuck
with products I reviewed, or at least handled. There’s a lot more savings
where this stuff came from, and it’s all at the 2016
Black Friday Deals Guide at Mobile Nations. That link, along with the link to every product in this video,
is in the description below. And, hey, share the
deals you found with me and everyone else watching this, or leave a comment down below. Until next time. Stay safe and sane if you venture out on
Black Friday this year. Thanks for watching. And stay mobile, my friends. (upbeat tune)

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100 thoughts on “Black Friday Tech Deals 2016

  1. what is a bill credit. should I cancel the pixel I preordered from Verizon and still dont have a month later? 240 dollars credit or the price is 240?

  2. Apple usually has the best looking products, but IMHO, their watch looks the worse out of the ones shown here (at least for a men's watch).

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  4. Bose if you're ready this we all are waiting for you to drop a sale on the Q35. Not all of us can afford spending $300 on a pair of headphones.

  5. For the Black Friday Pixel deal, I wonder if I go in-store to Verizon will they let me get a basic talk and text plan and still get the 10$ a month deal. I'm already with T-Mobile so I dont want to pay for two data plans.

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  8. I don't see a Surface Pro 4 bundle with keyboard for $799. Staples has the i5 variant for $799 with pen included. If you add the black keyboard and use a coupon code, you can get it for $849 total. Best Buy has the Core M3 variant with Alcantara (special gray felt) keyboard for $599. If you buy the pen at the same time, it's discounted to $639 for it all. I am afraid of the M3, but i think I am gonna roll the dice on that deal.

  9. There is no more trade in at best buy starting thanksgiving and Black Friday, but Best Buy is offering the 250 gift card and gear vr, Samsung just mails you the vr headset.

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  11. Hate to correct you Michael, but Gear VR deal is offered directly by Samsung. So you can buy S7 or S7 Edge from any store and you'll get that deal. It says that it takes 12 weeks to get it though…

  12. Best Buy has the Samsung Smartthings Hub for $50 (half off), Google Home for $100, and Echo Dot for $40 (but a lot of places are selling the Dot for $10 off).

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  18. Sams Club is also doing a 250 gift card with any iPhone or Samsung phone and you get a free Gear VR with the Samsung phone also.

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  24. Also check what you're getting if you buy a Samsung on either AT&T or Verizon. If you want to flash a different ROM, install a different kernel or anything much more than just use the phone, forget it. It's going to be not only locked, but welded shut (not physically, but it might as well be as far as software goes).

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