– What are the best laptop
deals for Prime Day 2019? I have the deals. I have you covered and
they’re coming right up. (light music) Prime Day laptop deals from
MacBooks to the off-brands to a massive deal on a Lenovo laptop. Hello, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I am a professional deal hunter. It’s not even a thing, but I made it one, where I find the biggest
deals right here on YouTube. I also hunt down deals for
NBC, ABC, and CBS TV stations. I also host programming for Amazon and I’m very excited because with that, I am an Amazon Insider. Yup, that’s true and the interesting thing if you look at a lot of the deals that I hunt down right here, many of them are not from Amazon. I actually find the lowest recorded prices on all sorts of products
but I’m very excited because as we look to
Prime Day laptop deals, many of you are asking, “Are
they as good as Black Friday?” And the answer is generally,
overall they’re not even close. There are a few that stand out. I want to quickly mention
before I do a full unboxing of the Levono in comparison
to this MacBook Pro that Apple and Amazon
don’t generally get along like the best of friends. So as you can imagine, Apple doesn’t acknowledge Amazon Prime Day just as on Black Friday, if you
want some of the best deals, you don’t go to Apple for a computer deal, you go to Best Buy but there are MacBook
deals right now on Amazon. They’re good. You’re going to do a little bit better if you want until the end of the summer. Of course, I’ve listed those if you expand the video description box right under me. There’s also a lot of
deals on Chromebooks, which I’m listing right now. Those are really good. You want to make sure you have at least 4 gigs of RAM minimum for a Chromebook and some of the Chromebook deals are tied to brands like this, New Vision, and their tablets that
convert into Chromebooks. They’re good. They’re great but for those of you that want a fully operational laptop, Lenovo hands-down is still
one of my favorite brands. So let’s go through a Lenovo product test and then I’ll show you why this
is the best Prime Day Deal. This is a nice, basic, box. Very well packaged though. I do like that. I like to see a laptop wrapped properly. So, need the power adapter, the Lenovo warranty information, great. Okay. It’s always very exciting
when I get to unbox a brand new laptop. Now the finish on this,
this feels fantastic. This is very similar to a MacBook Pro. I love this. Very nice. The one difference between
this and a MacBook Pro is that the bottom of this is
the hard carbonized plastic. It’s not that titanium look but again, this is not $1,800. Oh! Look! This is a beautiful IdeaPad. Look at this. I love this. Very sleek look. I’m going to get this powered up. We’re going to put this to the test. I always get very excited
getting a new laptop powered on for the first time. I can’t equate this to how it felt when I held my newborn baby-girl
Mara for the first time although I will say, I’d say
the weight is comparable. All right, let’s get this bad boy going. So one this I will say is that
Windows has come a long way in that it’s not the
old cumbersome set up. Not necessarily quite as
fast as setting up a Mac but I love that they
have integrated Cortana into the process. – [Cortana] Mission accomplished. You’re all linked up. – [Matt] She’s very witty. I like that, it’s fun. – [Cortana] Now we have
some important set up to do. – [Matt] This is actually one of the most Mac-like PCs that I’ve tested, and I mean that as a compliment,
really in terms of style. Whether or not you believe that Apple brings any substance
to the computer realm, I will tell you that they do know what they’re doing in terms of style and the tactile functionality
tied to this keyboard, fantastic. I’m a classically trained musician, for those of you that know or don’t care, either way, I’m very sensitive to touch and the keyboard on here
is absolutely phenomenal. You also have Cortana so if you love Siri or the
Amazon Alexa voice service, you do have some functionality built-in that you can take advantage of. I don’t need to take you
through a tutorial of Cortana but I will tell you that
the keyboard, the finish. The trackpad in an unusual spot, right? Usually we’re used to
seeing the trackpad here. If it’s a Mac, usually it’s dead center. This is a little bit more
to the left than usual. It actually makes for a very
ergonomic typing experience. You’ve got a way to actually
rest your hands perfectly. It is well-weighted. You have a web-cam right here. Great for Skype or other
types of video chat. Let’s go through the ports. You get two USB ports. You have an SD card slot. That’s a huge bonus over anything
you’ll ever see in a Mac. Headphones and the HDMI port. I do not understand why all computers do not have HDMI ports. I’m thrilled to see this
included and of course, if you need to hard ethernet wire, you can do that to this laptop. You’ll also have your power port here. On the other side, you could call this archaic but this is actually a new laptop, I’m excited by the fact that there has been a DVD drive installed. It’s thin. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but if you still have old DVDs
or if you download software, of if you don’t have
access to a Cloud drive or you don’t want to use a thumbdrive, there are some of us that still
could rely upon a DVD drive and my vote on this, if it is
tucked away and inconspicuous, I like that it’s there as a bonus and I don’t think this ages the computer or anything of that matter. A nice, big, 15.6 inch display. The AMD processor in here is good. It’s not up to the same
speeds you’re going to find in one of the top AMD or one
of the top Intel processors. For some of you that sometimes ask, is AMD better than Intel? It’s two different brands. You can have a slow Intel processor. You can have a slow AMD processor. Generally, the AMD processors are great. The Dolby audio on here, phenomenal. You get all of your shortcut
keys for brightness, your music controls, and of
course, the Windows hot buttons. It’s there and I will now
put this beside a MacBook Pro so we can compare the speeds. This is a $2,700 fully-loaded MacBook Pro besides this $340 Lenovo laptop. I know some of you are
saying in your heads, this is not a fair comparison. Well, of course it’s not. That’s why. I want to see what a
so-called low-end laptop does beside a very high-end laptop. If this can hold its own, my big take away message
is, and this is pretty good, and also, I don’t have money to go spend on a $500 or $700 laptop right now, which is why I’m comparing
this to the laptop that I already have for our studio. This has 16 gigabytes of RAM. This has eight gigabytes of RAM. This has a really fast Intel processor. This has a slower AMD processor. In terms of streaming, both videos load at the exact same second. I will tell you, there’s
actually no lag delay. That would obviously be more
symptomatic of your Wifi speeds but if you were to
compare the video sizes, and let’s put these
side-by-side because obviously, Apple’s retina display
and all that other stuff is very good. The MacBook Pro definitely
has the advantage but because the screen is so
large on the Lenovo IdeaPad, if I were in a dorm room or I was using this in
place of a television, the overall brightness, which is a little more pronounced on here, is under no way a better
viewing experience if you have several people
gathered around the computer. You’ll see, this picture is not drastically
degraded compared to this. The whites, the blacks, a
little bit more dark on this but again, we’re comparing
a $2,700 computer to something that really
is holding its own. In overall responsiveness, I’d say that for your basic tasks, which means not video editing, the computers are very
comparable in terms of speed. The RAM works very well on this. The solid state drive, in
terms of saving information, fantastic. In terms of downloads and
doing some photo and video work that I’ve done on both, I will say that the MacBook Pro has about a three to
four second advantage. So if you are doing
very large video files, that could be a one to
two minute advantage but for your basic word processing, your computing, quick
video and photo edits, home movies, social media, you’re not going to find a huge difference between both computers. I’ve edited video on both computers and exported identical projects, downloaded new projects, streamed, wow, this guy is really annoying and his haircut is so short in this video, and there’s no lag time
when I’m dealing with files that are under a gig. I’ve been very impressed. In terms of playback, maneuverability, all that other fun stuff, let me just move the cursor up here, and I can show you the launch speeds. In terms of the load test, I still give the MacBook Pro maybe a one to two second advantage. In terms of buffering large video files, I mean, they start instantaneously. They’re the same on certain things, a few seconds different
on other video files but, I don’t know how much of a difference that’s going to make for your daily life. The RAM, again, eight
gigabytes of RAM is better than the four that you would
typically see at this price. I’m impressed. You’re not going to have your
life changed by this computer but you’re going to have it enhanced and given the size and the weight, I will tell you the
MacBook Pro and the Lenovo weigh virtually the same thing. You can see that in terms of how thin one is over the other, there’s obviously an
advantage to the MacBook Pro but I guess my point is at $2,700 or even if you take a base model at $1,300, $1,400, $1,500, or $1,600, you get a lot for this price. This may be enough to get you
through the next year or two. This may be great for a grad student, a senior citizen, an every
day computing individual, not necessarily for a
graphics professional or someone with very
demanding computing needs but, well, I’ll let you make up your mind. I love the Prime Day
pricing tied to this laptop. Of course, it’s a fraction of the price compared to the MacBook Pro. In fact, this would basically
be the tax on the MacBook Pro if you were to buy it outright, but do remember, you’re looking
at a laptop under 400 bucks. It’s not identical nor will
it outperform a MacBook Pro. A lot of the time when I
do these product tests, a lot of people say, “Well,
why couldn’t you just buy four “different Lenovo laptops “or laptops under $400,
and $500, and $600.” Well, I’m not going to buy five laptops. I don’t have money for that so I generally have cash
just to buy one laptop but the reason this ends up
being a good test for me, in my opinion, obviously I’m biased, but it’s interesting to
see an entry-level laptop or a mid-level laptop compete
against one of the highest in laptops you can buy. If a sub or mid-level
laptop can hold its own against a top of the line laptop, you know you’ve got something
that’s at least very good. So expand that video description box. You will score this Lenovo laptop at its lowest recorded price. You’ll see the Chromebook deals, the best Prime Day laptop deals. I wish I could buy every
laptop and show them to you but I unfortunately, as
I said, can’t do that but you can read the reviews and I’d like to thank you for being here. If there’s other items
that you want me to test, please leave me a comment. Let me know what other
deals you’re looking for this Prime Day 2019. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the huge Prime
Day deals as they drop, this is what you can do. Click on my head right here, that will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. The last big roundup of
deals I did, over here.

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