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Got the big taxes down. I feel like
I’ve got, what is it, three houses down on Mayfair (Monopoly). I’m about to go and get the hotel. Hello my name is Emma and today we are back with some more Magic the Gathering
Arena, today checking out a deck that I thought I’d just have a little bit of
fun with surrounding one particular card I thought would just make a very
fun win condition. That card is ill-Gotten Inheritance !
Coming out in Ravnica Allegiance its premise is basically your opponent loses a life
you gain a life each turn. We are here to get them onto the board hitting your
opponent constantly, trying to get multiple of them if we can. To slowly
tax away their life, just like real life. Now I’ve seen this card played a lot in pauper decks I think a lot of different
youtubers have put this in but I thought that I chuck it in Standard. Going through
the deck quickly obviously we’ve got the big for it we’ll got an inheritance
you’ve also got three of final partings that we can use to sort of sift through
our deck and find them and then the rest is deck is burn around a bit of a dhimmi
and controlled a lot of board wraps like a ritual of suit in there but of
single-target removals like a murders like over Oscar’s contempt I draw
without chemistries insights cuz you always kind of have that one in there
but if surveil without discovery slash dispersal spells and at the top end
we’ve got our cheeky doom Whisperer and three meter but these are just there for
safety really at the end game I just want to win with some ill-gotten
inheritance again this deck is not very competitive yeah I think it is way too
slow from the meta at the moment so I wouldn’t be running this in ranked but
if you have these cards and you want to give it a go I feel free I always leave
the decklist in the description of the video if you
and you’re here and you want to see more videos make sure you hit the subscribe
button down there and if you have any feedback in this deck like you know what
I would add in what I should take out to make this more competitive please leave
it in the comment section below I really love to read and chat with you guys
about how I can improve the decks without further ado let’s jump into some
games we didn’t have enough black miner in such fast canter to stop looking for
our got an inheritance I think we are gonna keep this I mean just a lot of a
little bit of early game removing well and we do get our surveil there
which is pretty nice I’m gonna look at first they’re getting out our search for
us can talk our apartment getting a swamp out oh the compass all right
getting rid of attacking creatures good for us that we don’t have any all right
we’re gonna chuck down a swamp here and get our search out search I mean the
next time depending if they get any creatures out we can either moment of
craving model or we can use our surveil definitely taking that one all right a
first tax card we just need another land to get that coming out probably gonna
just surveil here we’ve got my counters all right they’re gonna search the land
for Al and all right gonna keep the island probably don’t need to walk the
plank just cuz we have so much removal already done then take that island that
skew is out you’ve got an inheritance coming out next turn unless we do have
to remove the biggest threat all right what are we searching for probably don’t
need this so we’re going to brave yacht it Drakkar yeah okay we’ve got that
other Island on and let’s get down this guy to start the tax he may tap this
again yeah regard to get there on the land swamp all right mate very swamp
heavy without actually playing anything else Joseph it’s Nate right differently library not one again
we’ve got to kill the trust event I actually did a video on trying to
activate this ability who’s very fun I’ll probably link it because I’ve
mentioned that murder it now all right page uh Steve s thank you but
it does show that they are playing it it’s like private ok all right they’re
gonna get me just caught a card I mean probably a moment of craving here I
don’t feel like we need any more Lance we’re gonna graveyard this one your ass
yes I will your ass let’s see what the coconut Braska dead weight another Josie
vest so they are gonna probably again look to activate this kicker ability I
should actually start looking for a – two – two odd to protect ourselves from
this I mean look let’s get rid of the brassicas contempt
we can’t really take anything else yep Swamp they’re definitely going for
this graveyard I mean I could use it against the – twos we’re gonna transform
this there we car that’s a good cut this look
to be really safe I’m gonna take the ritual suit you’re gonna say that I have
it but I’d rather be able to uh you know why pull all these cars look I saw that
I had it I ruined that game plan I really like Joseph essa that’s a fun day
all right getting Kate this just because we have
until got an inheritance here we’re lacking a bit of removal spells but I’m
hoping at least us kind of stop some in their tracks and we do draw some removal
after after I take this risky hand but hey you know what why not
that’s Jerusalem let’s see what our opponent is playing well wrecked us all
right sir well actually not wrecked us more than right dose I mean look we’re
not really gonna have any creatures down so out of hack creature or planeswalker
these are enchantment so I think I might actually just ditch a I’m ditching the
light up the stage I mean they’re gonna like burn me out a little bit but again
I don’t have any creatures I mean looks like they don’t really have any
creatures either so we’re gonna have a pretty slow slog I think getting there
at the moment let’s just stick down one of our beautiful little Islands moment
of craving probably not gonna really get used I mean like the guy likes you are
the critic my face rich low sort again probably not going to get used to her
now end oh can we just chop down the island here
do nothing anything out nope all right we’re just gonna stop this
battle then alright let’s get that down and then let’s get out you’ll go to the
cartoons hanging off I mean they may have something that can remember by
enchantments who knows all right good our first tax there with
ill-gotten inheritance what does this do is the sorcery spells you cost cost one
less all right sir danger do you not like alright we’re
gonna put out our next wonderful island we’re just gonna sit we may in their
turn probably chemists is inside so we can draw some more cards like even if we
draw some of our big boys like how long so yeah even if we play some of our big
boys like doing moist bro like we’re just gonna get completely wiped out so
alright they need four charges all right my turn
I mean dispersal may actually be pretty good here they’ve got two counters
already hopefully can’t play can’t play at all I may put a pause on that and
wait for their turn to do it because then they we can push it to three
counters if they do have another instant or sorcery all right I’m gonna canvases
in sight and just card our moment of craving for the moment just because
we’re not gonna get any use of that card and I might as well two more cards we’ve
got another one of those possible end all right the slow burn I might actually
final parting chance of them costing true Insano sorceries next turn is
pretty large get this converted which is why I’m kind of willing to take the risk
of final parting now it would be nice if I can disperse and then have like a
sinister sabotage ready to put this out fine all right so we’re gonna choose out
you’ve gotten inheritance and then I usually choose wonderful radical idea
wherever you are Oh nope there you are
all right so definitely it will got an inheritance coming into our hand right a
cool idea just there just in case while we’re here let’s just do this why not
right your ass I might actually want that probably don’t know laughs done the
rest is good because I could return this to the hand and then what’s discard
which I actually think is probably a good plan for next next turn put that
down I mean I feel that’s pretty evil right
but also all right let’s let’s try it I think this is funny
so again that forces the amulet back to him and then we’re going to dress him
like an annoying person then Oh thousand years storm I like this guy but I really
want to get rid of that amulet I could write a cool idea and I might actually
do it in their turn you always got to do instance in your opponent’s turn it’s
just that the way of magic you know lightning strike I mean looks like
radical idea and ditch out land because we didn’t really need one at the moment
actually I probably ditched our Oscars content there whatever who knows trip
down a swamp and then we’re gonna get out another man I could also final
parting there oh boy all right my computer’s gone a bit slow there yep
we’re gonna find a parting here gonna get another ill-gotten inheritance I
really hope we can win with this and they don’t get out their thousand you
storm first obviously gonna get the ill-gotten to our head and we’re gonna
have the chemistries inside on the side chuckling thousand stall
coming out all right going down to 11 at the moment they’ve got nothing that they
can really duplicate which is really good on outside F initely get rid of get
down sorry another he’s got an inherited a stone here and again we still have
chemistries inside open for our turn feeling pretty confident about this one
go out the big taxes down I feel like I’ve got like was it three houses down
on the Mayfair how about going and get the hotel right chemist inside probably
it’s the ritual of suit just in case to get a big boy out without brass car oh
oh that’s the way to our hotel has to end my turn ping-ping-ping hand over your dollar
bills but I’m gonna get out out fourth house down to get out her toe on UH one
Mayfair man haven’t played in real clean years internationally you play it but
hey and next time we’re gonna take this win with our beautiful taxes unless they
do something incredible and they’ve been mean one ton which I don’t believe they
can really hurt they let me play this I also do have my sins to sabotage
available in case did you play something but let’s see here I mean look these
would have worked perfectly if I was playing like creature deck but they’ve
just not really hectic ants my uh amazing taxes deck pay up your rent PM
me probably there we yard man I’m start that I got that that was that was great
well I hope that showed you guys a little bit about what the ill-gotten
inheritance can do again if you have any feedback on changes to this deck would
love to hear it in the comment section below and chat to you guys about it
again if you when you’re here and you do want to see some more videos make sure
you click the subscribe button so you know when I upload also any deck ideas
or anything that you would like me to play again leave it in the comment
section below thanks guys really happy that I got a
win with the for gotten inheritances and I will see you again next time

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16 thoughts on “Big Inheritance! | MTG Arena Deck Guides – Ill-Gotten Inheritance Drain

  1. Thanks for watching guys, let me know what you thought of the deck! Also, sorry for the lack of uploads in the last few weeks. I have had some big "life" things happen, both good and bad that have taken up the majority of my weekends:

    – (good) – I bought an apartment! If you aren't familiar, Sydney is one of the most expensive places in the world. I have been saving every cent I have since I started working to make this a reality. I can move in a few weeks.

    – (bad) one of my family dogs got very sick, so spent a lot of time going back and fourth to the vets. Unfortunately he didn't made it through 🙁

  2. The final parting with jump-start is a great idea. I used it with embalm when that was still in standard

  3. Id suggest you switch out Walk the plank whit cast down, walk the plank is bad against the explor decks. You could use price of fame if you are worried about lot's of legendary creatures.

  4. Recently I was drafting with friend and I've made Jund deck and managed to assemble Ill-Gotten Inheritance + Theatre of Horrors combo 😀

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