Best Tech Deals Under $10 Best Tech Deals for Dollar Ten! Amazon Gadgets and accessories 2017

hey guys here are 10 tech deals under $10 down without any delays let’s get right into it starting off the list we have a crazy deal this is a 10,000 Mah Battery for only $9.99 it has built-in flash power LEDs to let you know how much charge you got left along with that it’s very small comparing is 10,000 milliamp opening it up there are four cells inside so each one should be 2500 milliamp and overall based on the reviews it’s a pretty good product I will have download links for this in the description box along with everything else I’ve mentioned in this video and with that let’s move to our next item this is the 15-inch laptop sleeve from Amazon basic for $10.99 it’s a great way to protect your laptop while you’re traveling or carrying it around and it could potentially save your device from a drop and not only that I was able to find something similar for less than five dollars again all links in the description box next up we have color changing light bulbs falling just under $10 and these things are great to add a little bit of ambience and honestly looks great anywhere you install them you make changing colors how simple as press of a button or use them in a simple white light you’re also able to dim the light has needed but keep in mind these things won’t be as bright as your normal lightbulbs so don’t think they can replace your front light bulbs but they’re good to add a little bit ambient I also recently did a video on Wi-Fi control light bulbs which is pretty much the same thing but it’s controlled using Wi-Fi but the advantage to that is you can control your labels from pretty much anywhere in the world as long as your phone has internet and your light bulbs are connected to your home internet and if you want to check that video out I’ll link it in a cart now moving on we have a wireless mouse from weak things it’s compatible with most operating systems like Windows Linux and Mac it also claims to have a battery life of 15 months which is pretty incredible if it’s true and other than that it also has some basic power saving features and if you like gaming mounts here is something you might be interested in I was actually recommended this by one of you guys a little while ago and maybe you ended up bleeding or comment or something because I wasn’t able to find it so I don’t remember who it was but if you’re watching this video let me know in a comment I really appreciate all the support I get from you guys in alway inform but anyways not a lot more to say about the mouse go through the reviews and you’ll see it’s a great product for the price falling down we have a 32 GB USB stick from standard USB 3.0 so transfer speeds should be pretty good and it comes with five years of warranty for a little over ten dollars next level we have an anchor 4 port USB hub well I guess it all saved it for itself but it gives you four additional USB ports all USB 3.0 so you’ll get pretty good transfer speeds than a regular USB 2.0 it is plastic build but that makes it lightweight easy to carry around and comes at affordable price and I found another USB hub is the exact same product just made by a different brand but this one features on and off button for each individual USB port the buttons are also highlighted with the LED light and it’s the exact same price so I don’t know one might look more appealing to you than the other one Anker is sleek and simple where this might look better on let’s say a gaming setting or maybe just like the LED look next up we have 6 outlet power strip a very simple product I don’t think I need to explain it a lot it has three feet long wire available in white for less than four dollars it’s definitely better than the cheap ones you can find at the dollar store and even those ones have like two three outlets and they go for three four dollars and often they’ll start working after a little while but anyways next up we have a USB 2 multi card reader from anchor it sports a lot of different type of cards and it’s a USB 3.0 works on all major operating systems straight out without any additional drivers and yeah guys that will wrap up this video pretty sure that was more than 10 items but yeah let me know if you like this video in a card now and if you got any tips on improving these types of videos let me know in a comment down below and if you’ve already subscribed consider subscribing for more content and has always thanks for watching

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  1. awsome video can u do giveaway pls i wish i cpuld win necause i habe lg optimous second last lg touch phone currently using πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜„ good luck everyone and thank u royal tech for making cool videos

  2. I know every other guy says this,
    but man, this channel is highly underated!
    Pro tip – For future videos, buy the products, review them (seriously I missed your videography on this one)
    It'll make a nice thank you πŸ˜€

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