Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tech Haul 2018

Kem Cho everyone welcome back on today’s
episode I’m gonna show you guys what I bought on Cyber Monday and Black Friday
I think it’s been wild we did the unboxing kind of a thing so let’s do
something different let’s see the items that I bought maybe an unboxing so let’s
go so the first thing I bought on Black
Friday is GoPro 7 so finally I upgraded my GoPro I’m still using the old hero 1
or hero or whatever the first matter was and I never bought any of their GoPro so
this is gonna be my replacement GoPro pull it out a package deal where you get
an extra battery 32 gigs SD card and a chest strap you probably saw all the
reviews about it this one has everything you need and improved audio and amazing
stabilization so I’m super excited number 2 on my list actually is a GoPro
accessory it’s a three-way handle grip bar tripod whatever you call it so I got
that one I’m trying to make a good test video and I want to do kind of a vlog
style strictly on GoPro no mic just straight up how it looks out of the
camera and can you use a GoPro 7 for your vlog or not so I’m gonna be doing
that and that’s why I got that great number 3 is Sony grip that I got from my
a 73 I kind of missed a little bit of bigger size of the camera and also I
started using glide cam a lot more and with the mirrorless camera because of
their lightweight I was having a little bit of trouble adjusting the grip also
for the portrait pictures I kind of have to click like that and I’m so used to
with the grip because of my fighting mark for the grip came with and about
the package so I’m so used to with the grip that’s why I got the Sony vertical
grip hopefully that’s gonna help me with the balancing on my glide cam as well as
my portrait pictures next up is a hard drive so I’m taking a lot of client work
I’m running out of space I already filled up like 2 terabyte of space and I
already have another one which is 2 terabyte and I thought if I’m getting a
good deal I want to get a bigger hard drive so I got the Western Digital 10
terabyte hard drive it was on Cyber Monday deal so I definitely suggest like
look out for the deals on hard whenever you get a chance grab it
because space is important you’re gonna run out quickly in no time you’ll be
like oh my god I just filled up 20 terabytes of hard drive so keep adding
that I also suggest looking into the raid system if you guys like to know
more about raid system leave it in the comment section let me know your
thoughts and I would probably make another video giving you a step-by-step
process or which great system to look for next up I have the Sonos sound bar
so I always wanted to get a good surround sound system but usually when
you want a good quality sound you either want to go for 3.1 5.1 or 7.1 surround
sound system and it does get expensive so in my case I definitely wanted to go
with something there you have an option to add those speakers or subwoofers
later on so that’s what I got so no sound bars right now it’s connected with
my living room TV and then in future when I wanted to add a subwoofer which I
can do i can also add the wireless speakers and place them properly so I
can get a complete sound something that’s the best part about Sonos so look
into that those are the items that I bought on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
but after that I got this and that is a gorilla pod 5k roll I’m very excited for
this one because as you know I don’t have a foot powered screen or I don’t
have anything where I can put the monitor or a microphone right now the
microphone goes on top of the camera but then if I wanted to add a small monitor
then I don’t have any space and I don’t have the small rig where I can you know
utilize the space so the best part about gorilla 5k Pro is it comes with an extra
arm which you can utilize to mount a monitor a flash or put your microphone
over there for anything and everything you want you can basically have an extra
arm so that way not only one but you can use two accessories while you’re doing
the video shoot but the best part about 5k Pro is the Manfrotto plate finally
now I’m gonna save so much time because now I can just take the camera off
Gorillapod go straight to the tripod or upon or my gimbal or to my glide cam
because every place I have immense Manfrotto it so it’s gonna save me a ton
of time definitely check it out Chris how posted an amazing video not
only about the 5k Pro but also how to utilize in different scenarios or how to
use it as a kind of a slow-mo b-roll gimbal so I’m gonna post the link of
that video in the description down below that’s all I wanted to share with you
guys I hope you enjoyed the video let me know what did you guys buy on the Black
Friday or the Cyber Monday and let’s get the conversation going I hope you
enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up makes a big difference if you
didn’t like the video double click the thumbs down subscribe comment and hit
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to know as always thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you
in the next video till then

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5 thoughts on “Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tech Haul 2018

  1. We didnt get anything black friday.. or did we and we are saving it for Christmas??!!!
    Awesome deal on gopro .. heard the stabilization was awesome .. probably can use it for vlogging

  2. LOL… I love that you went out and just bought a bunch of stuff for yourself. What did you get your wife? 😂

    I joke… great video! I’ve been wanting one of those Sonos sound bars really bad. Let me know how it sounds.

  3. MY friend ! GREAT JOB ! You need nobody to inspire you ! … YOU ALREADY GREAT ! YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS GREAT !!! JUST KEEP GOING !!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE !!! and thanks for your video … Advice : DO MORE DIFFERENT ANGLE 🙂

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