Best Pre-Black Friday 2017 Deals available RIGHT NOW!

From laptops, to tablets,
to how to score a free Xbox One or Playstation
Pro, I have all your big Black Friday deals and door busters, one week early. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite, we’ve almost made it, I’m so
excited, I live for this day, I live for saving you money,
and I live for giving away the most free items on
YouTube, that includes this SmartTV, the Nintendo
Switch, everything you see in front of me is something
you can score for free. I’m going to explain how to do
that at the end of the video. But more importantly,
how good are those early Black Friday deals? If you play your cards
correctly, many of the items online right now, that I’ve
hunted down are the exact same things people will line up for, except now you do not need
to ruin your Thanksgiving, and I have the items right here. In fact, I have them… If you expand the video
description box right under me, you can buy a lot of the
items right now at their guaranteed lowest recorded
price, as in, there will not be a lower price on Black
Friday or Cyber Monday or before Christmas. So, without further delay,
the first item that I want to begin with is a tablet,
meets laptop, that many of you have asked me to test,
I am a big fan of the fact that you can score this
for well under 200 bucks, oh and it has Windows, you
asked for it, and you got it. A 2 in 1 tablet laptop,
Windows, Intel operated, bad boy for the holiday
season, this is going to fly off the shelves, absolutely
love the aesthetic, look how thin this is, but
this is a device where you can operate it, as a laptop,
and yes, you get the camera, which is phenomenal,
front, and rear facing. And then this detaches,
beautifully into something that you can enjoy on the go for
portability, lets turn this on. Really responsive load times,
and since this is a touch screen tablet, you also
essentially have a touch screen laptop, and I have to apologize, our internet is not great. Great display, nice processor,
you are running Windows on this, so you’re not restricted
to some of those lame apps you would just see tied to
an iPad, or one of those under equipped Android tablets. It folds, it’s compact,
it’s great for simple basic tasks, it’s also
a great holiday gift, and at this price, very affordable. If you are looking for
luggage, this would be a great time to score, we have
some crazy luggage deals that have just dropped
at their lowest recorded prices for Black Friday. Oh, and did I mention the
smart balance Hoverboards and scooters are all on sale. It is definitely the
year of the Hoverboard, this thing goes really
fast, you get up to 8 miles, very responsive, I mean look
at this, look at how it’s responding to my body, and
I can stop, I can turn, it’s got a smart chip technology in here, this handles up to 330
pounds of weight and it has all of the safety features,
so watch what happens when I step off, it stops
in place, very responsive, beautiful unit, and I am telling you, this is one of my favorite holiday gifts. If you’re looking for
kitchen tech from high speed blenders, the Amazon echo, the echo dot, those deals drop in the
coming days, these are items I would not buy just yet,
but I’ll be updating the links located right at this video screen. Baby monitors, video surveillance systems, at under 100 bucks,
one of the most awesome camera systems with monitor,
it’s so rare that they include, a monitor and a mounting bracket, and all of these accessories, I love this. This would be great for a baby monitor, this would be great as
a nanny cam, a pet cam, an elder cam, you could even
use this to monitor a door. This is a hardcore camera that can capture some awesome imagery. This is an amazing camera,
it’s a great surveillance system, it has night vision,
check, check, you can speak to a potential delivery
person, or a culprit, use this as a nanny cam,
and to have this at this incredible price, first
of all, you can pan, you can tilt, you can
switch camera angles, and the other reason that
I absolutely love this, and I’m sorry you can’t
really appreciate the resolution the same way,
not only can you control the camera and the direction
of it, but it is so rare to see, a monitor
with a camera, wirelessly transmitting at this price. Many manufacturers are
happy to give you a camera, but they want you to pair
it with your cell phone. This allows you to enjoy
the playback, you just have to insert an SD card, and
the monitor itself can be mounted just like the camera. Everything from bedding to
boots, my favorite foot wear deal this holiday season,
worn by many people at the TV stations where I work, and my wife. Dawgs, I know they look a lot like Ugg’s, I actually wouldn’t call them a knock off, they are inspired based
on the Ugg’s design but a little bit different,
they’re a fraction of the price but they still
have that slip resistant sole which is great, I come from Toronto, these hold up beautifully in our winters, I work in Ohio, and New
York, and these are great. They’re also easy to clean
and the nice thing is you buy these for under 30
bucks, if you ruin them, you’re not ruining a $200
pair of Ugg’s or more. Absolutely love these. And some crazy new accessory
deals for all of those iPhones and Androids scores
that you are looking to grab Black Friday, 2017. Now in front of me, there
are a couple of items, which I want to showcase
because these are not at their lowest recorded
prices yet, which means they’re not on my list,
but I have them here to show you what you can score if you are subscribed to this channel. Now many of you know that
I give every favorite item that I test away for
free, to the subscribers, I know we’ve got a lot of new subscribers, and some of you are
wondering what are your odds, first of all, they’re
good, there’s going to be several draws in the days
that follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where
you all have opportunities to score these items for free. Second of all, you need to be subscribed, with your notifications turned on, you need to have left a
comment in the last 6 months, that really narrows down
the pool of more than 300 thousand people to a select group, and I wanna make sure that
I reward you and thank you, and for everyone that’s watching,
and if you’ve just joined, you are amazing, and really I want to make it my mission to hook you up. So you see a lot of items in front of me, from the Nintendo Switch,
which you can definitely score for free, any item on my list, a smart TV, the Xbox One
X, this is impossible to even find in stock
right now and I have it, and this is going to be
an eligible giveaway. The PS4 Pro, oh yeah, its
here, oh and by the way, if you are looking for
one of the best pairs of headphones that you can
buy, this is at it’s lowest recorded price located
in the video screen right under me, this is 70% off, under 50 bucks, absolutely amazing,
and this was the action cam that I really want
a picture if you do want something, ready to go,
waterproof, out of the box that you don’t waste
your money on a GoPro, although if you want a
GoPro, I’ll have GoPro deals later down the line. Okay, my question to all the
people watching right now, and of course, I’m going
to showcase the best deals at all of the stores, and
make sure the doorbusters get to you before anyone else. What are you looking for? There’s item’s on my list,
there’s item on the table, it’s difficult to make
everyone happy, but I really do want to try, so, leave me
a comment, let me know what you’re looking for, and if
you are not yet subscribed to this channel, very easy
way to get subscribed. Just click on my head,
or this PS4 Pro box, and that will subscribe
you to the channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications, or leaving a comment,
just click slightly above the Xbox One and you’ll be good to go. The Xbox One X to be precise,
and if you’re looking for that last big round of
a deals I did, no problem, just click slightly
around here, and you will get hooked up, thanks for watching.

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