Best Tech Deals Under $10 – Best Tech Deals for Dollar Ten! – Gadgets and accessories

hey guys and welcome to the video here are some tech ideas under 10 dollars now before getting started if you like this video make sure to hit the like button and share the video with your friends and let me know what things you like in the comments below and with that being said let’s get started starting off the list we have 16 color changing light bulbs from amazon for just in dollars with free shipping it comes with a remote control that will let your power on and off the LED light bulb and let you change colors just by pressing the buttons you’re also able to dim the brightness or increase the brightness right from the remote controller and the ease of changing the mood just by pressing a button makes it a great product for any set up next we have led strips there are great Adam to any setup you can add them even on back of your table desk or on back of your TV and it just looks really good and ability to change colors is a great way to change the mood at any time and depending on the type of LED lights you buy it can be pretty cheap usually if you buy a LED lights with no waterproofing it tends to be cheaper and if you’re planning to buy them to put them behind your TV or behind your computer does i recommend buying them with the USB output so you have to worry about any doctors or anything next we have power banks and this one is just at ten dollars and it comes with two USB ports and ten thousand million batteries so let’s say you have iphone 7 this will let you charge your iphone 7 for about four times when your battery is completely dead so it’s great for the price is small and compact and has four LED lights that will indicate you the reigning power on the or make assault and they’re also available in a few different colors so you’ll find something that suits your style next we have a charging dock and this one is pretty simple you just put your phone on top and it starts charging i personally bought them from ebay for just around ten dollars and they have a very similar design to an apple sells and if you want to buy it from apple it’s about fifty dollars so you’re getting this for more than half the price next up we have motion activated lights these ones are just for nine dollars and with free shipping you can get them from amazon they have seven LED lights which I would say they’re pretty bright and it was perfectly fine even in pitch block and they’re pretty easy to install you can use them indoors or outdoors you can install them on top of the door or you can install them on the hallway wherever you like you can rotate 360 degrees so whatever angle works for you next up we have a tripod this one is just for ten dollars and for the price it was perfectly fine if you’re into photograph eeyore you like shooting videos and really want some steady shots this could be great option for you it’s more light and portable you won’t be able to use any heavy DSLR cameras but if you’re just shooting from your phone this should be perfect choice for effects are shooting my videos using this tripod next up we have your box if you haven’t really given it a try to virtual reality well now you can for just under ten dollars this can also be a great gift for anyone next we have universal power doctor if you like traveling or if you just have a lot of different power cords from different countries and you know the struggle of not being able to use something just because you don’t have the proper power cord for it well now you can use a doctor like this and use any type of plug from any country or any type of accessories from any country instantly and yeah guys that will do it for this video let me know what products you like or dislike if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you have more various editions put them down in the comments globe and if you can please share this video with your friends and you haven’t already subscribed subscribe for more content as always

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