Best Investment Apps: MoneyLion Plus Helped this Dad Learn How to Invest and Raise His Credit Score

I needed something that would give me that financial freedom to
be able to support my wife and my daughter. I used to drive a truck over the road, and I was making six figures a year, but never thought longterm and
put money aside to invest it. (moderate music) I got bad credit. It
started out when I was 18. I applied for a credit card, and thought it was amazing because I got what I thought was free money, and maxed out the credit
card, and liked it, so I would go and apply
for another credit card and it just eventually
spiraled downhill from there. It was just hard to keep up payments, and eventually, collections
letters started coming in. When my credit score was in
the 300s, I felt trapped. I knew that my chance of getting a house, getting a new car, was slim to none. You know, I’m not gonna
have an opportunity to get anything financed
with such a low credit score. Being a soon-to-be parent without any kind of a savings account
or any money put aside is very scary, especially because I knew that I wanted to be able
to provide for Aubrey and get her the things
that she needs in life, whether it be for school
or pay for a wedding or, you know, be able to have that freedom to do that and provide for her. (upbeat choral music) I started MoneyLion Plus, and I felt like that
was a good opportunity because they manage my money for me. (upbeat music) (upbeat choral music) It was very unbelievable. It’s very surprising to me that I’m able to raise my
credit score so drastically in such a little amount of time. I thought that it would take years. I feel like a big burden has
been lifted off my shoulders. The financial freedom just feels great. (upbeat music)

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2 thoughts on “Best Investment Apps: MoneyLion Plus Helped this Dad Learn How to Invest and Raise His Credit Score

  1. It’s a really great app! It helped me raise my credit from the 500s to 600s as well as helped me save money!!

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