Best Tech Deals of Prime Day 2019

what’s up guys today I’m gonna take you
through the absolute best tech deals available for prime day and every single
deal I’m showing you in this video is available for the full 48 hours so
whether you’re watching this on Monday or Tuesday
they should all be available and I’m gonna tell you right now every single
one of these deals is amazing so make sure you stick around to the very end
and I’ll have every single product i mention in the video linked in the description so the first product I want to talk
about is actually this Dell gaming monitor behind me this gaming monitor is
full HD it’s 144 Hertz and it’s currently marked down from 250 dollars
all the way down to 150 bucks so you’re getting $100 off right now and I
actually highly recommended this gaming monitor in an earlier video of mine back
when it cost two hundred and eighty dollars so if this is a recommendation
for me at 280 it’s an insta buy at 150 so if you’re in
the market for a gaming monitor maybe you don’t have 144 Hertz on a monitor
yet this is definitely a great starter one because it doesn’t have great color
accuracy or other features like additional inputs but the 144 Hertz is a
big upgrade if you don’t have it already and the next deal actually goes
hand-in-hand because it’s also right behind me it’s that little webcam right
there that’s the Logitech c920 webcam which is a really great starter
streaming webcam so if you don’t have a webcam yet this is definitely the one to
pick up and it’s marked down from $100 to $40.00 for prime day so go pick it
up with that $60 savings and pair it with your brand new gaming monitor okay
and I promise these all aren’t related to a computer setup but the final one is
the Logitech MX master 2s this is the mouse that almost every video creator
would recommend to you it has vertical scrolling it’s really economical so you can be
comfortable for long periods of time basically if you’re at a desk using a
computer for any portion of your day this would be a great mouse for you to
upgrade to and it was already marked down from $100 to $68 and now they’ve
marked it down even further down to 39 so if this is a mouse that everybody loves
at $99 there’s no reason you shouldn’t go pick it up for 39 now this next deal
is a little bit pricier but if you are struggling with
your wifi connection at your home I did a video about Google Wi-Fi were essentially
talked about how having a mesh network could significantly improve the
performance of your Wi-Fi and Eero is a really similar product that’s on a big
sale today so you can actually get this three pack of eeros for $200 rather
than the initial price of $400 so that way your Wi-Fi network can be positioned
in three places across your home and this is recommended for great connection
in a two to four bedroom home so no matter how big of a house you have these eeros
should really do the trick and get your Wi-Fi coverage a lot more consistent and
I know I haven’t been mentioning it but of course every single one of these
products that I’m discussing is linked in the description below and they’re all
labeled so it should be super easy for you to find the one you’re looking for
at the end of the video the next deal is for a portable SSD which I thought would
be really helpful for a lot of you because laptops are now shipping with a
lot less storage you know apples starting off at 128 iPads can now
connect to external storage and for those of you who want to do any video
editing or Photoshop editing an SSD that’s external can be very fast for doing that
so the Samsung t5 is a great SSD that a lot of people love I’m actually about to
pick up one myself on this deal because the one terabyte
model is marked down all the way from 250 to 150 dollars so a hundred bucks
off on a great fast external SSD if you’re in the market for one this is
definitely the one that you should pick up linked in the description below now
obviously this is Amazon’s event so Amazon’s own devices are heavily marked
down they have almost every single product that Amazon makes at like a huge
discount and they’re in different bundles and it’s all really confusing
it’s a long page to scroll through so for this next item or set of items I
just kind of want to give you my picks for if you were going to pick up an
Amazon device these would be the ones I would grab the echo dot is obviously
super helpful it’s just a great way of getting Amazon Alexa integration right
into your home it’s the cheapest way to possibly do it in these new generation
echo dots look really really nice right now you can pick up a 3-pack of them for
only $59 when they’re regularly priced at $50 so that’s definitely a steal and
if you’re looking to get integration with Amazon right into your home
be the best way to do it but they also have some bundles that I think are
really good as well particularly this ring and echo dot combination the ring
video doorbell is traditionally like around 124 dollars I believe but today
you can get for $70 a ring video doorbell as well as an echo dot so
having that echo dot can give you a lot of control over that video doorbell as
well as other areas of your home so this is a really great bundle in my opinion
they also have some really great deals on their e-readers so my two favorites
is the paperwhite in the Oasis those are the ones I would recommend to you and
the paperwhite is on sale for $50 off today and the Oasis is on sale for $70
off so I would go with either one of those and they’re both gonna come with a
Kindle Store credit so you can start getting some new books on them obviously
the Oasis model is going to be a little bit better but personally I would just
pick up the paperwhite because it’s quick and simple and it’s about a
hundred dollars less expensive and the next deal is actually for a 4k TV and
they didn’t really have too many TV deals I was actually hoping they would
because you know with these big sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
that’s usually the tech product that a lot of people spring for but
unfortunately there’s not really good TV deals there’s only one that I found that
I felt was really worth recommending and it’s for this TCL 49 inch 4k TV it does
claim to be HDR but it’s not supporting any HDR standard like HDR 10 it has Roku
integration and it works with Alexa and with Google home so you should have
some smart home integration there it’s not going to be the best picture quality
but you’re definitely not going to beat it on price there’s absolutely no way
you’re gonna find another 50 inch 4k Smart TV for two hundred and fifty
dollars which is what this TV has been marked down to all the way from 600 so
if you’re looking to pick up a 4k TV and you don’t want to break the bank this is
a really great option it’s linked in the description below and spoiler alert it’s
also going to be linked in the description of a future video because
I’m picking up one myself and back to Amazon devices for just a
second if you pick up that TCL TV and you want some integration with some sort
of smart device beyond just the Roku that’s
built in because I don’t know some of you may not particularly enjoy Roku if you want
fire TV in this definitely pick up a fire TV stick or cube today because
they’re all on massive discounts you can get a fire TV stick for 15 bucks a fire TV
stick 4k for 25 bucks or the cube for 70 which is marked down from 120 so if you
were thinking about picking up any fire TV devices today is definitely the day
to do it and finally the last place that you can see some big deals is with Apple
products which is something that I was definitely not expecting but you can get
some legitimately awesome deals on iPads and Apple watches let me take you
through exactly what those are the 256 gigabyte models of the iPad pro both in
the 11 inch and 12 point 9 inch configurations are both markdown 50
bucks so definitely don’t go purchase them on Apple’s website if you’re
thinking about getting one this week right now is the time to do it linked in
the description below and same goes for if you are looking at picking up an
Apple watch if you’re getting the series 3 Apple watch that’s marked down a
hundred and fifty dollars on Amazon and the series for Apple watch which is the
current generation is marked down $75 but by far the best Apple deal that they
have on Amazon right now is for the standard edition of the iPad they
currently have the 32 gigabyte version of the standard iPad that’s the latest
generation marked down from $329 to 250 so there’s definitely absolutely no
other way you’re ever gonna get a current generation Apple iPad for 250
dollars at 80 dollars less than the base price so if you had any part of your
mind that wanted an iPad go pick this up right now at just 250 bucks it’s a
no-brainer that’s so inexpensive for any Apple
device and this actually now has integration with the Apple pencil the
first generation version so if you pick this up you could actually be looking at
a great device for back-to-school so I hope you guys enjoyed this little video
taking you through the best Amazon tech deals for prime day like I said every
single product I mentioned is linked in the description and all of these deals
do last for the full 48 hours so whether you’re watching Monday or
Tuesday you can go pick up these products using the links in the
description and for those of you who are regular subscribers of the channel and
aren’t just dropping in for prime day deals we will be back to regular styles
of video on Wednesday sorry this went up at kind of an inconsistent time on
Monday I just wanted to give myself some time through Monday morning to browse
around Amazon and find the best deals for you guys so if you are a tech fan
and this is your first time watching and you want to get subscribed to the
channel I’d recommend you go ahead and do that and hit the notification bell so
you don’t miss my future videos that are not necessarily just walking you through
deals on Amazon but just about technology in general I hope you guys
really get your hands on some great tech that you enjoy this Prime Day weekend
and with that being said I will see you guys later

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  1. I’m probably going to buy the fire tv stick, the Apple Watch, and the TCL. Maybe even the iPad because mine is bent and has really bad WiFi connectivity.

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