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– I have your top three
pieces of tech from CES 2018, plus a huge giveaway coming right up. (bright music) Yes! Yes! Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I got that out of my system,
I’m so excited to be here. If you’ve never seen me before, I find the biggest tech
deals on the planet, I unbox them, I give all of my favorite
items away for free to the awesome subscribers
of this channel. Well, CES is known for all
sorts of crazy expensive smart tech and talking
cars and robots and things that I’m gonna show you over
the course of this week. There are three things that
I wanna focus on today. Three deals that are all located right under this video screen if you expand the video description box. I found one item I like under 300 bucks, one under 100 bucks, and one under 30. I’m gonna give them away
at the end of this video to a subscriber, but these are all tied to larger tech trends at CES, which actually is happening
behind me right now. In about an hour it’s going to open. I wanna give you your sneak peak first. The big take away message
from CES this year is go big or go home and yes, TV’s are not only massive and turning into these
large, beautiful displays that encompass 4K and 8K resolution, but the ability to take your imagery, your content and project it onto any surface, at any time with portability
as an emphasis this year and of course there are price drops. So one thing that I like is, one of the world’s thinnest projectors you will ever see. This takes everything you
know about a projector and it is built into a really portable, slim, fully functional projector where you can insert a card
with your content on it, you got an HDN, you can also pair this beautifully as a smart projector for your android or your iPhone. Let me show you how this works. Right out of the box, and at under 300 bucks as my first deal pick for today, located right under the video screen, you have a rechargeable smart projector that not only will
showcase all of your video, or stream from whatever
device it is you want, but you can set a movie night up on a wall, a surface, a projector screen, in a backyard for an upcoming movie night, this is one of the best
ways to make it happen and I have never seen anything
so light and portable. Comes with it’s own tripod and, as you can see, this is on now, no power source ’cause it’s rechargeable. Look how thin this is! This fits in my back pocket on my jeans. So I can actually walk with
this projector anywhere, and then take it right out if you have a business presentation. Imagine being able to project
your content anywhere. Absolutely anywhere in
beautiful quality, picture, at a price you won’t believe. That deal located right
under the video screen. One of the other big trends this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, is not virtual reality I don’t know if you can see behind me, but augmented reality. The ability for you to immerse yourself in a different environment. Well, that’s all great
for games and travel, but imagine being able
to do that with health. If you have trouble sleeping, or you suffer from
migraines, or headaches, this is usually a mask that you would typically
associate with what? Gaming right? Virtual reality. Imagine being able to put this on and be transported to an environment with sounds and fewer
headaches and migraines as hands inside this
mask massage your temples and around your eyes and
all of the trigger spots, to make you feel better. This, is one of my favorite deals as well. If you wanna fall asleep faster or you suffer from migraines, this is essentially virtual
reality with a massage. This goes onto your head, extremely comfortable to wear, and then hands within here massage your temples,
around your eyes, your nose, anywhere where you could
be having aches or pains to help you relieve
stress and fall asleep. On the front you can apply heat, vibration, music, and
control the pressure. But the soothing sound effects from the beach, to rushing water, to whatever it is a sound
machine would otherwise produce, creates an environment
where you are at ease. Some of you guys might know I had head surgery several months ago. I’m totally fine, but my head is so much more sensitive than it’s ever been. This is unbelievable. Not just in terms of relieving
the stress around my temples, but pain, ache, whatever it is, dissipates. That deal located right
under this video screen. Now, if there was one
item that I could flag for under 30 bucks, it’s a foreign one, it’s completely bizarre, but it has a lot of utility, let me show this to you. One of the most ingenious foreign one Consumer Electronics Show
gadgets I have ever seen. So you plug this in and yes, you got fully functional apple or android device charger. Great. But with this you got a car deodorizer. This can then break a window
in the event of an emergency you can use this. Oh, and– (buzzing) you can shave with it! Check this out. This right now, ahhh, look at that. Ahhh! Shaving me, in the car, for all those last minute beauty routines. This bargain, which could save your life, improve your face, and charge your tech, is unreal. So yeah, from charging your smartphone, to getting rid of your
five o’clock shadow, which actually my five o’clock shadow shows up at five am ’cause I’m nocturnal, it’s a long story, we’ll talk about that another day. But that would be something
that I would definitely grab. This would have been an
amazing stocking stuffer, but maybe you can grab it this year, as a CES gadget and then, use it at Christmas next year. Whatever it is, it’s awesome! And now, my favorite point of this video and keep in mind stay subscribed, if you’re not yet subscribed feel free to subscribe and
turn your notifications on. I’m gonna be going live from the Consumer
Electronics Show this year. I’m gonna be taking
you along for the ride. I will be your eyes and ears and also your key to saving a lot of cash. So, love you all for watching. Using Tube Buddies random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations to this person, who can pick any item I
featured in this video for free. David Mead! And I promise, I got so much
more tech coming your way. Yes! You’ve won! C! E! Yes! So happy for you. Uh, I know I look like
an idiot wearing this, but I wanna thank all of your for watching and for all of the other awesome things that we’re gonna see together this week. So if you’re not yet
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