Best Equipment for Live-Streaming 2019 — Elgato Stream Deck SDK

– So the Elgato Stream Deck is one of my favorite
pieces of tech really ever. It’s super versatile for
just playing your music, integrating with OBS, and really controlling
all kinds of features for your computer, as
well as live streaming. But they now have released SDK, which means third party app developers will be able to really
take it and expand it to other things, even including vMix, which is what I live stream on. So in this video, Jeff from Elgato is gonna be breaking down
all the details, coming up. (upbeat music) This video is brought to
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go to – Hey, what’s up? Sean here with THiNK Media,
bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. And I’m here with Jeff from Elgato. How’s it going? – Fantastic man, doing great. – Thanks for coming on, and you know, Stream Deck is something
you and I both love, obviously you work with Elgato. But this update is a big deal, because once I got mine, I wasn’t at the time streaming on OBS, I was using vMix, and in the integration I wasn’t gonna like program anything, but now with SDK coming out,
the floodgates have opened. What is happening? – So basically, when we
released Stream Deck, we knew the potential that it had, because it has dynamic LCD screens, not just because it’s so
glanceable and customizable for the pictures, but because
the software is customizable, and that we’ll be able to
add new updates continuously, to make it more and more powerful, so we’ve been really great and responsive from our community’s requests
to add features for like, “Hey, we want Mixer support,
we want Xplit support.” “We want, you know, whatever,
YouTube support, etc.” And so we’ve been doing
pretty major updates about once a month since our
release back in March of 2017, so one of the the things is though, that a lot of people are
picking up streaming, Stream Deck outside of streaming, so graphics artists are using
this for their Photoshop, or video editing needs. I’ve seen hospitals use
this for radiology machines or computers, and I’ve
seen like stock traders trying to execute buy
commands on their Stream Deck, so there’s so many use cases outside of the streaming segment that people are wanting to use this for, and so we recognized that and
we wanted to make it easier for people to use Stream Deck in every aspect of their lives, so now Stream Deck is no longer limited to our single development team, so basically any developer, big or small, can make a plug-in for Stream Deck, that can basically make it
do anything if you know, it’s just limited by
people’s imaginations. So if you want Stream
Deck to order you a pizza, if you have a little programming know-how, you can program it, and do it yourself. So with this plug-in here, you can actually switch
between the two sound outputs of your computer, so if I have a headset and a speaker, I can just press a button and then switch between the two, rather than go into my sounds menu, play it back looking for the right device, and end it doing everything there. And then you know, some of the other like glanceable features,
something that we haven’t touched upon yet, for Stream Deck,
is we have a CPU monitor right here, so you can
actually see in realtime what your CPU levels are at,
as well as a little clock here. You know in the future
this could expand to things like network health, if
you’re live streaming, you know, you could have
a little graph that shows like oh here are your packets,
like oh, you’re dropping, now it’s flashing red, so
there’s a lot of possibilities with these little like
monitoring keys here. And that’s just like a
little taste of you know, what’s coming with Stream Deck SDK. – I love that, and so remind me of the
price of the Stream Deck? – So the regular Stream
Deck retails for 149.95, and we also have a six key
Stream Deck mini version, that’s 99.95, so same power
as regular Stream Deck, you can still do filters, so you have an unlimited
amount of actions, and it’s $50.00 cheaper. – And then, speaking about
use case, you know of course, for gamers, lots of gamers use Elgato, but our community is also full of like business-minded content
creators and entrepreneurs, that wanna go live stream
and teach something. You know, I do a lot of teaching on vMix, where I switch screens,
and I wanna trigger videos, and whatnot. And so, what are some of
the potential opportunities of why people should pick one of these up? – I mean Stream Deck is just becoming a more and more powerful product. It doesn’t matter if you
bought it on day one, or if you bought it
yesterday, you get that same kind of updates and the same feature sets, which is really great. And to kick off SDK, we’ve
had some really great launch partners, one of whom
you’ve already mentioned, which is vMix. The other guys who’s also pretty in the professional space
is Overstream by NewBlueFX, and we also have Voicemod, if you want some cool voice effects. Then we have SoundFlow and StreamElements, so we already have a good amount of people in our, you know, Stream
Deck app store right now, and then more’s coming. We’ve had Stream Deck
SDK out for two days now, and we’ve already seen two
really great integrations made just from our community. One guy made it so you can press a button and actually switch the
output of what your sound is coming from your computer, so if you have your
headset and your speakers plugged into your computer, you can press a button to cycle between outputting between the two, rather than going through like five menus. And then just earlier
today, I saw on Reddit, a guy made an IFTTT
integration for Stream Deck, so we can just imagine
how many possibilities are open with that, just on day two. So this next year for Stream Deck is gonna be incredible
to see what the community comes up with. – Yeah that’s amazing, so
definitely recommend the product. We’ll of course list links and
couple of helpful resources in the description below,
if you wanna research the Stream Deck for how it
could apply to your context. So I’m seriously pumped about these updates for the Stream Deck. You know, personally I loved it, because it was so feature packed, but because I stream on vMix, it felt a little limited. But now, that has all changed. And actually, if you wanna see a video breaking down my full
live streaming set-up, I’ll link it up on the YouTube card, and put a link to it in the
description below as well. Question of the day; Are you thinking about
live streaming this year? And what gear are you planning on using? Just going simple with your webcam, or are you building out a set-up? Let me know in the comments section below. (upbeat music)

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62 thoughts on “Best Equipment for Live-Streaming 2019 — Elgato Stream Deck SDK

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  2. Actually doing my first serious live stream tonight (for my wife's nonprofit). At the moment just using two iPhones: one to YouTube, one to Facebook. If it goes well, I plan to pick up 2 AJA U-TAP capture devices to hook up my cameras to, and pull it into OBS, and switch from there. XLR cable from the mixer (filming on a stage) to one of the cameras, and using that camera's audio for the stream.

  3. We love the Stream Deck, but the price is pretty Steep! Check out Touch Portal app, way cheaper, and on the go!

  4. QOTD ⚡Do you currently live-stream? What gear do you use? Let me know! 👇🏼 ***** If you want to see a tour of my home 4K live-streaming setup check out this video ➡️

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  9. Elgato sound really good but not sure if it is something like me, at my lever, needs. I just put out a video about making YouTube video on limited equipment. Maybe you might get a chance in your busy live to look at it. Thanks for all you do.

  10. I am hitting a wall with my capabilities in obs, I’m excited to upgrade this year so I can sing live with tracks as well as producing songs live (without lag and with easy monitoring) — thank you for your informative videos!!

  11. Right now through OBS with a Canon 80D, Nix Capture card, Behringer UM2, Neewer NW-800 or Behringer XM8500.

  12. I currently live stream as a PS4 gaming channel I play in a monitor and have a desk studio setup with my laptop stream deck and face cam. I also have a blue yeti mic and green screen. My stream deck was a surprise gift from my wife and it’s my favorite gadget in my stream arsenal

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  14. I don't livestream, but I use my Elgato to control my animated character as I do my recordings. It's super versatile!
    Also, keep an eye on it on Amazon. I bought mine on a flash sale for half-price!

  15. Great video! I've been thinking of building a 4K system with my GH4 and stream deck. I was wondering, Do you still need a streaming dongle like the Elgato Cam Link 4K or is that built in on the stream deck? I'm trying to build a kit that is fairly affordable so I can stream live product reviews form my channel. Thanks!

  16. Dude, this Stream Deck has been out for months, you're like seriously behind the times. Eposvox, Linus Tech, and I already did a detailed video about this. Haha. glad your finally catching up months later.

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  19. I live stream once a week. Using a Sony Handycam and, Audio mixing board for instruments and mics sending Audio / Video into a Epiphan Webcaster X2.

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  24. This made me curious🙏🏻

    I’m planning to start IRL streaming with the LiveU Solo. This might be a stupid question, but could I attach this streamdeck to my camera rig and then press a button on the steam deck to, for instance, add music?

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