Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tech Haul — 12 Deals

– In this video, I’m doing a
Black Friday Tech Gear Haul and going over some gift ideas as well as sharing some practical tips. Coming up. (light techno music) Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. And on this channel, we
do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, and even haul videos just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey at any point during this video, check out show notes and links in the description below. I’ll list out all of the gear that I mention in this video as well as anything I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So this year around Black
Friday and Cyber Monday, I picked up a lot of stuff pertaining to creating content. That’s kind of what this
channel is mostly about. Yes, tech gear reviews, but specifically the tools for creators. Whether having a YouTube channel, even a blog, photography, right? Tools that have a practical use. So as we go through these, that’s really the thinking
behind each of these things, and I’ll kind of talk about how it relates to what you might want
to do this next year in your own online brand. So number one is SD cards. Now this is a staple that I
pretty much pick up every year. I grab two micro SD cards
and two regular SD cards. The micros I think are so
important for action cameras, the Mavic Drone that I’ve been
shooting with uses Micro SDs, and then your typical SD cards for most digital cameras
are your standard size. Now what’s interesting
is I was able to grab both of these for $30 each. And so 128 gigabytes is actually like a super good bargain compared
to just the 64, right? Double the size for the exact same price. And the other thing that
I think is important, if you’re thinking about
upgrading your SD cards, is even just your whole
workflow in general. I found that as I’m
shooting photos on them, sometimes your SD card
can be your weakest link. If your photos are buffering and you want to start shooting 4K video, you need faster SD cards. But then even the transfer speed, I have some old school SD cards that don’t even take advantage of the transfer speed of
Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. So having fast SD cards is a great way to speed up your workflow. The second thing that I picked
up was a new audio interface. Now this is the iD14 by Audient,
and this was life changing. Probably one of the reasons
why it was so life changing was because my old audio interface was, I think, from the Roman Empire. I think early on, they wired this together way before modern technology, and so comparing the two is
like the difference between a horse and carriage and a Ford Mustang. What I use this audio interface for is it’s what runs the two studio monitors that I edit video on here
as well as the subwoofer. Very practically, I’m usually not using the recording features as
often as many people would, normally with a home studio, but I do like having the ability to have some preamps and
to record instruments, especially if I collaborate with others. But what I really love about it is just how clean the sound is. It literally had a noticeable
improvement of sound on my speakers. It has a button where you can control the volume just
of your studio monitors, and then you’re able
to mute that completely and then control the volume
of your headphones only. And so on my olf
interface, I would have to turn off the power to my studio monitors if I just wanted to have
the headphones going and not the studio
monitors at the same time. So just like practical things. And then the last thing
is I wanted to get one that also sounds great for music. The main thing I use the
computer for, of course, is editing video, which
a good pair of headphones pretty much is enough for that. But I’m also, I don’t really
talk about it a ton on here, obsessed with music. So it also definitely has a personal side, and I’m even getting
into gaming a little bit. So it just leveled everything
up, sounds amazing. And then the headphone jack, some headphones take a little
bit more power to drive. So in my research, this one,
again, sounded terrible, and I had to turn it up really loud and it didn’t really power
headphones very well. This actually ha a good
gain on your headphones. Your gear is only as strong
as your weakest link. And I have a pretty nice setup but I had this old audio interface. I’m super pumped about this. Normally about $300. I think on Black Friday, it was $270 US. Number three wasn’t really
a Black Friday thing. It was something I wanted to grab anyway. I did grab a new PC laptop by HP 4K, new Nvidia graphics card,
a lot of different things. I’m not gonna talk about it a ton here, cause I will be doing a
review on it in the future. But my old laptop was like four
years old now or something, and doing editing on
the road as well as… Even the old resolution on my
old monitor wasn’t even HD. I think it was like 1440
on the cross resolution, so it wasn’t even quite HD. And just moving into something that can handle 4K video
editing that’s specced out, grabbed this from Computer Upgrade Kings, and they actually always
have good deals going on. It wasn’t any kind of
Black Friday special, but it was something that I knew that I needed to upgrade
and wanted to upgrade. So I’ll like it up in
the description below, and then I’ll be doing some future videos. I’m going to be testing out
multiple different laptops this next year looking for the best video editing laptop of the year. Number four, this kind
of steps outside of tech for a second but worth mentioning. I always grab ahold of
the Amazon deal on books. They give you like $10 off on a book. And the new Tim Ferriss
book, Tools of the Titans, it’s like an encyclopedia is out. The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons,
and world class performers. Always love Tim Ferriss’
books, love his podcast, and so grabbed that. And I also grabbed Anything
You Want by Derek Sivers, a really quick read. He’s the founder of CD Baby. That company just crushed
as an independent retailer. I believe they’re still around. I believe he sold it. But super good nuggets of advice. This is 40 lessons for the
new kind of entrepreneur. And I think the reason these would tie in is one aspect I’m passionate
about here on THiNK Media TV is not just the tech side, but it’s the strategy side,
the entrepreneurship side, building a business,
building a brand online. And I think reading, of course, and always leveling up your learning is super important for that. So a couple cool books. Next up is a couple hard drives. Always leveling up the storage. Got a 2 terabyte slim
travel drive from Seagate. That came in at $80 in the US. Good price, ultra thin, portable storage, I believe, of course, USB 3.0. And also a Seagate 8 terabyte drive. Over here is the hard drive,
hopefully not graveyard but that was the first word
that popped in my mind, is the hard drive station. And eventually I want
to upgrade everything to a nicer network area
storage or something like that. But I figure 8 terabytes, it’s so cheap. So this came in at $170
in the US for 8 terabytes. Amazing. And this guy was $80 and
I figured if anything, I could just back up what I’m doing there and just put this in a closet, and then, hopefully, a
fire-proof safe at some point. It’s just kind of a bridge to get me from where I am right
now backing everything up to wherever I’m going to be in the future. Next up, got some PowerBeats 2s, and I think I mentioned
this in tech gift ideas, as a runner, I definitely love listening to music and podcasts. I’ve only previously used earbuds that were around the $30 range. These came in at $85, I think
opened box or refurbished or whatever it was, and
they’ve been amazing. Sound is great. The fit is incredible for running with the over-ear hook deals. There’s still some different colors. It is kind of a cool thing, especially if you know
somebody who’s into running. Although, it would be
weird to give someone a gift idea that’s refurbished. Maybe that’s not weird. Is that weird? Let me know in the comments if it’s weird. That’s like not fully boxed. It kind of comes in a weird
like, did somebody use this? Is that ear wax? Weird. But anyway, as far as just personally, these have been super cool. They sound really great, and I think that’s a more
reasonable price point than what the 3s come in at, at like $200. That’s getting a little
pricey for some earbuds, but to each his own. Next up is an XBOX one controller and wireless adapter for Windows. Yes. When I recently got a new computer from Computer Upgrade Kings, it came with Gears of War 4. So I thought, hey, I haven’t
gamed in like 10 years, and I’ve kind of been
getting back into gaming. And then I learned that Windows 10 is the same company, Microsoft, as XBOX and sure enough, they have a solution so you can basically now play XBOX games, or PC games, with the XBOX controller right directly on your PC. So it’s something I didn’t
really know about before, and it’s been super cool. Connects really easy wirelessly and works really, really great. And this controller came in for about $58, Amazon Prime, shipped
out, super cool thing. It’s something that is
maybe a cool gift idea for somebody who is a PC gamer, or somebody that doesn’t even
realize that you can just plug this into Windows 10 PCs, I believe, I’m not sure if it goes back from that, and utilize it for PC gaming. Next up is some batteries. I know not super glamorous
but kinda cool, right? And one of the things that I love is actually the Amazon Basics line, Amazon creating their own products that are super affordable. This was an eight pack of 9 volt batteries for $10, and I think that is
typically what they are. And I run through these
mostly in the road mics. So traveling, using road mics, the pro version, the video mic, I always definitely want to have an extra one on hand. It can be like a deal
breaker if all the sudden you need to go shopping
and try to find a 9 volt. I probably need to get
these like once a year, and my stock on all the
other batteries was full. But that’s one thing that I usually like to stock up on periodically so I always have plenty of batteries, double A’s typically
for other handheld mics. And on another note of
not being very glamorous, I also grabbed some
Tri-Flow Superior lubricant. Now the reason why is because I wanted to tune up my Manfrotto Video Monopod. Now this is one of my
favorite pieces of tech. I talk about it in a video
about the must have DSLR video shooting accessories. I’ll link that up on the YouTube card. I love this for shooting
video clips, B roll, and I’m working on a project
right now called Dancember and was traveling with this. So I wanted to get it tuned up
because this part down here, that creates all your smooth
movements and whatnot, can over time kind of dry
out and be a little sticky. So you’re like doing a movement and it kind of hits that
bump through the footage. To keep that nice and smooth, grab this. It’s mainly the main the
thing I’m using it for, but definitely wanted on hand for other kind of gear maintenance that comes up from time to time. And then I had to grab an
Echo Dot to try it out. Plus I did want to use it for some practical
things in my office here. We use the full Amazon
Echo in our kitchen, but the Echo Dot for some timers, for some music, for some
other smart office things I’m going to be integrating here. Alexa, how ya doing? – [Alexa] I’m good. I hope you’re doing well too. – I am, thank you. Love her. And then lastly, the only
thing I didn’t get on Amazon, everything priorly mentioned
all came from, and to be honest, if you
actually check out the prices on any of these things, it’s
probably pretty similar. Sometimes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s definitely some deals, but it sometimes gets a little over-hyped and you can find those same deals. You can look for it with
the different products. I bet the prices are
similar on a lot of things. But the one thing that I
did not get on Amazon was a D-Link AC 3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router. Now this guy is over there
mounted on the wall now. We were using an Apple Airport Extreme, and I don’t know if it
was just cause it was old or because I was using it with a PC, or the settings were wrong, but devices in the house
started not working on it, and it actually was sometimes
not very fast at all. So I just figured let’s
future proof this thing, and I was actually able
to pick up this router for $150 off eBay Used is where I got it. I did notice, though,
that’s it’s about $200 on Amazon right now, I think discounted from $300 or $250 just
for a brand new model. So far, it has just crushed. Setup was super easy. All the devices in the house have all connected super easy, but then all my speed tests have been incredible Wi-Fi wise as far as speed test on my phone, speed test on laptops and more and more, we’re having more people
kinda come through the THiNK Media TV offices here. So having something that can handle multiple people pulling on the Wi-Fi, and I think it actually
looks pretty cool as well, although, it is quite large. Anyway, that was one of the final things. As I was thinking about
things that we’re upgrading and getting ready for, for this next year. Question of the day, what Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals did you take advantage of this year? Post your favorite things in
the comments section below, and remember, some of the coolest finds in tech and gear and ideas comes from you, the THiNK Media TV community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. Thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this, and if you haven’t downloaded the THiNK Media TV Video
Gear Buyer’s Guide, it’s actually a complete guide of the camera, lenses, tripods, and everything that I recommend for really creating videos online no matter what your budget is. So if you want to grab that for free, we’ll link it up in the YouTube card in the description below, as well as on the YouTube card. Until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping you go further faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon. Next…

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52 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tech Haul — 12 Deals

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