Presents: Story of a Startup

Hello there. The Indian market is
crowded with startups these days. But there is a way
stand out in the crowd: .CO Myself Puneet Dahiya. Ever since I was a kid,
I’ve loved traffic. I’d sit on my balcony
for hours and count the blue cars
stuck in traffic. Fifty! Yes! But my elder brother
got worried one day and told me to stop it. He said, “Puneet!
Get inside the house!” “Look how polluted the air is!” Right after I got my MBA,
I founded my very own startup. “Shudh-Hawa.CO” We came up with a solution
for those bothered by pollution. We take 100% pure air, put it in cans and
sell it online! The moment my brother heard my idea,
his worry was gone. He said, “My boy,
startup you must.” “Just don’t forget to get a
.CO domain from BigRock.” Now, the traffic’s back
in my life again. Not the one on the road.
The one on my website! What say, isn’t it terrific? Right action is what
gets you traction. Got a startup?
Get a .CO! BigRock.CO Register your idea with a
.CO domain for Rs 99! Did you pay for that?

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4 thoughts on “ Presents: Story of a Startup

  1. yes i agree about ur promotion of the services but the content u chosen is really wrong we don't want that thing to happen in future. everybody should take these problems as responsibility not as opportunity to make a money.

  2. I am extremely frustrated now and sorry to say you that  ( very very poor customer support services. I am facing same problem from last 6-7 days but unfortunately in there is no qualify technician/ developer who can resolve this issue. 

    Still this issue (500 error, internal server error)  start exactly after 8 pm. 

    You don't how we develop a website in google searching and your bigrock's worst hosting destroy all our hard work on google. 

    Is this a way to handle customers problem?

    I am existing customer of Bigrock since 2012 still i am facing hosting problem.

    No one in bigrock solve this problem? 

    All 17 website under this account not loading due to worst hosting and support by bigrock. 

    At last i want to tell you if you want to hold your existing customers please resolve issues as soon as possible. 

    My mail id ajaygours @ gmail . Com

  3. Hello please I’m from uae 🇦🇪 who I can pay domin and hosting from big rock our curancey drham but need only indin card who I will pay from here

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