Bitcoin Hackathon Berlin – The Movie

What are you doing here We’re at the Bitcoin Hackathon in Berlin We have developed a merchant solution that we hopefully present in a bit very exiting – can you show it to the camera so we call it Acceptbit and basically if you want to accept a payment enter the amount ant it will generate the QR Code for you and then you can scan it with your phone i’ll just gonna use scan the QR Code because takes a while so its signing the inputs right now and um… basically the idea it integrates with electrum as a merchant you have your electrum wallet at home and has all the private keys but you export your master public key and put it into this website so all this website knows is your public key so it can’t acually access any of your money if the server gets hacked and once the payment gets though it automatically updates and you can see it here – very cool I just talk about – this is the Bitcoin Hackathon we organized in Berlin and people have come all the way from Switzerland from austria from we have greek people here we have Germans and we spent an entire week of people doing economic work to try and come up with cool interesting bitcoin projects there is a huge variety of very interesting projects this is for offline transactions if the buyer has no internet access but the seller does buyer can send the transaction via bluetooth to the seller who will then broadcasts and will ensure that its valid checkign that its valid is the part that i’m doing now

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