Best Growth Tactics And Tools From Facebook Tips to Competitive Analysis – Growth Insights #9

Hello and welcome back to Growth Insights #9. A lot of tools this week, and not so much
reading. Before we get started… did you know that
Youtube allows you to move around the subtitles on this video? Pretty cool huh? Alright so let’s kick off with some tools. We’re actually gonna focus on Facebook
for the first half of this video and then just before you get an overdose, we’ll move on
to greener pastures Now some channels decay over time as these
channels become increasingly saturated users and consumers defend themselves with what
we mention in episode 2: “Attentional Filter” This is also called banner blindness or as
Andrew Chen calls it “The law of shitty clickthrough rates” Now, one effective way to get past this filter
is to get creative with assets and formats. Thankfully Facebook is a place where formats
possibilities change regularly (images, videos, carrousels and now GIFS) So Paolo heard about 3D gifs and just jumped
on it. He has been playing around with a small focus
trick on the camera that allows you to create this depth effect. Brace yourself James Cameron. Here are the ones Paolo has made. This is attempt number 1, this is attempt
number 2… You can tell that is getting a lot better. If you’re interested check out this tutorial
on how to build them… And if you need some inspiration on what you
can do search for “3d splitdepth” on Giphy Now… If you don’t have the lens or the patience
to make these 3d videos, normal videos are still a good option for for social networks. We shared lumen5 in episode #4 to make a video
in seconds, here’s a new similar tool that has more options You’ll be making Kubrick style videos in
seconds Now speaking of videos, Facebook and laziness… now that Facebook allows you to have a video
as your Facebook page cover, I figured this free set of videos suited for that would be
great for you. No creativity required and you can have a
video up and running in seconds Still on the subject of Facebook, thanks to
Jim for sharing this use case where we find out that Facebook is testing with 0% reach
in countries like Slovakia. If this continues, it means that Facebook
likes are going to become absolutely worthless So that means that you’ll have to keep paying
to get reach on everyone’s favourite social network Facebook… speaking of which This is one of the best tools Quentin has
found on Facebook lately, I also completely fall in love with it. So first of all Bigbigads has a directory
of 14 M Facebook ads which you can get inspiration from. It also has this amazing Chrome extension
where if you see an ad come up on your Facebook feed you can see all other ads from the same
company. Ok, so…last Facebook related tool I promise. Thanks to Stefan for sharing Getshopbot which
allows you to retarget customers who viewed a certain page on your site and then retarget
them through Messenger. So users see a product, then you can send
them a message on messenger to remind them about the product. It’s a new type of retargeting. Ok but enough about Facebook anyway… Why? Because is dangerous for you health. Teja shared this article with even more evidence
that the more you use Facebook the worse you feel… Instead of spending your days on Facebook
you should spend your days honing on your skills. The T-shaped player is someone who specialises
in being a generalist but who also has some areas of expertise. Typically two or three. We’ve just published the new version of
the T-shaped player where we’ve included some new skills like Experiment Design, APIs
and Machine Learning. So at Growth Tribe we almost exclusively only
hire T-shaped players because they combine different skills to run experiments independently. A great example of this is a new channel called
“Tools Based Marketing”. Tools Based Marketing is creating free tools
that deliver value in exchange for usually emails. One example we love is “How much to make
an app” which is a great lead generation tool. If you’d like to make a similar one but
aren’t feeling creative or technical, Jim shared which will allow you to
to create converting calculators and viral quizzes instantly. The nice thing is that there are quite some
templates available so it’s a lot faster to build a quiz or a small tool. Now let’s get a little bit more technical. Let’s imagine you know how to work with
APIs and sort of understand Machine Learning. Then you can also leverage new cutting edge
tools like Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services. Part of this package is Microsoft’s auto-content
moderator. With it you can automate content moderation
on facebook pages. In the tutorial that we are sharing you’ll
see how to automatically moderate content on a Facebook page that gets a lot of messages. No more needs for human content moderation! Automate it all Speaking of automation, and this one is a
little bit more simpler, thanks to Quentin for sharing This allows you to record all the clicks and
inputs you do on your browser. Then you can play it again as a workflow and
an automated workflow. We’ve only get a little bit nervous when
we’ve saw how much we have to share with the tool. Some people in the team have uninstall it
completely. Now still on the topic of removing human interactions
to free up your time… Our best friend, which we used to
use to build conversational interfaces (aka chatbots), was bought by Hubspot recently But there are plenty of botmakers in the sea
so Jim met a new friend called They gave us demo last week and it’s a really
powerful tool to build chatbots which we are gonna be using. You know that marketing technology landscape
that’s a little bit overwhelming and that you see in everybody’s Keynote presentations? By the way, thanks to Guillaume Cabane for
pointing out that that guy should have ask for royalties (he’d be a millionaire)… We’ll there’s actually a new kid in town Called “The First-Ever Blockchain Marketing
Technology Landscape” We expect to see this one grow over the years
as distributed ledgers and decentralised systems take over… or you can start filling up the
gaps and build a new blockchain business model yourselves. Ok let’s a little bit more reading where
we are gonna talk a little bit about data and a little bit about dating. We read this article about a woman who requested
and received a report of all the personal data Tinder had about her… Two things interesting based on this: Number one If you’d like to request your
data we’ve prepared a template letter than you can send to Tinder directly. If you like, please send over a pic of your
report after you receive it, we’ve love to see how many people actually took those
steps. The second reason why this is interesting
is that we started studying how much Tinder actually has on you. Our data team is planning to play with this
new tool which allows you to collect publicly available information on Tinder users in order
to draw insights that may serve the public…or your marketing campaign. This includes stuff like birth date, jobs,
spotify songs and of course your photos.. Now let’s talk about sales and outreach
a little bit… In Episode #6 we talked about our passion
for Clearbit’s API which allows us to enrich our data. Clearbit has released a new API for free. With the company name to domain name API you
can now take a company’s name and infer or guess their domain name based on the company
name We used to have to do this by scraping the
first results of Bing ads…and now its a lot easier thanks to this free API. Now if you’re into this type of scraping
and data collection tool Thanks to Thomas for sharing
APIs store, which is a nice library of scraping and automation workflows. The steps are super simple to follow For example this one scrapes Linkedin profiles
as well as the comment and names of all commenters. And this one, my personal favourite, automatically
accepts all Linkedin invites you receive at once. Really easy to set these up, have a try. Now of course the end goal of getting domain
names and scraping contacts is usually to do cold outreach for B2B campaigns. If you’re too lazy to do that, I came across
yet another list of email addresses of journalists and press. So if you want to do PR this one seems to
be more up to date than most of the ones roaming the internet. Download it in the link below. Now if you want to be a little bit more ethical
about how you get yours emails… Quentin shared another lead magnet tool. It’s called and is a super customizable
lead generation tool. You can create beautiful pop ups to get email
addresses in minutes. And once you’ve warmed up those prospects
and want to send out beautiful emails. Here’s yet another resource that offers free
responsive email templates…lots of really pretty ones in here check it out. And now for something completely different. Some SEO and Competitive Monitoring Are you running out of content ideas for what
articles to write or what videos to shoot? This is a free sentence search tool, based
on what people are searching for. Which I’ve found very useful to generate
ideas for content. So here we’re looking for content ideas
around artificial intelligence for business. As you can see its giving me a lot of inspirations. Lots of good content ideas. It takes a few seconds, check it out. We’ve also shared a lot of competitive analysis
tools in the past. And here’s a new one from Ferdinand. It’s called Competeshark and it will compare
you and your competitors website and social activity. I’m especially happy about the website speed
comparison tool, since we focus so much on making our website faster. Ok. And before we’re finished here is two more
tools we are excited about… This one has been shared by Paolo. It’s called Wakelet. This allows you to send one link that then
opens multiple different links. It’s great if you want to have one CTA for
multiple links that you want to share Finally thanks to Stefan for sharing,
no. SMS is not dead, this allows you to manage SMS reply and manage SMS reply to all groups.

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  1. Nice one David and team! A fun fact that Scott Brinker (the guy from ChiefMarTec) who build the lanscape of marketing tools also joined Hubspot –

  2. Awesome value as always! Oh and have you guys heard about albert(dot)ai? My friends spoke to some of the people that work on it and it's absolutely groundbreaking when it comes to automating your online marketing (like everything) with AI. Check it out for yourself 🙂

  3. If you like moving your subtitles, you gonna love this app: It automates you subtitles, but you can also change your background or ad themes.

  4. Ok, I was critical a few epsiodes ago, but you've now regained your mojo. David that was an insanely good video. Super awesome. So much gold! Many thanks!

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  6. Nowadays also there're a lot of third-party Facebook tools which help you to outsmart your competitors. I stumbled upon where you can create Facebook audiences based on your Facebook competitors' customers. Really cool idea to get more interested in your product customers.

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