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– [Both] Hi YouTube, and
welcome to Digitales. – I’m Charli.
– And I’m Mirabel. And we thought we’d introduce ourselves. (light digital music) – Hey Digi crew, I’m Charli and I’m a presenter based in London. I specialise in luxury travel, entertainment, and technology. I’m so excited to get to know you guys. Please follow me on Instagram @charlifisher and @DigitalesUK. – Hi guys, I’m Mirabel. I’m a presenter, voiceover
artist and actor, originally from Bournemouth,
which is a tiny place on the south coast of
England, where old people go to retire, no joking,
it’s a party town as well. And I’ve been living in London
for about six years now. I love lifestyle, property,
food, and of course, technology. I’m so excited to be joining Digitales, so if you wanna chat to me,
drop me a message on Instagram. It’s @mirabelssss or speak
to me on @DigitalesUK. Speak soon. – So Mirabel, I hear that
you’re from Bournemouth. – Yeah, how do you know it? – I know it because I used
to actually live there. I used to go to uni there.
– Oh my gosh! Bournemouth is actually top
in the country for media now, that’s amazing.
– It’s so much fun. You’ve must’ve had such
fun time growing up there. – And it’s got a really
good nightlife, right? – Yup.
– Which clubs did you go to? – Lava, Old Fire Station,
– Oh yes. Bliss, what about you?
– Have you heard of the one called V now, which is like
a nightclub in a church? – Yes, that was amazing; it’s
now called Halo isn’t it? – Yeah, a bit ironic. So you love luxury and
tech, that’s amazing. What are you looking forward
to doing with Digitales? – I think combining them both
together, luxury and tech. There’s so much we can do. We can do reviews on high end cars, on luxury technology,
there’s just so much. – Cars, yeah, like what kind of cars? – Definitely the Range Rover
Velar is my number one car. I love it.
– Oh wow. I recently got an electric car, which is literally life
changing, it’s amazing. – Amazing, is it a Tesla?
– Not quite! BMW i3, Tesla’s my next one. – Still pretty cool, though.
– Yeah. – Mirabel, what’s your favourite
video on Digitales so far? – Do you know what I was so impressed, there’s such a wide variety
of videos on Digitales. And so many different locations. (La La [Singin’ Like] By
Elijah N Featuring Ms K) – The rolling pin, give me some flour. It’s not dodgy at all, is it? (laughs) – [Mario Brothers Voiceover] Mama Mia! (La La [Singin’ Like] By
Elijah N Featuring Ms K) ♪ I don’t mind even
though I lose control ♪ ♪ Oh, I just want have a good time ♪ ♪ So call me whenever ♪ ♪ ‘Cause a night like
this, it never gets old ♪ ♪ Oh, no, we don’t wanna do slow ♪ – They filmed Norway,
Mexico, been snorkelling, so I’m really looking
forward to doing all of that. – Amazing! – So have you had a chance to
check out many of the videos? Has anything caught your eye? – Yeah, I love the Fitbit review
and the Apple Watch review. I love my tech, and I love reviewing so… – That’s right up your street. – Definitely, I’d love
to do some more reviews. – And any concerns that may have arisen? – I guess, if I don’t know how to use a piece of technology, and
I can’t turn something on. – It’s always tricky.
– Yeah, what about you? – Um, no. (laughs) Do you know what, I’m so
excited to try snorkelling. But I do have a very big fear of sharks. So any kind of shadows,
that’s gonna set me off. But what about you? – I think running up hills,
I’m not great with, so… – Is Adam gonna make you do that? – Please don’t, Adam.
– Maybe for the Fitbit. (both chuckle) – So Mirabel, what are you
looking forward to, product wise? Any products that are coming out? – Ooh wow, we’ve got
the iPhone coming out, the new one coming out next month. I don’t know if they’re gonna call it iPhone 10s or 11, that should be exciting. – That’s gonna be very exciting. – What about you?
– I think that the Galaxy Note9.
– Mmm. – I’m really looking forward to that. Galaxy has such great
features normally, so… – And then games.
– Looking forward to seeing. – There’s gonna be FIFA 19 coming out, that should be awesome.
– Do you like football games? – Oh, I absolutely love them, who doesn’t? – [Man Off Screen] Who do you support? – Bournemouth. – [Man Off Screen] Really?
– Yeah! Literally, as soon as Bournemouth became part of the Premier
League, it was amazing. It brought the whole of Bournemouth together as one big community. What about you, any games? Are you excited by football? – I’m not massively into
football to be honest. I do like watching it, I watched the England matches when
we were in the World Cup. So, yeah. (laughs) – So absolutely love
the style of Digitales. I feel like we’ve brought
something quite new and bit different to their style, because I feel like…
– Yeah. – We’re a bit different,
we compliment each other so I’m looking forward to our little twist on the videos. And then editing, I
love editing as well so, see what styles I come up with. What about you?
– Yeah, same really. I think we both bring
different things to the table, so it’s gonna be really
exciting to see the new changes. Please let us know what you guys think. – And feel free to drop
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9 thoughts on “Best Tech and Game News

  1. Firstly thanks for helping Olivia πŸ™‚
    2nd, tell Olivia that I really missing her :'(
    3rd, we welcome both of you.. Mirabel and Charlie
    4th, the way Mirabel talks…is kind of similar to Olivia πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
    5th, Charli's idea for tech + luxury is unique !!
    6th I'm a Android type of person…so I'm excited for galaxy Note 9 !!!
    and the last but not the least.. we're not just subscribers but we're the family (whole digitales ) πŸ’œ
    Wait one more thing – Do you like Marvel movies ? πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  2. Im sorry it this sounds rude, but I think you guys should use softer colors for back grounds instead of using REALLY outstanding colors and Google Images. Again I by no means intend this to be Rude but I think this will make your videos more enjoyable, if you need to use imagines I don’t think using them as backgrounds is a good idea.
    Otherwise im exited to see what these 2 have to offer this channel

  3. Whaaat 😯 that's a shame Olivia has taken a step back, is Adam still involved with the channel? Olivia has such a warm, flowing personality. Felt these two are a bit stiff and just forcing conversation, but hopefully once they ease into the roles it'll sound more genuine than reading off an autocue 😘😘

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