Bitcoin rocks the CBOE! Bplatinum silliness, Steem dollar pump, Cheap hardware wallet

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in bitcoin today is
December the 10th 2017 at least it still is in Denver in Los Angeles and out west
remember long term thinking and all of my other sayings but I can’t think of
right now like buy and hold all right delayed gratification strong hand you
know it so check out yesterday’s show I was
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skeleton hand isn’t my saying but hey some people like skeleton hands and
silver and black and all that alright let us ahh yeah I can’t get I’m still
behind them own stuff guys I not emailing people back it was great to be
with family yesterday the the bat mitzvah was nice and the body Mitzvah
party was very nice and it did snow a little harder than it was expected in
the region but we made it out there fine I was the driver and I heard an awesome
song when I was driving out there and I mentioned that the end of the show so
stick around to the end of the show people all right Sunday today well first
of all yesterday I was wearing a Bitcoin shirt at the bottom it’s for party and
it was at us it was for the party was basically for kids so it was dressed
down it was at a sport you there’s a batting cage
there was a lot of fun I was I was batting first but anyway a guy came up
to me saw my Bitcoin shirt and starts asking me questions ah he’s a guy who
buys on the dips he says but he hasn’t bought Bitcoin yet he’s waiting there
he’s waiting for there to be a dip he’d heard of aetherium before and he was
worried about shorting coming because of the CBOE and you know all the funds
that’s being spread by the bade stream and the guy owns some Tesla stock too
but he hasn’t gotten into a Bitcoin yet but he wants to just encase it so this
is like a 60 year old guy his interest is it he’s gonna interest so this is
just a good sign I mean people are people are finding out about it so today
the CBOE the Bitcoin future started on there and of course Bitcoin blasted back
up to 16,000 uh it crashed the CBOE site and and what that means is that so many
people on this planet we’re interested about what with what’s going on with
Bitcoin and futures trading and the CBOE there’s so many people went to that site
that it just it crashed it has nothing it really has nothing to do with the
underlying value of Bitcoin or anything like that or like the trading of it it
just as the site itself went down it just shows you how many people have
heard of this how many people are interested in it but there’s such a big
did you see this this is between there’s the doers and then there the talkers
okay all the talkers of the world are like oh yeah they’re gonna short it it’s
gonna crash it’s gonna this I want to go see the site I want to go see what this
is all about but then there’s a Dewar’s like us the holders the people who
actually bought it we just don’t talk in wonder and come up with little theories
about it and create little fun about it like oh well if this if it becomes
mainstream then it’s gonna crash or if it becomes mainstream they’re gonna
manipulate it so I can’t get in it right now because they’re good they whoever
they are is gonna manipulate it so I don’t want to become rich I would just
you know continue to do nothing with my life
then there but BC that’s the beauty that’s not who I am that’s not who we
are we did we bought we saw we bought we conquered whatever you want to say and
we did conquer because we got a lot of it back in 2015 2016 2017 before all
this before it was 16,000 and then you have people say oh it crashed you
crashed the 13th out and it also it’s back to 16 thousand again
and you know it is so real that it can go up and down mm and a day now I mean a
month ago you told me that I’d say of course it will happen eventually but I
didn’t think it would happen so many times this year already I mean it is
amazing and I thank God Almighty that I got into this so early and that I wasn’t
just talking to talk on this channel I was walking the walk and it has he paid
off people has he paid off for you too because I love to hear the stories of
the people who are they Adam when you made that video about getting about
dying 10 Bitcoin for $4,000 total that inspired me back in late 2015 when you
were in New Zealand and you could check out the archives people to say that I’ve
been talking I’ve been talking to talk and walk in a walk for quite some time
here but hey anyway if you’re one of those doomsday people you could keep on
saying hey it’s gonna crash I’m gonna do nothing I’m not gonna get into this I’m
gonna just you know go with the flow Greg hunter whoever buy gold buy
whatever you know that whatever the old-school stuff is it’s supposedly so
great that never did anything you know keep doing that keep you know building
you a little shelter do whatever you guys do and by the way this guy sells
silver it’s all right to sell silver and gold and whatever you can do that on the
side but to say that’s that’s it that’s silly
that’s silly you gotta get this is where it’s at people this is the future this
is only the beginning this is the tip of the iceberg when I had people have
bought Mitzvah parties coming up to me asking me about it dude it has been it
has just been a pleasure and an honor to have been in this for so long since 2013
and to see it coming to fruition now to see all this happening and I’m gonna
keep on you know speaking my mind here and just calling out the Dune people out
there that are just and you know you some doom people they just look like
regular people then just I mean they’re into they want to create an academic
paper about Bitcoin well those people are I wouldn’t say they’re do but
they’ve just they’re not actors they’re just talkers what’s it gonna get
you in the end of the day if you have a hundred and fifty IQ and you can analyze
every aspect of why Bitcoin isn’t going to do well based on the most complex of
economic theories and then you’re still a socialist who gets paid by some
University who gets paid by my stolen taxpayer dollars that’s all you are so
and you’re I mean you’re smart as anything yeah
and that’s the weird thing that’s that’s the weird thing about life you can have
people who are pure geniuses but who are so enthralled in separating every little
aspect of everything you’re getting into the minutiae of every little thing that
they can’t act that they can’t and they’re never gonna become wealth
they’re gonna have to be socialist parasites their whole life working for
universities leeching off of my tax tax money you know be great you know anyway
it’s great to have the freedom though to have your Bitcoin and to be able to move
to a country and expatriate if you wish so they can’t leech off of you anymore
but I’m not saying to do that either and I’m not saying I’m gonna do that but it
is great to know that I’ve got my Bitcoin I can go if you know if I ever
got married or anything I would have my Bitcoin and the woman
can never take it from me oh what a pleasure pound that like button alright
I’ve gone off on the tangent that I didn’t mean to go on so yeah there’s
that’s what I have to say about the CBOE thing because a lot of you do guys out
there that like troll around a nicer name it’s a troll now some of you are
innocent and just have legitimate you think it’s a legitimate question to say
oh what’s gonna happen to the CBOE what’s gonna happen when when this
mainstream person talks about what this mate isn’t it gonna crash an amazing no
it’s not who cares long term thinking what’s it gonna be
worth to 2020 more than today that’s all you got to care about that’s all you get
you know you know what maybe someone could create some massive flood tomorrow
where it crashes $5,000 who cares then it’ll be worth $10,000 who cares because
in the year 2020 this is a savings account if you don’t know how to save if
you blow your money on you know if you have to blow your money
every little thing out there every little shiny little thing then you don’t
deserve to be in this then you deserve to lose your Bitcoin to me because guess
what when you sell your Bitcoin I get your Bitcoin because I sell my steam
dollars for your Bitcoin so I mean whatever go buy a vacation go good do
something insane like that you know ed waste your Vikram is I’m gonna end up
with more of it because that’s the way it works you see where the big boys play
I’ve said it many a time in the cryptocurrencies face the big boys the
20% win we win because we the long-term thinking the people who usually win in
who win a lot of times in mainstream society because they get bailed out by
the government there’s no one to be there’s no bailing out here when you
lose you lose when you lose your private key you lose there’s no one to complain
to that’s it it’s your fault this is personal responsibility in this world in
the big-boy world and I try to I try to explain that to people before they come
over here to tell them you know you got to be a holder you can’t you can’t just
trade this stuff and think you’re gonna make a million dollars because I’m gonna
be I’m gonna end up the millionaire because are you thinking you’re gonna
you’re gonna do these crazy things where you think you’re gonna end up being the
millionaire I’m gonna become richer because of you all the holders are gonna
become rich because we don’t give it up we don’t give up give up our Bitcoin and
if you don’t believe it I mean that’s your tough luck you think I don’t give
it up others play up they’re just like me they’re not traded around – no no no
so you know do your little games your little games make us richer all right
again all this is ad-lib here today Adam come on so let’s talk let’s talk about
crypto dividends because that’s another benefit of being a holder of Bitcoin
when you hold big coin they’re there groups of people who like to fork off
coins from Bitcoin they form up coins from forking off Bitcoin and you Google
if you don’t know what this is about go google it
obviously this channel is a little advanced I’m sorry fizz but there was
one called be cash and so we all the spit coin whores got all this freebie
cash that was worth and then we sell it for Bitcoin we get we turn these free or
we get by just holding Bitcoin we get free alt coins it’s great and then we
get more Bitcoin so there’s one called be platinum that’s coming out and so
there’s some articles there’s an article out there and coy telegraph that says
it’s a scam from Korea now so apparently I was before
this came out one of the things I preach with this is don’t you know you can we
list we talked about which Bitcoin crypto dividends are about to come out
from what I hear and from what I consider legitimate there’s a site below
that I linked to that lists all the ones that are rumored to come out that are
that are going to be real probably but I warn people never do anything with these
crypto dividends until your treasurer can split it now if you don’t know what
a treasure is there’s a hardware wallet okay you need to have a hardware wallet
if you have more than one Bitcoin if you have one Bitcoin you need one all right
that’s 16,000 dollars worth of a financial asset there I mean you get it
you got to protect you can’t keep it on some exchange and so one stress or your
ledger naina or whatever is able to split your crypto dividend then then
it’s safe okay but before then don’t don’t miss you can study these things
you can study the futures markets it’s fun it’s fun to speculate like how much
is this going to be worth but do never give up your private key to anyone and I
can’t stress this enough and some of you are pricing Adam you’ve said this before
yeah I have said this before but it’s important to talk about because some of
these things are going some of these coins these altcoin Bitcoin crypto
dividends that are formed are gonna be absolutely silly and ridiculous but they
actually might come to fruition so this one is going through some insanity now
it kind of looks like there’s it looks there’s a rumor that there’s a Korean
kid that’s behind it but then if you look at some of these other tweets
they’ve delayed it it says what what’s here we found the critical issue and
seeking in the syncing process and therefore the fork will inevitably be
delayed until block 500000 or whatever it is this is this is occurred because
we implemented the BTC 1 core source codes and it is exactly the same problem
with it ok that sounds absolutely insane first of all it’s not proper English
because the person is from Asia it probably in South Korea it appears and
also they were using the with BTC 1 which was what b2x was supposed to be
that’s ridiculous but anyway so maybe
scam maybe some maybe you’re gonna get to act together maybe it’s gonna happen
maybe it’s really based in Korea maybe it’s gonna end up on these Korean
exchanges and they’re gonna pump it up remember I was just in South Korea and
they pump up anything that’s new that gets onto that that one exchange is
connected to their their Facebook of South Korea I know the name of the
exchange I’m gonna mention it later actually link to it below and you can
check out what’s going on in the exchange so bottom line with all these
crypto dividends be patient be patient it’s free money
once it’s safe once it’s safe money then it’s free money it’s not diluting
Bitcoin because half of this stuff these things are complete jokes and won’t even
happen so that’s that doesn’t hurt Bitcoin that
just hurts that just shows like well maybe it might hurt other crypt of
dividends it doesn’t help be cash it shows that the way be cast is formed is
the way that some silly be platinum might be formed it’s just a pump coin so
I mean I don’t care I big quote for me bitcoins the one that’s the only one and
I know some of you still well yeah I’m gonna go to the chat afterwards and
probably some of you right now asking me what do you think about this Alcorn
anybody you don’t get it guys you duck how many times you have to say I don’t
care about your altcoin I don’t care no one cares I travel the world they
haven’t heard of your altcoin unless it’s a theory or litecoin maybe okay
you’re all coin ain’t anything I’ve been around for a while I’ve seen things come
and go alright I seen the flavor of the month of every all Clint I’ve seen it
happen many times don’t why you buy into these things you lose you value your
wealth in Bitcoin people not in dollars you’re so foolish when you think your
all points going up and down you because it’s going up in dollars yet in terms of
Bitcoin is going down that’s the world telling you that you should have hope
held Bitcoin the whole time so go back to school and learn learn the difference
between it going up in valued Bitcoin and going up in value in dollars and why
you got into cryptocurrency in the first place it’s not because you think the
dollar is it is not it is great because a dollar is being inflated it’s gonna
last bitcoin is deflation err bitcoin is an
inflationary all that some of these all coins are totally inflationary we’re
gonna get into the steam back dollar thing in a second which is inflationary
which is ludicrous they can do anything with that and they should do anything
with it to teach the people a little lesson that are speculating on it
I mean they can do anything they want to do I’m holding Bitcoin that’s what you
should be doing to pound that like button check out the notes section below
subscribe to this channel if you like this kind of stuff don’t subscribe to
this channel if you’re probably 80% can’t understand a word of what I’m
saying this is for this channels for the 20% this is for the elite this is for
the thinking man who doesn’t care about pretty stuff and gets tempted doesn’t
get tempted by flashing lights or without I don’t even know what the 80%
gets tempted by watching NFL and picking their nose and drink a beer all day and
getting bloated and then coming to me trying to steal my money to pay for
their triple bypasses because they were completely irresponsible their whole
lives oh do I love it how I how I have so much now that they can’t take from me
to pay for their irresponsibility and I’m just
I love it I love living a healthy life and I’m encouraging because remember
it’s not just about holding baby if you’re buying and holding Bitcoin that
is awesome but if you’re still Gosselin beer and getting fat and stuff you’re
gonna die so you’re not gonna be able to enjoy it and you’re gonna you’re gonna
have to pay for your well I mean you could be a socialist and steal from
everyone and use that healthcare system or whatever it’s a horrible health care
system but but but you people should stay in shape also and today I give it
stated shape so much I’ve ran six miles and then I did my
sprints later in the day and I ate healthy and then I did fall asleep a
little earlier that’s where this shows late today by the way and I’m still
getting used to the time here so that there’s a little thing but hey Mack even
even was short week like this I had to get everything in you got to stay
healthy guys stay fit and keep your mindset
sound – and that and keeping your mouths mind sound means watching smart videos
like this one uh watching other thought-provoking channels that are
beyond Bitcoin that are into philosophy I know I mentioned stefan molyneux i
mentioned once his knee Peter situated Peter said you know they’re not always
right but you know what much videos that are
for smart people okay don’t watch this mindless yeah I mean there’s a little
bit of time you know don’t get obsessed with Hillary Clinton and the
conspiracies all this stuff there’s time for entertainment of course I understand
that but um you know try to try to exercise your brain also I mean that’s
that’s that’s all I can do and I hope you have the mental capacity to have
live reading comprehension listening comprehension and and to have the
patience and the long-term thinking ability to hold on to your Bitcoin at
least until the 2020 having and if you don’t know where the 2020 having is
Google it okay I think you have that skill I hope you do you really should
know what it is if you if you’re in the cryptocurrency at all alright I try
gonna say more i link to more about the be platinum thing if you want to
investigate that be be my guest it’s not the biggest deal in the world
it may be the one that’s interesting super bt secretive dividend is like
being run by one of the richest men in china that’s coming out on the 17th that
should be very interesting I don’t think that’ll be as controversial they’re not
gonna say there’s some Korean kid behind it I think that one should go smoothly
and that’ll probably be the next one that’s on the Tresor I would I would
think let’s see and all the brothers in Asia man keep on buying the stuff up
keep it pumping it up keep talking about it you have every right to create your
crypto dividends do so go for it go for it and I’m gonna try to keep covering it
as best as I can I am way behind on all the things I usually read so that I’m
probably missing some news here I know there’s been people trying to contact me
behind the scenes I’m still way behind you know like family stuff is important
to me and I I have a lot to catch up on I think these next few days I’m gonna
have some free time hopefully hopefully so there’s a little personal affair
okay the steam back dollars are still so overvalued it’s like eight they’re like
eight dollars now yeah you’re not supposed to value your wealth in dollars
but a steam dollar is supposed to be pegged to the United States dollar this
is a form of payment on the steam it website I encourage people to go to the
steam it website check out bitcoinmeister on there I finally gotten
up to date with all my videos on there so starting tomorrow
day Monday the December the 11th it’s gone my new shows will be live there
it’s gonna say live and it’ll be and so if they’ve been behind there for quite
some time so you’ll be able to go to by steamer page and you get the latest show
which will be awesome and you can upvote me there and that would be great I
answer questions there usually if you want me to answer questions you email me
at a nitrous or health calm you have to pay I mean I’m so behind
you’re gonna have to pay you have to pay me but if you ask me to steam it you up
vote me out I’ll answer it I answered and yeah I know some of you have emails
to me or Twitter message to me and you probably wonder why isnt adam gotten
back to me dudes i had no time to pay me you can
pay me you tell me hey might my bitcoin address all my addresses are listed
below say hey i left you a tip answer my question I’ll answer your question I or
you can just do it as steam anyway I’ve gone off on the tangent so you should be
on Steam it also but you can earn these Steam dollars you can earn this steam
they’re worth they’re just weird little cryptocurrencies that they made up over
there but you trade them for Bitcoin you get free Bitcoin that way so for and you
slowly build up your staff that’s a way to get free Bitcoin there all these
people complaining out there all Bitcoin so expensive Bitcoin so this I can’t get
any you shut up you complain you could go here put your content on there you’ve
got I mean there is nothing there’s nothing easy in life okay you got a do
something you just can’t sit there yeah that’s me some action just to start the
ball rolling down the hill okay so there’s a little action right there
go to steam it you know up folks you tell me I’ll up boat you if it’s good
content and you’ll slowly earn the steam and steam dollars then you’ll sell them
now right now Polonia X is again not that Polonius continues to have problems
with steam dollars and steam okay I don’t know what’s wrong with Polonia X
it’s unfortunate use bit wrecks okay the lesson learned right there yeah you know
I I’ll leave it at that use bit tracks to get your to sell your
overvalued steam dollars as soon as possible and you know duck don’t say Oh
Adam it was five dollars and totally sulfide there’s no it’s eight dollars
you complainer it’s always just to be one dollar it’s gonna crash back down
there eventually okay so I’m telling you to
and some of their people out there to say oh you should use your steam back
dollars if I steam Oh horrible advice horrible horrible
advice you’re gonna buy this steam which whatever they can print whenever they
want to which is worth very little which in terms of Bitcoin has gone down and
value an incredible amount or you could buy Bitcoin with it which is the gold
standard which is the world reserve cryptocurrency
which is the one okay so use your free cryptocurrency if you’re getting free
cryptocurrency anyway whether it be through crypto dividends whether it be
through the steam it site use that to buy Bitcoin don’t get fall into
someone’s little trap they try to complicate matters so keep it simple
it’s real simple you get two cryptocurrency for free you get you use
it to buy Bitcoin so there you go that’s what’s going on with the steam back
dollars now with the steam it website and yet don’t use Polonia X for this
anything related the steam use bid tracks or use some other site that’s
rely I don’t know if there might be other ones that you may prefer just so
you can you can actually turn into Bitcoin before it crashes back down the
dollar and by the way I think the people at steam it in order to get more people
to use steam it they should give out more steam dollars they should increase
payments to people over there and so that will inflate the steam back dollar
currency okay that will inflate it and that should decrease its value it should
but there’s a bunch of people speculating it a bunch of 80 percenters
in Korea and in America or whoever or wherever who were training this stuff
actually who are because remember when I sell my ste back dollars for Bitcoin
there is a fool out there who’s giving up his Bitcoin for my steam back dollars
a complete moron and I’m sorry I’m sorry if you’re good if you are
giving away your Bitcoin to buy steam back dollars you are a moron it’s that
simple I know it sounds brutal but it’s that simple now if you’re giving away
your steam back dollars to get Bitcoin your awesome think you’re like dude
you’re on fast you’re gay you know how to get free
Bitcoin that’s awesome all right but 2pi to waste your Bitcoin
I’ll Steve act ours I I feel bad for you man
you got to go back to Bitcoin University or there’s no such thing there’s this
ease a bit school if you want to get a Bitcoin University you come to this
channel this is where you learn this is where you get you learn how to hold your
Bitcoin okay we’re you don’t get tempted in the silly little cloud mining or or
big connect or whatever the latest stuff scam is that all the ignorant 80
percenters are in to try to tell me you oh you don’t understand it out of your I
don’t understand yes sure sure I don’t have this or you know how many Bitcoin I
have dude the people like that they like to see how many I heard you had like 20
or something I had party I’m it’s a lie
so uh alright what else do we have here yeah I mean I mean go back I mean I it’s
so it was so simple to do and we’re gonna look back on this one day at
$16,000 and laugh but you know you could still drop to 8,000 again you could drop
to 5,000 who cares 20 in the year 2020 is gonna
be more so you okay you throw out some ODEs more doom 3 I want all the
naysayers to keep throwing out their niece their their ignorance and the
people selling their Bitcoin and I’ll keep on trading these worthless all
coins that I get for free for Bitcoin it’ll be great I’ll keep them getting
more and more Bitcoin and there’ll be more and more haters of like why did
goose why are there so many big coin whales out there why it’s not fair the
distribution wasn’t fair why do people have triple digit amounts of Bitcoin I
have none but if you didn’t do anything you just sat there and complained all
day and pointed fingers at people like me who are getting it who were smart you
cried and cried waiting for some authority to try to steal Bitcoin from
me but that’s not how it works here that’s not how it works here isn’t it
beautiful easy beautiful you anyway you’re in the big-boy world so if you
don’t like the big boy go back to the Hillary Clinton world where she’ll get
you some free stuff her and her buddies over there Al Franken and all them I’ll
get you some free stuff you can live off of the state of Minnesota or what
you know the federal government go live off the federal government pathetic
pathetic creature oh I love those little pathetic more creatures you see him in
there to zoo basically I paid for their zoo they said we should put them behind
cages the people who live off the in the gun off the government we owned them for
God’s sakes they’re the ones stealing from us they’re stealing our money that
we earn and that’s that’s their job that’s what they do so we should be
addicted and they’re the ones are saying oh you disrespect us of course we should
disrespect you your lowly little creatures who live off of us your
leeches your leeches but then I love how you see the reason I’m getting into a
rant like this is this I can say that I can’t be fired I work for myself I have
Bitcoin that is your freedom people and I know a lot of you want to say things
like this on youtube and use your face and put your real name out there because
adam meister that’s who I am this is adam meister and this is what I believe
if you don’t like it they go away they go in or whatever you could say what you
want to do in the comments section to be a hater be a hater gimme and that’s the
awesome thing it generates more music it gets me more pennies or whatever that
you earn on YouTube but whatever it’s I’m just getting richer I love it I love
it so you know if you feel bad for the leeches if you have feelings for them go
pet them in the zoo go hang out in their zoo down down there I I know what it’s
like to be around those zoos okay I know what it’s I know I have I’ve worked with
people I’ve seen the list the route they don’t have logic or reason they’re just
like take care of me take care of me take care of me that’s the world today
and I love that I did the Bitcoin lets you exit that world where you could just
but I could so comment on that world because I think of pathetic trolls and
and I’m again I’m ranting like this about these lowly creatures because I’m
showing the people out there the young guys out there like this is why you got
to get in the Bitcoin so you have that so you don’t work for anyone so you can
travel around the world so you could say that when you’re a young guy that you’re
retired basically it’s not basically I mean I never had to work a day again in
my life because a Bitcoin think about that think about that think
about that long and hard really I wanted seriously think think think about that
after this video is done think about how anna meister never has
to work a day again in his life because a bitcoin because what he was saying on
this channel a year ago because he followed his own advice hey but you can
watch you know you’ve but then you can watch sent the bit connect channels to
take the easy way out right right huh right that stuff must be true it must be
true right all the conspiracies must be true all right so good little some real
lots of rants here some people on twitter follow me on twitter at tech
ball first of all paramount like bomb this is really pound abullah video
here’s late at night we have like almost two hundred almost two hundred are guys
watching tonight i say guys this is mostly guys and that was another thing
if still people who occasionally comment there women that are like how can you
say women out there with money it’s a proven fact that women are better with
money how many many people in the fortune 500
or women how many women on earth how many women on the planet earth have more
bitcoin than i do i would love to know that on the planet earth what do we have
3.5 billion women how many of them have more bitcoin than i do i really love to
know that there is a chance that it’s only it’s between about 0 and 20 problem
i mean i mean it’s it’s that’s how few women are in the bitcoin and that’s how
good women are with money okay so i mean whatever
people people are say their statistics to show women are better with money show
me those statistics I mean because now in Fortune 500 boardrooms there’s
affirmative action for women that they have to be hired so now they’re sitting
in there that’s what that that shows me that women are good with what do you
know it shows me that there’s uh there’s set asides for women now that
corporations are forced to follow because the government’s force
corporations to follow I don’t want to be in that world I don’t want to be in
these because these corporations getting bed with the government so much the
thing to follow their rules hire minorities hire women just to stay in
good graces with the government to get the
in tax cuts and all that stuff that doesn’t mean those people are good or
have any that’s a disgrace it’s a disgrace to minorities and women who
actually are smart that that all these corporations have these quotas that they
have to get these many of them hire these many minorities that they have to
hire these many women and it hurts in the long run it just hurts the
corporation’s because that the men that they’re not hiring you know that their
businesses their business are becoming weaker cuz they’re not hiring the best
people that hire the smartest people they’re not hiring the people that are
there that are good with money and the best and so some of the best thank God
or venturing into the cryptocurrency world and this is where the big boys
play because you know what if you’re a woman come here come I invite women if
you’re good enough come come compete in the in the Bitcoin
space come buy some Bitcoin but again how many women on earth have more
Bitcoin than Adam Meister how many women on earth actually have more than a
hundred Bitcoin how many have we won earth have triple digits amount now so
you’re gonna have some people on here say I go a war being or I’m a woman and
there are a few women okay and maybe they do have a more than a hundred there
was someone talking I’m not gonna say the name but she was saying her and her
husband dropped out of the corporate world became truck drivers it was a very
interesting story she might have a hundred but again I mean maybe it was
she was a team with her husband I wouldn’t know about independent women
out there on their own without a man’s money back you have the triple digit
amount of Bitcoin and are really good with money they’re really good with
money they’re running their own corporations without any government set
asides or anything like that you know with any feelings without any of getting
involved in the public school system you know I know I’m a woman I start this
consultancy of the public’s of public schools you know I make my money because
I tell public schools how to run more efficient yet they’re not running
efficient at all they’re stealing more money than ever
yeah great business model any of that’s fine I you know I’m like what are you
talking about I’m talking about something specific I ask that I’ve read
I hear about stories all the time of women starting their own businesses
businesses yeah that’s a real business when you’re leeching off the public
school system taking advantage of these little kids out there who were just
being used as guinea pigs so teachers unions can
more money and you’re consulting for that your woman owned business really
good stuff you’re doing out there that that’s not a real business that’s it’s
just a leisure of some sort and uh if that’s a word
and again come come compete with the big boys and yeah for the people who think
oh I don’t do these things are you just say you’re horrible women are great with
money great you can think you can think what you want
think what you want I mean you’re just you’re living an imaginary world you who
who is out there making the money do MIT being productive who and again there are
some women that are great but you know God created us all differently okay I
look at the bodies what were they one is is a powerful body
is supposed to get out there get the resources the other one is there’s to
carry the next generation take care of the next generation which there should
be pride in that there should be a lot of pride in raising children and
producing children and and and bring it on up the right way but I mean we’re all
we were all meant to do certain things our brains are all wired different ways
some of us were meant to deal with money some of us were meant to deal with
children some of us were meant to deal with building buildings you know be
proud of what you were supposed to do thrive in the world you’re naturally
attracted to don’t don’t think because society says you’re supposed to be a
certain way that times have changed now you need to be a working person now you
need to never have kids and or wait till you’re 40 to have a kid and you get the
you know sleep around with a billion guys until you find the correct one I
mean now you don’t need it do do what’s right
do do what’s right that’s all I could say and don’t pretend and don’t become a
social justice warrior oh god this is not yeah that’s the funny thing I was
going to talk about someone in the chat one day said there should be a cup coin
for all the social justice warriors that are involved in Bitcoin because there be
a few there are social justice warriors involved a Bitcoin they’ve commented on
my videos before but how can you say this about video you know
Lydia’s right we should be reaching out to women 911 Vinny said but the guy that
Vinny retweeted we should be reaching out to women we should have set asides
for women no if you wanna you could do that create your own cup coin you’re
free see how well cut coin will do against Bitcoin fork off cut coin for
bitcoins so I get all your free cup coins and then you can you know use your
cut coins to encourage minorities and women and social justice or social
justice warriors to come in the cryptocurrency and maybe it will attract
some more people good for you and then I can sell my cup coin for more Bitcoin in
and whatever but in the end of the day the cream will rise to the top and the
people who know how to buy and hold know how to manage money are gonna do great
in this space and have already done quite well on this space so you know you
could talk the talk you can walk the walk you can do both you can say what’s
on your mind here when you don’t have a boss anymore it is awesome all right yes
so there was that I linked to the the crypto divet the site that links all the
the lists the Bitcoin crypt of dividends that are coming out and it now lists one
that I mentioned the other day that I won’t even say the name of because I
think Chandler gaol is behind it it’s called b-but this making fun of religion
almost it seems like I’m not gonna make fun of religion I’m not making fun of my
religion be G – D us call it that that’s the name of this silly uh crypto
dividend it might be coming out so you can check it out yourself I link to that
generica page below i link to the update exchange in korea that is what i was
talking about before up it is that exchange that everybody and their mother
is getting on in south korea and i link to it so you can even though lots of
it’s in korea you can see that the steam back dollar is indeed being traded there
that’s where it the pump probably originated I don’t I don’t wanna skip
anything here so I’m just make it going over my notes yeah people have been
giving me suggestions where to hang out next in the warm weather climate thank
you I still haven’t decided yet because I’ve had no time to think about this and
now this video going really long with my little uh my
rants about life but hey it’s a Sunday night Monday morning whatever you want
to whatever you want to call it okay we cans are weeded out yeah and it makes
the Bitcoin community stronger only the hardcore survive so we I like when when
the weekends get we to weed it out because the hardcore people continue to
stick around and we become more and more prominent and Bitcoin becomes more and
more hardcore at least a core of Bitcoin becomes more and more hardcore you know
guys like vortex and me and tone and whoever or who are really hardcore
Bitcoin guys the more we see it drop it in the people just you know the weak
hands go away the more weak we are just more well-known the more respect we get
and who cares about respect but just our the way our tone our way of thinking
spreads our hardcore ism our holding on it becomes more and more prominent and
that makes Bitcoin stronger so we cans leaving make Bitcoin stronger so I you
know I the bad days you know we’re gonna we’re gonna have bad days and and and
you got to look on the bright side the weak hands go away the stronger hands
become stronger big Bitcoin becomes stronger and in the long run the holders
become wealthier and again it was it was funny tone they said on a recent show
someone had a question like hey you know how about if I have two million dollars
worth of Bitcoin now should I should I sell some of it and you know take some
profits and toth said yes but and he said you know you’re gonna get taxed and
this is this is all true but the funny thing is Tony does not and he says this
but he doesn’t say enough he is not doing that I don’t know how much tone
has um so that’s not cuz I don’t know if he has two million dollars worth but
he’s not selling it because he he he sells for cash he bought it for cash
ease he doesn’t want anything recorded which is his business and everything but
the in the end of the day it is another fuck a great aspect of Tony
he teaches trading yet he does not trade Bitcoin so I’d say do as he does and so
my advice to someone who had asked me hey Adam
my Bitcoin stash is now verse worth two million dollars should I should I take
some profit now in terms of dollars I would say this if you are in a situation
similar to me where you’re a single guy where you use it totally as a savings
account totally well you don’t need to reach into it where you’re already a
self-made man where you can I would just make sure you have your free make sure
you’re self-employed first that’s your first goal if you need to dip into your
stash to become self-employed then do that then do this so you never have to
work again a day in your life for a company do that if you need to but
otherwise if you’re already self-employed if you already you know
have a home equity line of credit you have credit cards that if need be if you
if you really got into a tight situation you could just start you know borrowing
from your home equity line of credit let’s say I would get into my home
equity line of credit before I cashed out my Bitcoin so personally what I
would I’ve done I’m insulted our Bitcoin I don’t plan to sell darn Bitcoin until
at the very earliest after the 20 20 having and I’m sticking with it I don’t
care if it goes up to $20,000 okay I’m sticking with it I I’m all-in on this
because they were probably people back when it was $2,000 like well I better
take some profit now it’s $2,000 and they’re looking back now ho my god how
could I what did I do I sold 20 big core I saw 20 Bitcoin for
$40,000 now what’s that worth I mean it’s worth $300,000 or something right
so this would be different it’s a big difference it makes a difference I mean
hang on as long as possible so I mean you gotta analyze your own situation I
mean I think and if you like working for someone else if you’re comfortable at
your job and you don’t value the freedom of being able to say whatever you want
to on the internet like I do then that’s just another reason to hold on to your
Bitcoin I guess then don’t don’t I mean if you’re
be your job you’re happy at your job each man’s got to go his own way okay
so some people do like working for other people I cannot understand that I can’t
understand that but I guess some people do have good bosses and good jobs I
don’t I can’t comprehend that I mean I just I really can’t I mean the freedom
of just being able to go and but there’s things that I I have to realize that not
everybody enjoys what I enjoy doing so again that quick tip think really long
and hard before you start cashing out and for me I have the mindset where if
if Bitcoin went to zero first of all all cryptocurrency would go to zero and the
game would be over it just would be over I don’t think that’s going I don’t think
that’s gonna happen but if that did happen I I loved it I I would look back
and say this was the greatest this is the greatest experience of my life
cryptocurrency I mean I became a very wealthy
individual and I attained some personal goals in terms of you know net worth and
again and people say what was only old paper it was only a Bitcoin yes sure it
was but I did it and I will I will be happy if Bitcoin goes to zero tomorrow
and it all ends I will be so happy with my life but not everyone has that
mindset not everyone has that miser so I mean the mindset where yeah like I
don’t I have no desire to get any dollars from this stuff right now
because I’m living the life right now I’m living the life right now with it
just sitting there all of it just sitting there and I just wanted to
increase more and more in value but at the same time I know with my Bitcoin
just sitting there that it’s helping the community to it is the holders are the
rock because when you sell you’re giving in that the prices you’re setting a
price there um my price this is price I set for a Bitcoin I think a bitcoins
I’ve where the million dollars each you know give me a million dollars I’ll give
you one Bitcoin okay there you go there you go that’s what atomizer sells out
you give me a a million dollars I’ll give you one of my Bitcoin okay there
you go I guess I could be bought ha ha ha but that’s that’s not happening
anytime that’s obviously not happening anytime soon
well maybe not obviously if that happens my god that’d be amazing I mean I’d be
ready oh my god I it’s
if that happens if one Bitcoin because a million dollars there are a lot fewer
people with a hundred bitcoins and I think there are I think I might be
overestimating the amount of people that have more than a hundred or more than
210 Bitcoin to I say 210 Bitcoin because the amount of Bitcoin that I ever be
created is 21 million so what is a 210 in the 21 million you you do you do the
math there that that’s that that’s a small number uh all right it’s the
maximum amount of people who could have 210 which is not very many but and again
all right I’ve gone off on a rant here what do we what do we have here
up in exchange I mention okay Twitter drawing of me by New York dude is linked
to below retweet that tell that like button people 200 live viewers all right
uh okay so yeah check out I appreciate when New York dude and other people do
art of me that’s really cool i link to it below i’ve retweeted it one of the
best opening riffs in rock and roll is what I heard when I was driving out to
the Bat Mitzvah party out in Carroll County
it’s a Eric Carmen and raspberries go all the way i link to that below did
that opening riff is awesome it actually happens in the middle of the song also
it’s a lot of fun all right I’m not gonna talk about democracy today all
right that’s it i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this with your share of this video do
check out the new session below i hope you enjoyed this long video i will say
hello to the guys in the chat section

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