Best Tech Deals of the Week | 10-04-16

What’s up guys welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week we didn’t get a buttload of deals this weekend but we still got some pretty cool deals nonetheless so let’s go and just jump right into it. So starting episode we have a very nice 27 inch gaming monitor from BenQ 144Hz one millisecond response time for 320 dollars. Now you can use the built-in stand or mounted anywhere that is VESA compatible the popular amazon tap has dropped in price temporarily to one hundred dollars and this is pretty much a wireless and portable version of the Amazon echo. Over the weekend I did pick up a copy of the Last Of Us since I have yet to play it on my ps4 and also because it’s only ten dollars. Sometimes it pays off to wait a while before buying a game rather than buying it at launch. The M40Xs have also dipped in price to eighty dollars and some might even argue that these sound way better than the M50x is which are actually the pair of headphones that i’m using everyday. Nonetheless for a eighty dollars you guys can get a very solid all-around headphones for gaming, listen to music, or even watching movies. If you’re looking for a solid case to protect your new iPhone 7 plus then look no further because the overhyped OtterBox Commuter Series are currently on sale. On the website these go for fifty bucks but only on amazon you can find a fifteen dollar discount on several different colors. Here’s a pretty good deal on a 24-inch to millisecond response time monitor only for a hundred and twenty dollars that is also VESA compatible not bad. sixty-five dollars for 240 gigs is currently one of the cheapest prices you can find on any SSD especially from a reliable brand. Jumping to Neweggflash you can find a pretty solid deal on a 27 inch quad HD display going for only 219 dollars, now although it’s from an unknown company I can vouch for the quality as I bought one a few months back. It is a bit difficult connecting via displayport to do to compatibility issues which is why they recommend using a DVI port instead. The cooler master HAF X Tower is going four hundred sixty dollars with a mail-in rebate and this thing can support up to four way SLI and comes with a side panel fan for better airflow. Judging by the reviews on this case it’s definitely a solid one so if you’re shopping around for your next full tower case be sure to look up reviews on this before pulling the trigger. Alright so let’s talk graphics cards, the Gigabyte GTX 1070 is going for 410 dollars after a mail-in rebate which is a great deal considering the same card is going for around 450 bucks on amazon alternatively we have the R9 380X also from gigabyte that’s going for only a hundred and eighty dollars also with a mail-in rebate the RX 470 has also been discounted slightly over the weekend down to $185 even those from a less popular brand it’s still a great deal. Viewsonic has an amazing deal on a 27-inch 144 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor for only 290 dollars and finally if you guys have been shopping around for a solid gaming laptop for under 800 bucks and this ASUS 15.6 inch laptop should be on your list it features the 6500U and a GTX 960m with eight gigs of RAM and a hundred twenty eight gigabyte SSD as well as an additional 750 gigabyte hard drive for only 750 bucks. As always guys can find these deals and many more posted on my website Dealsource.Tech and we also have UK and Canada as well. Thank you guys so much watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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100 thoughts on “Best Tech Deals of the Week | 10-04-16

  1. +TechSource You are going to love the Last of Us its in the conversation for one of the best games of all time great video by the way only 70,000 short of 1million keep it up

  2. I wouldn't recommend the HAF X, i had this case in the past, IT IS HUUUUUGGGEEEe and Heavy, fans are really loud and use molex connectors because this case is 5 years old, there is much better alternative these days.

  3. Can anyone tell me if this build is good for a PC for just to play some games like gta V?
    Intel i5 skylake 6400
    8gb of RAM ddr4
    motherboard asrocksk 1152
    1tb hdd
    500w power source
    nvidia geforce gt 730 2gb
    If something can be improved or is missing and just by a few dollars can be buyed please let me know. Thanks!!

  4. Hello, do you guys think I should save up to buy my setup all in one (if I do it may take a while). Or buy the stuff I need over time.

  5. Hey Ed, what microphone mount can you recommend me if my desk doesn't have small corners like the IKEA desk and I can't find one, please help me I want to get in Setup Wars and I'm fixing my setup.

  6. TechSource: "Judging by the ratings, this case is pretty solid."
    Some idiot: "Oh, well my case is liquid. It holds all of my parts together, and it is very durable."

  7. hi Ed, i really like your vids and i was wondering if you could follow me, ive just upload my first video of how to build a gaming pc

  8. heres a cheaper 240gb ssd,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

  9. Does anyone know of a converter that has audio from xbox360 and pc go to a box that can switch to the audio you want then that goes to speakers?

  10. The M40Xs are nice but are lacking considerably in the low end. It's there, but don't expect anything good. It's a great balanced pair of cans, and are good for a wide variety of music from instrumental to electronic. The M50Xs have a much better low end and is much more prominent than the 40s. The only downside to the 50s is that they sound like the high end is a bit tingy and sharp, but weren't as soft as the 40s. I'll take any bass I can get, so the 50s get my vote here. I like the 40s, but the 50s series are better for me. 🙂

  11. I have
    i3 2100
    h61 mobo
    4gb ddr3 ram
    500w non branded psu
    budget is not that high
    so my choice is
    gtx 750tI 2gb
    rx 460 2gb
    boths price r quite similar in my country so which will be better for me? and yeah I will play at 720p
    thanks in advance 🙂

  12. For people asking,Julian isn't doing this show due to the fact that he is actually only 14 and probably has school and then doesn't have time to do these,that is what I think but I could be wrong…

  13. hi man really loving your content , there are a lot of pc/tech channels out there but your videos feel different and original , keep up with the good work 😃

  14. There is a better ASUS gaming laptop for about the same price with a better CPU at MicroCenter

  15. If u are looking for an 1440p- 144Hz Gaming Monitor on the cheap, check this…

  16. Heyyy, i've got a AMD A10 7850K, 8 gbs ram, asrock fm2a88x+ killer and im using my integrated gpu.., can i get a MSI RADEON 480 GAMING X 8gbs and it will work?

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