Best Tech Deals for Black Friday 2017!

– Black Friday is one of the craziest shopping days each and every year. People are always looking for deals. People are always wondering what’s a good deal and what to avoid. So, in this video, I’m gonna bring you the best Black Friday deals
that I’ve been able to find, focusing on consumer electronics. What’s going on tech squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor-in
Chief of If this is your first time here, this channel’s all about
tech, gadgets, and gaming. So, if you’re into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the
subscribe button down below along with the bell notifications icon so you don’t miss any future videos. Like I said, Black Friday is always huge. People are always looking
for the best deals. People wanna get the biggest TV for the smallest amount of money, and there are so many
purported deals out there that people don’t realize
may not be good deals in the long run. So, I’m here to answer the questions I’ve been seeing on
Twitter, people asking me “what are some of the
best Black Friday deals?” What are some deals that I’ve seen that you may wanna pick up? I figured I’d do a video
to answer that question and this is that video. So, I made a list, got the
list right here on my phone, some of the best Black
Friday deals that I’ve found. I’m gonna go through the list,
I’ve organized it by store. So things like Amazon or
Target, Best Buy, et cetera. I’ll go through each store
but before I do that, I have some general deals that pretty much everybody is offering that I think you should take a look at. Before I get into the deals, I wanted to tell you about Earny. Earny is an easy way to get
money back on your purchases. What they do is they
monitor your purchases for about 90 days and if you buy something and the price drops later, Earny will claim the difference for you and get you that refund. So, if you buy something for $1000 and it drops to $900,
that’s $100 difference. Earny gets you that $100
back by actively monitoring, not only your purchases but the prices on each
thing that you purchased. I’ll leave a link down
below in the description. If you wanna try Earny, it’s free, and if you use that
link, they will drop $5 into your Earny account
so you’re gonna start off with some money right off the bat. Now, let’s get into these deals, starting with the ones that
are applicable everywhere. The ones that I think are best are, first of all, Xbox One S. If you wanna get a cheap
video game console, that also has a 4K
blu-ray player built-in, this is a tremendous deal. The Xbox One S, not the
new Xbox One X, the One S. It’s gonna be on sale for
$189 for Black Friday. That is way down from its
typical $249 price point. So, if you’re looking for a game console, with backwards compatibility and a 4K blu-ray player built
in, Xbox One S is the one. If you’re more of a PlayStation person, you can get the one
terabyte PlayStation 4 Slim, for $199 on Black Friday. Next up, I told you about the deals on the LG OLED TV lineup. Two that stick out to me are, number one, the 55 inch OLED B7A. That’s the entry level OLED
but all of their displays have the same display technology, so whether you entry level or high-end, you’re getting the same
actual display panel. $1499, $1500 to get a 55 inch OLED, and this OLED won both the best HDR TV and best gaming TV in
the U.K. TV shoot-out. So, that’s crazy. If you need a bigger TV,
the 65 inch LG OLED B7A, so the same series, just a
larger version, is $2299. $2299, $2300 bucks for a 65 inch OLED. So, those four deals,
the PS4, the Xbox One S, and those two OLEDs, you
should be able to get anywhere, and you may even find better
pricing on those OLEDs, because some retailers
are even undercutting on typical Black Friday pricing. Next, let’s go to Amazon. Amazon has a bunch of stuff
on sale for Black Friday. I went and picked out the things
that I think are actually, good deals that will last
and that will probably be the best prices you’ll find on this stuff, rather than just things that had slight price differences on it. So, let’s start with some
of the Amazon devices. The best price, lowest price
ever on the Amazon Echo dot. If you wanna start getting
into Smart Home technology, the Echo dot you can pick up
on Black Friday for $29.99. That is the cheapest price
it’s ever been on sale for, and the typical price on that is $49.99. You’re saving 20 bucks on the Echo dot. Other, Echo devices, the new Amazon Echo, which they just released, is
down to $79.99 for Black Friday down from $99.99, save you 20 bucks. The Fire HD 10 is also $99.99,
you’re saving $50 there, that’s usually a $149 tablet. The Kindle Paperwhite is $89.99, you’re saving $30 there if
you need a dedicated e-reader, and the Amazon Fire TV stick, the streaming stick you plug in to your TV to access your streaming apps. That is going down to $24.99. That’s usually a $40 item
so, 25 bucks, not bad. A few other deals on
Amazon stuck out to me. Let me go over those real quick. 70 inch Sony 4K Smart TV. If you want a Smart TV, you want it in 4K, you want it to be large,
70 inch is not bad. You can pick that up for $1199. So, 1200 bucks for a 70 inch. It’s an LED TV, it’s not OLED. It’s an LED TV, but if you
want something cheap and big, that’s a good one to consider. If you just want something
cheap and not big, and you don’t care about 4K,
32 inch, 720p TV for $69.99. $70 and you can get a 720p 32 inch TV. I’m gonna leave links to everything down in the description below. Amazon will also have $100 off the PS VR, PlayStation VR bundles,
100 bucks off there. 30% of the Segway Mini Pro 2018 model. Those are like the hover boards you saw, but they’re not gonna blow up. They are made by a more reputable company and they’re easier to
ride, Segway Mini Pro, if you need a new gift or you just want one to ride to work. And then $30 off the Anki Cozmo, which is a STEM-based toy. If you have kids in your
life, that’s a good one, and 30 bucks off, it’s a good deal. So, again, you’re gonna find
a lotta deals on Amazon. Those are the ones that I
thought stood out to me as being the top tier of their Black Friday deals. Let’s move on to Best Buy. See what Best Buy’s got going on. First, solenoid speakers. This also may be one you may
be able to find at other places but you can get the Sonos PLAY:1, the PLAY:3, or the new Sonos One, which has Alexa built in
to the actual Sonos unit. Those are all $50 off. Sonos rarely has sales,
it’s one of those products that kinda stays at the
price, the retail price, that it’s released at, so to
see deals on Sonos products, is good and Sonos products are fantastic. The sound is great, they work really well. The Sonos PLAYBAR, $100 off. So, if you need a great
soundbar for your TV, that also plays pretty much
any streaming music service you can think of, then
PLAYBAR is fantastic, $100 off there at Best Buy. If you want a camera, the
Canon 80D DSLR, $1299. That is $300 off the typical retail price. You’re saving a nice chunk of change, if you want a DSLR with a Canon 80D. TV’s: Sharp’s 50 inch, 4K LED TV, it has Roku built-in, so it’s a Smart TV. Instead of buying a Roku set-top box, all that is built-in
to the TV set, $179.99. That’s usually a $500 TV,
it’s pretty well reviewed, 50 inch Smart TV with Roku, 180 bucks. The Harmonics Dropmix game, if you haven’t seen Dropmix,
this game is amazing. It’s a card game with a board, and you place cards onto the board. It reads the cards and it
plays different music tracks, popular music you’ve heard on the radio, and laying out the different
cards in different ways, mixes the cards like you’re a DJ. It’s a multi-player game, very fun, down to $60 at Best Buy for Black Friday. There’s a Samsung wireless
fast charger for $25. Not a bad price, Samsung
usually charges twice as much for their wireless chargers, and wireless charging is all the rage. If you know someone that just
got one of the new phones, whether it’s a new iPhone 8, iPhone 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not the Pixels, the Pixels
don’t have wireless charging, but pretty much any other
flagship phone does. If you need a wireless charger, Samsung’s fast wireless charger
at 25 bucks is a good deal. Then there’s the Google
Chromecast for $20. You can pick up a Chromecast for 20 bucks from Best Buy on Black Friday, not bad. Let’s move on to Walmart. There’s a very interesting
deal at Walmart, that I have to explain. You can get a Google Home Mini for $4. Now, it’s not just $4 right out the box, but what Walmart is
doing is price matching. So, you can price match at Walmart. The $29 that other
retailers are selling the Google Home Mini for on Black Friday. Retailers like Target, for example. But then, if you buy one,
you’re gonna get a $25 discount on a future Walmart
order through Google Express. So, you’re basically
gonna buy it for 29 bucks, they’re gonna give you a
$25 coupon to use it later. Basically, giving you the
Google Home Mini for $4, if the math works out for you
the way it works out for me. Five quart instant pot lux. If you like cooking, the
instant pot is crazy, it’s amazing, it’s a great piece
of technology, kitchen tech You can pick one up on
Black Friday from Walmart for $49, 50 bucks for the
five quart instant pot luxe, that is a great deal. The Netgear Arlo three
pack of security cameras. Netgear Arlo is well-known
in the security camera game, smart home security cameras. The three pack you can pick up for $200. Not a bad price for three
smart security cameras. Let’s move on to Target. Again, I’m only giving
you the best three to five things I find in each place. I don’t want to inundate you with deals that aren’t really a tremendous value. Target: Google Home Mini for 29 bucks, instead of doing the
price match with Walmart and using the coupon in the future, you can get the Google Home
Mini from Target for 29 bucks and they’ll give you
a $10 Target gift card when you check out. So you’ll basically be getting it, essentially for $19 for
the Google Home Mini. They also have 30% off Lego sets. Lego sets are one of the rare
things that rarely go on sale. They typically keep their prices. They usually sell out
and they’re hard to find. Usually you have to go through a reseller, and pay more than the retail price. Target has five different sets, five different popular sets
that are down by up to 30% off. And then, this is a
general deal at Target, if you spend $50, at checkout, you will get a 20% discount
on a future shopping trip. That’s not a 20% discount on one item, that’s 20% discount on
your full check out, everything in your cart. There are some exclusions of
what you can get for 20% off, some, very few exclusions though. Things like game consoles
and things like that, but ultimately, if you
shop at Target anyway, on the regular, that’s a good deal. Spend $50, get 20% off
your next shopping trip. And the last one on my list is Kohl’s. Kohl’s usually has some
interesting tech deals during Black Friday and I did find a few. The first is the Samsung 55
inch 4K Smart TV, UN55MU6290. That’s a mouthful but just note, this is a well reviewed TV
that usually costs $700. So, it’s a well reviewed, budget TV, budget Smart TV 4K resolution. Kohl’s is selling that $700 TV for $499, so you’re already getting 200 bucks off. They’re also giving you
$150 in Kohl’s cash, which obviously you can
just spend at Kohl’s, you can’t use that elsewhere, and they’re giving you $25
Yes2You rewards as well. So, basically, you’re
walking away with this TV, for 325 bucks when all of
the discounts are considered, and that is a $700 TV. So that might be the place to go, if you want a good deal on a TV. They also have the DJI
Spark Mini Quadcopter drone, they’ve marked it down to
399 bucks but they’re also giving you $120 in Kohl’s
cash on top of that discount and 20 bucks in Yes2You rewards, again. So you’re walking away with
the DJI Spark Mini Quadcopter for about 280 bucks
after all the discounts are taken into consideration. There’s the Echo dot, 30 bucks, $29.99, with $15 in Kohl’s cash, So, you get an Echo dot for $15, not bad. And then the Google Home,
the regular Google Home, not the mini, which usually
sells for 129 bucks, they’re marking it down to $80, and giving you $15 in Kohl’s cash as well. So, 65 bucks to pick up
the $129 Google Home, and that’s at Kohl’s, and
that’s pretty much it. Those are my deals. Those are the deals that stuck
out to me for Black Friday, for the everyday consumer. TV’s, different sorts of electronics, and things you can pick
up as gifts for people at a good discounted price. If you found any Black Friday deals, that you think people need to know about, drop ’em down in the comments below. I’ll meet you there
for further discussion. Links to everything I talked about, I’m gonna put down in
the description as well. So, you can easily find everything, in case you wanna buy it yourself. Drop a like on this video,
if you enjoyed it guys, and don’t forget to
click or tap on my face at the bottom of the screen
in order to subscribe for free to the channel so you don’t
miss anything going forward. Again, thanks so much
for watching as always. I appreciate your support,
I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you in the next video. (rock music)

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  1. Hey #TechSquad! Here at the best tech deals for Black Friday 2017 that I've found, all in one place! And don't forget to join Earny to get your free $5, and to get automatic price adjustment refunds!

  2. Im surpised you didnt mention the 8TB WD drive at Bestbuy for $129. Regular is $200+ People have opened it up and found this to be a WD NAS drive inside. That drive retails around $275-350 online.

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