Best News Apps for iOS, Android & iPhone 2017 Top Tech 5!

Whtizup guyz! In this short video letz checkout some news
apps, all of which can be used for tech news & some also for All-Round news! So, if you are new to my channel then make
sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my new Videos and leave a Like below! Also follow me on Social Media! In no particular order, the 1st app on this
list is “News360”. After installing it, go to settings & change
the Edition to India! You can also change to night mode if you want! You can login using multiple Social Media
like your facebook, twitter or google accounts! In the My Interests Page, you can press on
Add topics to add your Topics of Interest! It can be tech related or general news, select
them so that the related articles appears on the tiles & you can check them out! No.2 is the “FLIPBOARD” news app which can
be used for every kind of news including tech! Here also you can Sign Up using your social
media accounts like Google, Facebook or email! You can personalize your Homepage by adding
Topics of your interests to get related articles & stories from the influencers & related things
that you follow. After that you can access it by swiping up
to browse through the articles! The 3rd news app is simply called “Tech News”
& is purely tech based! Here though you don’t have to Sign Up to start
using it but Signing Up does help in keeping your progress in case you change smartphones! It is one of my favourite app as I feel it
has a neatly organized User Interface & everything is easily accessible without much compleXity! No.4 is the “Appy Geek” app! It is one of the more Popular tech apps on
the Playstore with over a Million downloads. Here also it is not mandatory to login! In settings you can change the Edition to
India or the Country of your choice! You also have the option to use it Offline
with features to include images & to download your Topics immediately! Although it is mostly tech based, you do have
some Off-tech topics like Business or Cars! And the 5th app is “feedly”, also a very popular
news app! You can add Topics of ANY interest by pressing
the search icon and typing in keywords of your choice. Then it will give you lots of sources to choose
from! On swiping right, you can get access to all
the sources you have chosen and further add more content if you wish to! If you liked this Video then do hit the free
Subscribe button for more such tech content! Make sure to hit Like & comment below about
your favourite news apps! ThanX 4 watchin’, KEEP THE PEACE & catch U
neXt time!

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