Best Smartphone Gimbal 2018? (Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Osmo Mobile 2)

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100 thoughts on “Best Smartphone Gimbal 2018? (Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Osmo Mobile 2)

  1. The ZI Play app on Android is a disgrace on many of today's best selling phones. What good is a gimbal if you can't reliably use all of the best features.

  2. Hi Justin, is there an ‘Camera jittering’ issue when using a gimbal & an iPhone that has ibis? Some reviews suggest there is? Cheers

  3. your discussion is difficult to follow ~ when you explain a feature why not film an example of the movement under discussion ?

  4. Does using Zhiyun Smooth 4 with filmic pro Improve the auto tracking ? I am using this gimbal with firmware 1.77 and ZY APP , the tracking is terrible.

  5. I'd like to hear more about if there were differences between Android and IOS? Is another better for Android or vice versa?

  6. Thing is….. The Smooth 4 jumps about on its own!!!!

    It's about as Smooth as driving through the jungle!

    I'm thinking about sending my back because of it…

  7. Hey Justin, how are you? I really like your review, so I have a question for you. I want to get one Gimbal asap, so my question is, did Zhiyun up date the app? How it works, still crashing and now is on pair with Osmo Mobile 2? What about the face tracking, still shity or now is good? You know, is almost a year you did your review, so I wonder if did change anything.

  8. Had to watch this multiple times cause every time I got pretty lost in the mesmerizing background 😍😍 oh my! I will definitely visit this place and I'll pick smooth 4 because of those extra controls. Can anybody please tell me which place is it? I'm so hyped!

  9. The very best gimbal is the Free Fly Movi. I have it and I love it. I can use my Moment lenses with my Samsung note 9 and with counterweights it works perfectly.
    I've tried all the others and only the Free Fly Movi can handle the weight of the Sam note 9 and Moment lenses.

  10. As my opinion,Osmo mobile 2 is better than Zhiyun Smooth 4 ,but Osmo Mobile 2 is expensive .spg2 gimbal is ok,.

  11. Very very helpful! Thank you!! I like the disclaimer that you are not sponsored. Pls keep it going!

  12. Hi Justin
    I just got the Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone and might have to return it if I’m going to get the Zhiyun smooth 4. What do you microphone do you think will pair with the smooth 4 perfectly?

  13. Just got a SMooth 4 today and I'm really impressed so far. Purchased it over the Osmo because of this review. Looks like they have fixed up the facial recognition and following in the app – its working really well. Thanks for the review mate!

    Also, the focus pull is working really well – a lot smoother than I expected. I think I can dump most of my big gear for social media jobs now!

  14. How smooth will a video look or if there'll be any effects when video stabilization, such as the one in the S10+, is turned on while using a gimbal at the same time? Just curious.

  15. Can I charge these gimbals with a power bank, while it is charging my mobile and also shooting regular videos at the same time (all 3 together)?

  16. I’m looking at the smooth 4. My question is I’m going to place it behind my lathe that spins up to 4200rpm with a normal tripod I get a horrible vibration in my videos. Will the smooth 4 be able to eliminate this wobble?

  17. With regards to not having access to the charging port, can you not insert the phone the other way, so the USB port is on the left?

  18. As of 2019 the Zhiyun doesn't work well on Android. In fact, it never has. I don't know what you're talking about.

  19. Hello, after watching your comparison, I'm leaning toward to the Smooth 4. I have an iPhone X. I am wondering if you know whether or not they fixed the face tracking bug? I am hoping so since this video is from last year. Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much.

  20. The first work of any gimbal is to provide a buttery smooth video, but no gimble is able to beat osmo mobile 2 yet. #aapkabadboy

  21. Best review presentation by far. I appreciate you being so thorough! Im probably gona go with the Osmo and get Filmic. Thank you sir!

  22. How's the object tracking with the 2019-05 updates? Any improvement? I would like to know more not just the hardware but the software.

  23. I use my osmo on my bicycle for filming action clips, very good product and very good for only 30 dollars

  24. I used the Smooth 4 for the latest car review. Only issue was that the gimbal kept shutting down, dropping the phone from landscape to portrait. It happened randomly. Also; using the app eat the battery in minutes (fully charged iPhone SE). But when it was working it was great for panning and low-to-the-ground filming of a stationary object.

  25. Good review, I want to buy a smooth 4 but it's from 2018. And I have the samsung s10+ . It's your model 2019?? Do you know if 2018 smooth would works ok?

  26. I am thinking about buying a Smooth 4, but was wondering whether there has been any improvement in the past year regarding the face tracking .. surely this is a very important feature in any gimbal

  27. Excellent video and very helpful review.
    Has the updates on Zhiyun Smooth 4 helped to improve the experience for Android, esp face/object tracking, app hanging issues?
    Any other Gimbal that you would recommend now after almost 6 months since this video? I will use it with the OnePlus 7 Pro and some time with the iPhone Xr.

  28. I've watched 10+ of these types of videos and after 4 minutes you've already covered more pertinent info than most.

  29. I have a Smooth 4 but I'm going to stop using it because every time I have been shooting a video which I wanted to be stable and sharp (the reason for the gimbal in the first place), the damn thing has put itself to sleep mid recording, meaning that it turns the gimbal arm and the phone to a vertical position, which really sucks when you are shooting a video in horizontal/wide mode.
    I have no idea why this happens because the battery is full and the phone is recording – all reasons why the gibmal should not go to sleep and yet it does. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

  30. …………THANK YOU Justin! …does the Zhiyun Smooth 4 work also with the Xiaomi Mi 9 ???? ….and what are your Top5 Gimbals today?

  31. Great review! Thank You. I'm thinking about buying Smooth 4 but I need to ask if they fix this facetracking bug?

  32. Thank you very much for this fantastic review, I'm thinking of going from Smooth 3 to 4 and this video provide tons of 'useful' information, I really appreciate your time and effort.

  33. What gimbal/stabilizer can handle a thick & heavy phone? Example:

  34. Thanks! I'm currently looking at both of these and can't decide, here in Canada they are about $40 apart in price. 🙂

  35. Zhiyun Smooth 4: can it handle & well balanced when putting on a lense & ND Filter (Samsung Galaxy 10e Plus or Iphone XR? thanks Justin!

  36. Did the v1.77 Firmware update (that became available after this video was made) improve object tracking in the Zhiyun Smooth 4?

  37. Bro i am not to professional but i am still confused to choose which one i watch the video i like the face tracking to i think in over all zhiyun is good please suggest me one i am still confused
    Hoping for your help

  38. All the functions don’t seemed to work well. The record buttons, zoom in and out don’t seemed to work. I came across one youtuber said to down load the Zhiyun app, even With the app it doesn’t work as well. The manual that came with it was useless. I manually do everything right on the phone while shooting not with those buttons on The Zhiyun itself. As far as a stabilizing it really reduced the motions.

  39. Justin. Great review! You are very watchable and so informative. Thank you. I need to know though – since the release of the Osmo 3 fold-able option + restoration of the back button etc. and the Osmo 3 £99 price vs Smooth 4 at £109, do you still stand by your preference of the Smooth 4?

  40. Hi, I got the Filmic Pro app with Smooth 4, it is compatible now, and it works like a charm!!! And using the P30 Pro, the combo is amazing, you can zoom, zoom out, focus, de-focus, amazing combo. 😀

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