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in today’s episode we are going to be
taking a look into all things tech right here at tech show north don’t go anywhere hello to you and welcome to the hive the
home of everything news, reviews interviews and more now today we are
here in Manchester at event city at Tech Show North where we’re going to be
taking a look into all things Tech and what is expected for the future so
without further ado let’s dig straight in and have a look so we’re here at the Omni CX stand and we
are joined by Ben. Ben good afternoon – thanks for joining us. what is it the kind
of the products and services that you’re offering today what is it
I guess the core of what we’re doing which is in line where I think the
market is shifting is behind our whole platform each product is driven by data
I mean that’s a great buzzword to throw out there at the end of it we want to
allow our businesses our retailers to provide personalized data-driven
experiences to their customers so whether it be our 360-degree customer
view module where our OMS systems or our pulse systems it’s all data driven it’s
all connected and I think that’s a big differentiator
for us and our competitors out there sounds great now looking at your
industry in particular moving forward into the future which I know is probably
not too far away is there anything in that your industry in particular that
you think is the next big thing is there something that we should be looking out
far from a business point of view anything I think we’ve all we all
understand the threat from the big online giant such as Amazon maybe less
so in Western well Alibaba but in reality where the existing retailers are
which are probably the ones they’re not innovating the future retails the future
Giants of retail are actually coming out of social channels the insta brands and
so what what I see is happening is that the the types of software and solutions
they’re going to come again we have to answering these types of needs around
the the insta instagrams but also incoming more so and more and more
importantly for the consumer is again personalized experience if you’re not
personalizing it then you’re not going to capture them and keep them coming
back and they’re going to go somewhere else I think all businesses need to be
considering how they do that exactly no it’s perfect Ben thank you very much for
joining us have a great day so we’re at the top brewer Stand and
joined by the lovely we’ve got Abby and Lucy good afternoon to you hope you both
well now we’ve stumbled across this wheel walking past it any if you’re
anything like us you love a good coffee now I’ve noticed there’s a tap
and there’s a tablet there what what tell me what’s happening what’s going on
okay so this is the top Brewer iPad coffee machine revolutionary so the idea
is everything comes through one tap we’ve got all your different speciality
coffees so you can have flat whites cappuccino yeah but also through the
same tap you can have still water sparkling water
so yeah it’s the idea is it sleek it’s all under one all under the control the
Gibbons are under there so yeah which I was thinking because it actually looks
great cuz I’ve seen in similar businesses where they’ll have these as
hot taps only so you can have that make a quick coffee and all that but then I
saw you have the tablet with it so how does the tablet work by telling this
what to do what how does it do it so it’s all connected through Wi-Fi to the
coffee machine underneath okay it’s all direct trade beans so it’s fresh milk
it’s got a fresh milk fridge underneath as well so yeah so it does luxury
Belgian chocolate as well which shouldn’t mention so you just got
everything in one time so rather than so what we need to do is hopefully if we
can see in action so talk me through what is it that we need to do then to
get this a cup of coffee and then you get extra options so you can adjust it
basically it’s completely customizable for any person so you can make it
stronger that’s your Monday morning wake me up
doing basically just make it your own so and it’s as easy as that so then now if
like you said earlier everything is hidden away under here isn’t it so are the
beans, the milk, wastage all that kind of stuff and that’s all filtered through
there yeah exactly yeah perfect so what’s it doing nothing so inside now
it’s oh let me come round to you let me come round to you go and there tell me
about it so okay it tells you exactly what it’s doing so your customer knows
exactly so it’s brewing right now so that’s that’s
in the beans through to make the perfect espresso you’ve got your frothy milk
coming through so this has got the smallest milk foamer in the world in it
as well and there is your perfect coffee look at that perfect ladies thank you very
much what a great innovation of tech go and check them out so we’re here on the hark stand and
we’re joined by Jordan, Jordan Good Afternoon to you, very well thank you so we’re
here at the the showcase today but what is it that you and your company what is
it that you’ve got to offer today what is it that you do as a business so we’re
hark technology company we’ve designed a platform that can
connect to any industry standard sensor whether it’s a building management
system process automation controller for manufacturing or even energy meters and
we stream data such as temperature humidity energy in real time up to the
cloud where we analyze it for anomalies help predict failures and reduce waste
energy basically because it’s perfect because cloud now a cloud is key
cloud is like the big thing that we all use now and we all use it in kind of
day-to-day life but if I was for example if I was a new business start you know
and I wanted you guys to offer me a service in kind of layman’s terms so if
my self are all these guys didn’t know what is it that you could offer for my
kind of business type of business but if you were manufacturing start-up for
instance and you had equipment and we would basically come in and help monitor
the equipment look at overall effective overall equipment effectiveness keep an
eye on if there’s any anomalies because obviously we want to keep downtime
extremely low in this so that’s that cost money and effectively we’re looking
to increase yields and you know reduce downtime in that respect if you’re a
slightly different style business in terms of like a retailer will help
monitor the energy spot inefficiencies with large machines like lights for
instance light expense energies expensive well we’ll look at keeping
those costs down for you effectively perfect now I always ask this question
and I’ve asked it to some of the other vendors that we’ve got here today
technology now is moving forward and it’s moving forward pretty fast so is
there anything that you’re kind of anticipating that’s going to be big in
the future or anything that even as far as the company go’s is there anything
big that you’re anticipating what would you like to see yeah that’s a really
great question so in terms of when we’re doing things like monitoring energy the
technology we’re seeing nowadays is is to do with kind of renewable energy
energy storage so batteries for instance and basically reducing energy costs by
charging for things like batteries up overnight and discharging through the
day so basically this renewable tech energy storage these are the things that
we’re seeing kind of upcoming in the future and they’re gonna be a big driver
for kind of reducing energy costs and also decreasing carbon as well that is
true Jordan a massive thank you enjoy the rest of your day thanks a lot so we’re here with Barclays Eagle Labs
and we are joined by Darren, Darren good afternoon to you hope you well so we was
kind of drawn over to your side we’ve seen some part of the technology that
we’re gonna come into in a second but what I said that you guys are offering
as part for Eagle Labs what is it that you’re doing here today perfect so we’re
here supporting the landing so we’re based in media city on the fourth
floor and we are a community resource that supports the tech community within
Media City and Salford and but also wider afield within the northwest with
their MVPs rapid prototyping and we do that with our equipment we’ve got such
3d printers and laser cutters. it’s perfect to introduce funny you say about the 3d
printers because what we’re going to do if it’s alright with you
we’re gonna we’re gonna go over this way and we’re gonna have a little look at
some of the 3d printers is alright yeah of course so 3d print in nowadays is
well in my eyes it’s the big tech that we’ve got moving forward now and it’s as
you can see from some of the bits that we’ve got down here and it’s going to be
doing some massive things so what is it that you’re you’re doing with the laser
printer so why is it that these can actually do okay so the great thing
about this type of equipment is it lets create things that don’t exist that’s
how we kind of coin a phrase with it a within in our lab in particular such
things like you seen here like the scull the trachea and the hip joint and
that plays really nicely into our bias in our eagle lab which is in healthcare
and particularly med tech we weren’t really close we have several trusts
locally one in particular Salford Royal Foundation Trust and we’ll work on
preparational ideas and concepts educational tools and and different
mindsets or ideas or concepts behind how we can shape the the medical world by
using such great equipment like 3d printers it’s perfect and especially
because now things like innovations like this and tech is moving forward
massively and I can already tell I think from one of the items we look to earlier
that it’s helping things massively like I am I believe there was a printing done
of a child of a child’s brain wasn’t there yeah which I can see it’s over
there which it helps massively in terms of the medical side of it to help
identify kind of what’s going on with the particular patient so you can see
from down here what is it the kind of stuff that what can it do
what is there anything it can’t do is it literally you can send anything to it
does it what’s the kind of the stuff that we can expect to kind of do with it
okay perfect so with these particular machines these are quite household names
ulter makers you do quite a lot with them and they will print in a quite
plethora of different materials from PL a’s to nylons and to quite flexible
materials what we call ninja flexes and I always say that the machine will do
exactly what you tell it to do so I think that art is in the designer or in
the data that you’ve got to be perfectly honest so if you’ve got a really good
artist and they have created a particular thing to print whatever it is
that will do what it says in that since we’ve it prints badly it’s because the
design was bad but the same in the same breath if you’ve got a set of data
say for instance and medical set of data on a hip joint or a part of the brain
then if you’ve used really sophisticated software very well again you sliced it
well you’ll be able to print whatever whatever it is you’re looking to print
such as hip joints tracheas sculls so on and so forth and that can be done
outside of these printers on much more high resolution ones you can do it in
titanium not necessarily on these but in other printers there’s a there’s a
complete suite of different materials you can use to 3d print it’s fab and
like you say no believe was this the trachea or the trachea what she’s saying
look at and that’s all just done through there yeah this one this particular
print here was done on one of our high-resolution industry more industrial
printers back in the lab but this was a ladys trachea so this was take from a
CT scan then we use particular software its current slice for it make sure we
got exactly what we want it’s print run it through the software to make sure it
was it was actual printable and then ran off the prints that’s amazing now what
we’ve asked this to everybody around all the vendors today
because technology is moving so fast and what is it that you’re kind of what’s
the biggest thing in tech that you would be anticipating or what is it that in a
year’s time what’s the next big thing in tech or what is it that you excited
about what is it that kind of gets you going in terms of technology what’s it
were expecting I think mine mine would be artificial intelligence and maybe
that’s quite a common theme but AI I think is extremely valuable
how we handle it and curate a sport going forward Barclays do a lot of AI
events and AI not like sharing seminars around this because no matter I
believe whatever industry or sector you sit within artificial intelligence will
be at the actual forefront of what it is you’re trying to do from that like data
collection the machine learn that sits behind it so personally mine would be
artificial intelligence I think it’s it’s with 3d printing and I think it sits
with virtual reality with wearable technologies with health tech I think it
kind of underpins pretty much any kind of technologies that we’re going to
working with are seeing over the next slide 12 to 18 months no and you’re
right an AI now is getting it’s it’s massive it’s absolutely massive can only
expect big things from it as well so Darren I am gonna let you go thank you
very much for joining us enjoy the rest of your day so that has been us here at
event city at tech show North did you attend what did you find was your
favorite part of it what are you excited to see in our tech moving forward in
2019 let us know by getting those comments in the box below as we always
love to read them but if you haven’t had enough of us already there is plenty
more content for you to see all you need to do is check out the videos that you
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and we’ll see you again next time bye bye for now

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