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Black Friday is here are you ready to
get out there and shop? Looking for the best tech gadget deals and more? Is it really worth it? All this and more on new things new tech it’s Black Friday if you’re outside the
US you may not know the fun that is Black Friday. Most countries don’t engage
in the horde shopping frenzy that many in the u.s. do to get some of the best
prices of the year on merch they think they need or want. Is worth all the
lead-up, anticipation, long lines, fighting over the deals and getting a piece of
the action? No and yes. It used to be back when Black Friday was exactly the day of
for Thanksgiving in the U.S. Thanksgiving which is held on the fourth
Thursday of November and Black Friday is usually the day after that holiday which
starts the Christmas buying season sometimes it’s only four weekends until
Christmas and sometimes five! Retailers really love Black Friday when it falls
on the day that is five weekends away from Christmas and why not that means an
extra weekend of shopping buying and Black Friday typically show stores as
more profitable for the year, being in the black and the accounting ledger and
alive for another year. But now Black Friday deals start earlier than the
Friday after Thanksgiving some even have had Black Friday deals in July! So on
Black Friday you’d have to queue in long lines and fight for the deals you wanted.
For the truly big day stores have been gearing up, setting out the Black Friday
box deals, over stock, price jacks, price reductions and more for weeks. Mmany
stores are now open on Thanksgiving where one can get pre Black Friday deals. and just look at the ads! Hhere at Meijer we have like our televisions are 4k TVs
for $299.99 Samsung’s and LG’s. If we go over here we’ve got an LG for
$799.99 look at that! Eight hundred bucks for this nice 4k television 65 inch that
was on the Thursday special deals only but if we get over to Friday the LG is
gone it’s now only a Vizio for $799.99 or eight hundred bucks.
Subscribe to New Things New Tech and looky here we have our door Busters at
Target all kinds of interesting exciting stuff over at Walmart you get your black
friday beginning on 6:00 p.m. on thursday night and goes all day through
the Black Friday deals more more 4k televisions and all kinds of fun
exciting tech everything you want all available today so even more you’ve even
got it Best Buy you get your door Busters with all the electronic gear on
sale you get computers down to 100 bucks you’ve got all kinds of interesting toys
you’ve got your xbox for 189 99 and there’s more over Kohl’s they’ve
got their Black Friday specials typically Kohl’s is just gonna be
clothing but hey look they’ve got a 4k television 55 inch for only $299.99, 300
bucks for that nice television and game consoles and everything else 200 bucks
for this 450 for that camera and more there’s all kinds of door Busters no matter
where you go! All these deals that one-day, days, weeks leading up to
Christmas that you get what you THINK is the best deals of the year every day
leading up to the actual Black Friday we are inundated with specials and deals
and those one-of-a-kind limited supplies only deals that you can get on Black
Friday. There might be a Sunday only deal before Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day
only. Saturday only so watch carefully as you don’t have to wait for to do all of
your shopping in one day in the wee hours of the morning you can avoid the
crowd fighting and get those deals early or later and here’s an example we wanted
a new 4k TV we did the research price watching and the ones wanted to get that
were available in our area we have a Meijer store near us it was offering
this lg tv 65 inch TV for 800 bucks that’s well $7.99 but only on Thursday
Thanksgiving Day limited quantities not available in all areas so the gamble was
to wait until the one day only sale and get the new TV at $600 off the savings
below retail or see if any other deals popped up but hang on Best Buy has the
exact same TV and model in stock and ready for pickup at the same price
already for 800 bucks amazon has one discounted two and you’re ready to go to
get the same price of 800 bucks with free shipping on this LG 65 inch
television then on Sunday morning targets sent us is 15% off deal email on
TVs and in checking I found that they have the exact same model that it was
after of television for only eight hundred bucks plus 15% off on Sunday and
since we’re a red card user hey why not we’ll get another 5% off I checked the
online stock and found that they had three in stock at the closest store so
no-brainer the money was at burning a hole in my pocket and voila a quick
drive and 15 minutes later and I have a new LG 4k 65 inch TV at 20% off
replacing my 60 inch Samsung TV for less than the others so I get this
LG 65 inch for a 639 plus tax so around six hundred and eighty three
dollars no need to get up the lawn chair and wait in a long queue all night at
the store and wait for the 6:00 a.m. deals only to find that the store didn’t
even have the TV plus according to a store employee there wasn’t any of this
TV in stock so we would have wasted time this is just one example look around
you’ll probably find that most deals on products you want can be found without
having to do the whole Black Friday thing and there are many other examples
of deals like this which I’ll try and post on other related article on our
site new things new tech so is Black Friday worth running out and queuing up
if there’s something you really want to get go out and find it you’ll probably
find that the mass crowds and long waits are not as bad as they used to be but
don’t rush take your time and enjoy the experience according to the news feeds
on Black Friday for 2017 the crowds were not as bad as expected
sure busier than normal but most stores are stocked and ready to handle your
buying purchases now to get ready for a Cyber Monday thanks for watching our information check out new things new

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