Black Friday 2015 ► Best Black Friday Deals: Tech, Toys, Apple, Beats – The Deal Guy

I have EVERY major doorbuster TWO WEEKS before
stores release them to the general public, and how you can get early-bird access.
I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite, here from national TV and USAToday, here to give
you the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever, but first: You need to click that subscribe
button. Top of the line bluetooth speakers UNDER $10; Iphones, Ipads UNDER $150; 50%
off Macbooks; fully loaded laptops under $200; 60% state of the art cameras; tech and the
hottest tablets under $45; Beats by Dre $30 if you subscribe. I test EVERY deal in store
to ensure quality. I don’t make a penny on any item I feature. My job is to save you
money. So subscribe to this channel and turn on your alerts to discover these amazing deals
and more, before they’re released to the public.

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71 thoughts on “Black Friday 2015 ► Best Black Friday Deals: Tech, Toys, Apple, Beats – The Deal Guy

  1. I'm so excited to see what deals you have found for your subscribers Matt, I wait everyday for you to inform me of deals no matter what time you send out the videos day or night I'm always waiting!!!

  2. awesome as always why i don't do black friday i dont want to be out fighting people lol. good deals as always always wanted a mac book for video video editing and recording music macs are so great for that blah im stuck on pc 🙁 but that DSLR would make my videos so much better. lol keep up the great work.

  3. I am looking forward to the iPad sale!!!! I can't believe that I could get one for such a low, low, low, low price!

  4. Soooooo excited to start holiday shopping!! (said no parent of fussy kids EVER!) LOL, but at least your deals will help make the process easier! Thanks Matt!!

  5. Can't wait. You always come through with the best online doorbuster in the country. No one can ever come close to your deals and I love the notifications so I get them early. AMAZING.

  6. 0:22 That's what I'm going for; my original ones all got stolen from me last May, and so I'm really looking forward to getting new ones

  7. Hey! I just started subscribing to you and I see you got some great videos that no other youtuber has done so I just wanna say great job and keep up the good work! I also wanted to know how much does the MacBook Pro cost on Black Friday and where can I get it from cheapest?

  8. Hey, i really like you videos and everything you, but we i don't understand what are you going to do so that we can get the deals, are you just going to tell us where to found the deals and what the deals are, or are you going to make them available for us to purchase before black friday? thank you so much for all the work the you do for us.

  9. Stay Home: Black Friday, A day of Greed and violence. Kill for junk from China.
    Junk from china, a country out to destroy America.

  10. quick question: I got my eye on a best buy deal of a 49 inch lg flatscreen smart 4k tv thats gonna be on sale for 499. Do you know if that can be ordered online once the deal comes out?

  11. how much will ps4 cost in  Australia in black  Friday and how much will a 21 inch monitor cost in Australia in black Friday and how will games cost in black Friday for the ps4 and tell me in Australia dollar

  12. Hey Matt its Cindy Keating, My daughter is looking for the MacBook Pro 13in. with Retina Display, will that be apart of your black friday deals? Also looking for a pet friendly vacuum. Keep up the good work, thanks!

  13. I love checking my email to see if there are new deals waiting for me! The insanely priced amazing products that you bring to us is definitely something to be excited about! I know I won't find a better price & I know I can buy with confidence because of all the work that goes on behind the scenes! Thanks go out to you & your team for doing a fabulous job!!! "Black Friday" will never be the same!!!!😊

  14. Would really like to c a great Xbox deal my youngest granbaby would so love one and I just can't afford one she is asking Santa for one she is so deserving

  15. 50% off MacBooks?! No way😆can't wait to buy one, I'm sooooooo interesting at theses deals! Thanks a lot Deal guy, I'm so appreciate!!!😆👍👍👍

  16. I can't figure out how to add the "watch list" on Amazon for the 50" tv deal they are talking about. I added the app, but there is supposedly a way to find out when the tv will be listed. I'm sure it will go in lightening speed, so want to have the upper hand…if that is even possible.. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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