Black Friday 2015 ► Best Black Friday Deals: Tech, Apple, $35 Tablets ► The Deal Guy

– Every major Black Friday deal. – Delivered right now. –
Hi. I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite. – And I am intern Amy. – Look who came back to be here all week!
We missed her. She’s so precious because she moves boxes and does manual labor for free,
but don’t worry, we’re gonna give her freebies. Also on Cyber Monday, we’re giving away everything
you have seen here to subscribers. We have a very important message right now. The best
door busters are online and right under this video window. And that includes the $34.99 Amazon Fire tablet,
brand new for 2015. We were the first deal channel in the country to list this. And there
are more than 100 exclusive deals and doorbusters right under this video window before we get
to that… – I don’t get paid and Matt doesn’t get paid.
None of these are paid products so don’t worry. All the Black Friday deals and door buster
deals are located right under this video screen, just click the “Show More” tab. – But there are some deals I would not buy
including a few Black Friday myths that we want to dispel right here, right now. Should
you focus on Black Friday and what’s the deal with Cyber Monday? So I want to set the sales
record straight. Black Friday is your best bet and so is Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving is
really a bit of a write-off in terms of sales. TVs, gaming, movies, multi-media, laptops,
and appliances are best on Black Friday. Cyber Monday is best for the store-wide sales for
your favorite major brands, portable tech, smaller appliances, desktops, entire home
wireless speaker systems are gonna be under 90 bucks yeah from $350, a better buy on Cyber
Monday. – Matt will have an awesome Lenovo tablet
deal on Cyber Monday, but kid’s tablets are good on Black Friday. – And we are just getting started. Around
the clock Cyber Monday coverage begins Saturday night into Sunday. We’re not sleeping. – No, not at all. That’s what I get on break. – It’s gonna be amazing. We really appreciate
you being here and if there’s something that we haven’t covered for Black Friday or a deal
that’s missing and you think, “Whoa, Granite, where are all those deals “I expected to see?”
We’ve skipped specific categories that were not in your best interest today. Toys, again
something that we really didn’t want to focus on when there are better deals right around
the corner. – Thank you so much for being here. We would
not exist without you. You’re amazing. – And remember with Cyber Monday right around
the corner, don’t forget to turn your channel alerts on. We’ve got many more deals after
Cyber Monday. This is a daily deal effort that would not exist without you.

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