Best TECH DEALS Of The Week – MUST HAVE Back to School Tech!

– I have your top five tech
deals for back to school and a giant giveaway coming right up. (soft tune) From backpacks to tech
lamps, Bluetooth headphones, laptop deals, this is a great day. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite, we’ve got some crazy drop tests, gonna hear from a couple of students, and all of the deals
that I’m gonna show you are located right under this video screen. If you’ve never seen me before, I find the biggest deals in the world. At the end of this video,
I am going to give away your choice of any item
I have in front of me which, unfortunately,
excludes laptops, but, hey, I’m going broke on giveaways, I just don’t have one right now. I wanna begin with a touch-controlled, fully customizable lamp. At under $30 bucks with three touch modes that all work for studying,
relaxing, producing content, this is its lowest recorded price. – Hey everyone, intern Cody, I absolutely love this lamp. You know why? Because it does not
hurt my eyes whatsoever. So, I recently graduated from college and I wish Matt would have told me sooner about this product but he didn’t. – [Matt] Top ratings and
one of the big deals, this deal located right
under the video screen, as we move onto the fitness tracker. – Hi Matt, it’s me, Luciana the deal girl and I’m here with my
little sister Seraphina. What I like about it is that
my parents track my sleep, how many steps I’m taking,
how many calories I’ve burned. Also, my sister, Seraphina,
has something to say about it. – It’s pretty cool. – The activity trackers I tested with kids across the country brings
all of the fitness data, competition options, hydration
reminders, step counters, sleep monitors, and wireless
syncing for kids and teens of all ages. This deal, lowest recorded price, which brings me to great
pairs of Bluetooth headphones, ready for back to school. A lot of students, not just
using these to listen to music, sometimes to zone out classmates, this does have noise isolation,
great for a study hall, great if you’re an adult,
great if you wanna listen to your tunes and also sport ready. – Hey Matt, thanks for
giving these earbuds to test. I found I really love them. They’re as good as the
headphones I use for gaming. – Waterproof and sweatproof,
you get a built-in mic for voice calls on the go. Next up, backpacks, and
I know some of you saw me demonstrate all sorts
of backpack deals live from the YouTube space in New York but I wanna show you a drop test right now that puts this next deal into prospective. – I absolutely love this
backpack to protect my tech, so, this is one take, I
learned this from Matt, so I’m gonna put a wine glass in here, and let’s see how this thing protects it. So, five, four, three, two. (thudding) Let’s try it again. Five, four, three, two. (thudding) This wine glass is unscathed. – I also love how
waterproof this backpack is. It comes with its own
little raincoat of sorts. This goes right on top of the backpack. It protects all of the
zippers, any component where water could possibly
permeate into the backpack, this makes this back-to-school backpack so much more awesome
for camping and hiking. At $45 bucks down from $120
with quick free shipping, your choice of colors
and patterns, this deal which is also located
under the video screen is your best tech backpack
for back to school. You can also find one of my
favorite laptop overall sales of the back to school season. You pick your brand, you pick your ram, you pick your customization,
and you’re locking in some of the lowest
recorded prices I’ve seen in a long time. With regards to Apple deals, your best bet with the student discounts,
anything you see right now has the promotions tied into Apple. If you are heading back
to school or a college or you are watching and you’re teachers, there anything else you
need from supply deals to whatever it is, I
will make sure you save. We’ve done a lot, we’ve seen
a lot, we’ve saved a lot, and now I’m ready to give away a lot. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool, the next three subscribers, of their pick, of any deal I featured
today with the exception of the laptops. Here we go, congratulations
goes to Emily, yes, intern Day was awesome, for
anybody who wants to see that just go look at my live
show from Saturday. Wanda, yep, the backpack
zipper lasts, you are amazing. Guys, just email
[email protected] to claim your freebie and
Doris, congratulations, you’ve won your pick of any item as well. Oh, yeah. I had issues. Well, actually, just between us, I’m wearing an elf
costume, it’s a long story, this is tied to a
promotion that has nothing to do with this, I’m
taking something for TV for back to school Christmas
in July and that’s why I fell. Anyhow, that’s just between you and me, pants came off again, that’s fine, it’s my microphone pack and my waistline. Using, oh no, we already did that. And now for those of you not
subscribed to this channel that wanna win free stuff and
make sure you get hooked up for another huge giveaways,
click my beautifully smart illuminated head right here. Not that the head’s
smart but the light is, smart lamp, yep, alright,
that’ll subscribe you to the channel. That sounded cocky but I
really was just talking about the lamp. And if you want help
turning on notifications or leaving a comment, click here and if you wanna miss, not miss, I need to go back to school, that last big roundup of
deals I did, just click here.

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  1. I have friends who are teachers. YAY, TEACHERS! Anyway, bulk and cheap prices on pens and pencils would be great, Matt! Apparently, students must eat them!

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  3. very helpful deals i,ve been looking for a good study lamp, I'd like to see more back to school deals for college students!

  4. WOW! Was this a blooper video!? Elf costume? Pants came off again? "Using, no we already did that." "Beautifully Smart illuminated head…that sounded cocky but I really was talking about the lamp." "And if you want to miss, not miss…I need to go back to school." Hahaha! Always entertaining, forever frugal, Matt Granite!

  5. Love the deals Matt. Scored on the laptops on your recent review. Thanks for the hard work. We love you, You Rock! PEACE

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