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– Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that Uber has surrounded itself
in controversy lately. From sexual harassment, to law breaking, the allegations against
Uber are racking up. So if you’re ready to “delete” Uber, but don’t know how to get around town, we’ve reviewed some options for you. Lyft is Uber’s most
well-known US competitor, and may soon be benefiting from its reputation as the underdog. It got its start in San Francisco, and has expanded throughout the country with availability in 300 cities. Once known for its giant pink mustaches that were displayed on
the outside of cars, lately, the company has
taken a more subdued approach with pink lights on the dashboard. The app works similarly to Uber, where you can request rides on demand, and see how far away they are on a map. There’s also a carpooling option that rivals uberPOOL, called Lyft Line. A cheaper option if you
have some extra time. The app is free for download, and the rides often cost less than Uber’s. It’s available on both iTunes and Android. Google-owned Waze, the
popular driving directions app recently rolled out a carpool service which allows you to find other riders who are on similar work commutes. Request a ride, and it
will find you a driver who happens to be taking the same route. And it’s pretty cheap. The app calculates the fare to what it says is the cost of gas. The downside is, these are
not professional drivers, so this may not have that Uber limo feel. It also means that they
haven’t been subject to extensive background checks, but if you’re willing to take that risk, and have an easy and cheap commute, can be a great option. Maybe you’ll even find someone
to carpool with every day. The app is free, and available
on both iTunes and Android. If you’re ready to take the driver’s seat, Getaround can be a good option
for short-term car rentals. The peer-to-peer car sharing service lets you rent cars from locals, and instead of going up to the
traditional car dealership, you can arrange everything via the app. Just head to the garage or parking spot where the unused car is located. It’s also a good way to
make a little extra income for car owners who don’t
use their vehicle every day. A win-win for everybody. The app is free and available
on iTunes and Android. So who needs Uber, anyway? (upbeat music)

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6 thoughts on “Best Uber alternatives apps

  1. Does anyone know of any alternatives in Canada, specifically the Toronto area? Uber's had a hell of a monopoly over here for a long time now.

  2. Anyone looking for an alternative in NYC, checkout Via. It's great. $5-7 flat fee anywhere in the city. Get $10 in credit with my referral code roy6w2

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