Big tech using your data | IN 60 SECONDS

Some people worry that big tech
companies are seducing you into spending more time online, all so they can monetize
your data. Is this true? Yes, but not in a bad way! Big tech companies do try to get
you to consume more of their services, just like Starbucks and the New York
Times do. This is normal. Is consuming more tech bad for you?
Studies show that spending more time on Facebook is associated with greater
obesity, less well being, and less real time with friends. But this is also true
for television. And if you interact with your friends on Facebook, your sense of
well-being is actually higher, and you feel more socially connected. But don’t
the tech companies gather lots of data on you that they use to their advantage?
Absolutely, but this is also normal. President Obama made social media micro-targeting of voters famous. Tech companies just need to be transparent
about their real business. Big tech is doing what others have done before, only
in a bigger way, and big tech’s successors will do it even bigger. What do you think?
Does big tech know too much about you? Let us know your comments. Also, let us
know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be
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7 thoughts on “Big tech using your data | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. With respect, it sounds like you are downplaying potential harm this massive data mining can cause. Because the actual danger is not that they are stored but rather that they are sold. That way the consumer loses control over deciding which companies get to have personal information about him

  2. Imagine you’re studying ants and you discover what makes them fight and what makes them forage, why they go forth alone or in groups. Now imagine you’re the ant… because to Facebook, you are.

  3. Funny how "conservatives" (read "reactionaries") have become the normalizers of total deregulation, or anarchist capitalism. Lincoln is probably spinning in his grave seeing Americans so fully embrace the British system and obfuscate their roots and what their nation was built on.

  4. I'm surprised A.E.I. You like your Big Data like you like your Big Government. That is not a conservative position.

  5. Another video in which you are completely out of touch with reality. Bit data = big profits for companies. Why? Because Big tech sells that data to other companies to use for whatever they want. Most want to target ads in hopes of getting you to buy their crap. Some want to predict your habits to know when you are mostly likely to buy their crap. Others want to package and distribute your data further to other sellers. This is the issue here. I'm sure everyone has heard of the extremely creepy "maps to the stars" that are sold in Hollywood so you know where celebrities live, and tours that practically stalk them to maximize chances of a "sighting" in public (I really hate our society sometimes). This is that, but for every single living human, even those of us with no means of protecting ourselves. This will lead to the ultimate "big brother, eagle eye" scenario, and that is something to which traditional conservatives should be completely opposed.

    There are certain ethical lines in the sand which not be drawn and cast in stone. Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. Stop spouting this garbage and go back to talking about things you actually understand.

  6. sorry you're not gonna justify data mining, people dont like it, and its clearly abused as we seen recently as well as using the data to censor people, whats to stop them from blackmailing you with that data?

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