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100 thoughts on “Best Drones for the Money 2019

  1. QOTD ⚡Are you planning to upgrade your drone this year? Which model and why? Let me know! 👇 * Check out the latest cameras, lights and live-streaming gear from CES 2019 in our video playlist here ➡️

  2. 3 mins in and already can tell this is more an advertisement for dji than anything else. It's always the same with these people buy a mavic buy a phantom. Not everyone has 7-1500 dollars to spend on a first drone so saying for a beginner buy a mavic right off the bat is just bullshit.

  3. Thank you Sean for the valuable info. I am a beginner and have my own adventure (trekking) company, Most of the time i'm on mountains and am looking forward to buy a Mavic Pro drone with fly more combo. Kindly advice if its a good drone to start with.

  4. I've pause the video at 0:23 to write this comment.. and right after closed the page.. Everyone these days think only to MONEY!!! and nothing else.. so i've move on searching for other videos made from passionate people not gready mother fuckers avid for money.

  5. Very disappointed with you guys… primarily because I know that you know the content of this dji commercial had nothing to do with the title. Beginners like me show up to check out alternatives. We show up here because we look up to you. The fact that you weren't paid for this makes it worse. Why didn't you just use "Different DJI drones at different prices you can buy" for your title? It seems like your advice to beginners is to buy the DJI drone closest to your budget. Actually I'm quite disgusted with you

  6. What was Aldryn nervous about. I have watched his videos and enjoyed his professional comments. It seemed as though he was very uncomfortable doing this presentation. Spoke too fast and hard to follow.

  7. My common sence tells me MJX and JJRC will have the best value with all the features and will become a major player in the future.

  8. Guy on craigslist accidentally bought two and sold it for a really good deal… mhmmmmm. Sounds like a drone "fell off the delivery truck".

  9. DJI wait American military are using these right cos they are cheaper and more advanced than American brands esp in pricing

  10. If you want a good drone with GOOD SERVICE do not buy DJI they claim that users crash drones when the product does not work. The re rude and claim that their customers are liars. Check out drone forums and that is a very usual complaint. The business that I work for will never buy one of their products again … look for a company that cares about their customers AFTER they have their money!! DJI dont care about you.

  11. This was a very complicated unbiased video, so I will do my best to try to digest the recommendations here .for a beginner drone I am assuming that the general consensus is that a DJi drone would be most suitable .for a medium cost drone market I get the impression that again DJI drone would best suit the customer. now here's where it gets a bit more complicated… nope! seems to be no doubt whatsoever the DJI drones are best suitable at the higher end of the market. who would have guessed?.

  12. I pay premium to YouTube so I don’t have to listen to your commercials. Pretty unethical to get one in the video. Speaking of unethical ; this video was an commercial for DJI drones. Why don’t you just say that up front instead of this BS.

  13. I think Mavic Pro 2 is the best drone for average people, which has got a perfect balance among price, size, image quality and battery life.

  14. Click bait, sorry. Thought this was going to be an unbiased review. Unsubscribed and won't make that mistake again with this channel.

  15. The title – Best Drone for the Money – gave me the impression that you’re reviewing drones that’s more bang for my buck. Unsubscribing.

  16. Thanks for making this! I’ve been watching so many travel videos and I really want to get a drone to make my travel videos better.

  17. the problem is the cameras, as a filmmaker i work in 4k, is there a drone out there that can match the camera quality of the rest of my film?

  18. I recently got a Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo new condition on eBay for $840 shipped. I think I just got lucky! 😂 I also got a Wingsland S6 for $51 on eBay just to learn the dynamics of flying and prepare myself for the Mavic. Make sure to calibrate!!! If not you'll run the S6 into a wall like I did on my 1st flight! 😂😭

  19. I know mavic 2 it's a terrible drone for photography. There's been tons of real good technical comparation videos. The hasseblad camera it uses bring nothing to the table. Even worst dynamic range and noise by iso than the original mavic. Images are not sharp and the chromatic aberration it's pretty strong. For hobby I find it too expensive and for professional photography work just real bad performance. I would recommend the dji phantom 4 pro plus… expensive but really good.

    That being said it feels this video was poorly done

  20. The problem I have with this video is again they are not telling the truth. In the beginning they start with the Mavic pro stating that he can go a couple miles out but they don’t do that why can’t they just be honest. Both of them know they fly the drone out of the line of sight. Just be honest!

  21. How can you not mention the inspire to which time and again on YouTube shows that you cannot compete with that drone. The X5S destroys the Mavic two pro. And this is just one feature there are dozens of features as to why if you’re going to go into business go all the way and get the inspire t2

  22. For the money the Fimi x8 for $500 can compete and beat half the drones mentioned…This is a DJI commercial nothing more..

  23. I wonder if there's a youtube channel that's dedicated to making videos mocking other youtubers to the extreme, like grossly way over the top versions. And in reverse showing a this is their real non-youtube time personality where the content creators is mimicking and making fun of how they perceive their typical stupid subscriber.

  24. $1,000 drone is first one suggested for beginners? GTFOH. I can afford one but i sure as fuck wouldn’t drop that money as a BEGINNER. You need to rethink and remember when you didn’t have the financial resources you have now and out yourself in others shoes.

  25. Wow, best drones for the money 2019, you say for beginners $500-700 dollars, are you for real? Your really trying to push these drone. For beginners, less then $200 top

  26. I was looking at the Holy Stone 720 but saw a video showing a somewhat jerky stream. I wasn’t aware that drone like the Mavic Platinum could be quieter. They never list noise levels in specs and WiFi is subject to interference too! 🤔. I can see a first-class budget would be $3,000+ to get the Mavic 2 Pro, the Mavic controller, camera filters and spare batteries.

  27. Dude, he said for beginners. If I'm a beginner I ain't dropping 500-1000 on any drone and a beginner probably isn't going to push the wifi envelope.

  28. If you are just entering the Drone game I would strongly suggest starting with the Beginner range of drones. ie sub $300. I have reviewed many of these drones and have found them to be great for beginners and novices alike. Don't start with a $700 mavic Air….. you will be sorry. Check out my recommendations.BTW great channel, liked n shared. CheersSP

  29. I'm thinking of either the SkyDio2 or the Mavic 2 Pro…leaning towards the Sky Dio because of its superior following capabilities. I'll mostly be using it to follow me on my dirt bike or snowboard, mostly, with a few locator shots. My first drone….


  31. I saw DJI Mavic Air from and it's so far the best drone ever. Im enjoying this drone for a cool price

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