Best CES 2017 Tech Deals – DON’T miss these!

– Today, I have the most
awesome tech gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show. I am so excited to be
back with you from my favorite place on earth, and the big theme at the Consumer
Electronics Show this year, charging, charging, charging. I don’t know if you can see above me, but Belkin’s over here with more chargers, On-The-Go Charging here, right over here it
says, charge, and power, and then more charging,
and then down here, mobile accessories, more charging, everyone is talking about charging, as I move back to where the
light is a little bit better. There’s one charger that blew
all of the other ones away. One of the world’s fastest. This is one of my top four
favorite gadgets at CES at lower than Wal-Mart prices. I’ve posted the link for this
deal and a bunch of others, which I’m gonna unbox and
show you and also give away in a moment, right
under this video screen, including one of the coolest
expandable LED systems, and a way to make your lights smart. That’s all coming up right here. For those of you looking
just for a great overlay to your light switch,
there is one that I like where you can actually just
take this particular item you see on your screen, put
it on top of your switch, and then it’ll activate every
time you walk into the room. Is this an amazing buy? It’s good. It’s better than a lot of the competitors. It’s not the best produce I’ve tested. And I hope that many of the items I saw at the Consumer Electronics
Show will reappear at some other time. On the light front for the traveler, this particular item, which could replace that junk light on my wife’s
desk that her mom got her, no offense to her mom, who
may be watching this video. Love you, Karen. This is not anything that’s
going to redefine the future of LED lighting, but a
light that is expandable, that can take different
shapes and different forms, you could hang this from
the back of a hotel bed. Awesome $22 price in honor of
the Consumer Electronics Show. This deal located right
under the video screen, where you will also find
my favorite $11 charger. Let me show you just how awesome this is. A huge plus to this
charger is the portability. When you’re in a Las Vegas hotel room and you have one outlet to
charge all of your tech, and this weird lamp that no
one really quite understands. So the first thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna plug in a pair of overpriced Beats by Dre
headphones, and as you can see, they are now charging. The second port could be
used for an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, whatever it is,
the technology in this charger determines that type of charge is needed, and as you can see, it’s
now not only charging, but in a second, it’s gonna
determine that it can send TurboPower to the phone,
and you’re gonna see, watch the bottom of the phone. TurboPower, right there. We are charging faster than
anything on the market. The fourth item which I found, which is gonna be a huge deal very soon, I think this is gonna be
about $35 in two weeks or so, and I’m gonna have it for
subscribers right here, is a wireless streaming camera, and I’m gonna give this away
to a subscriber in a moment. Check this out. Look how awesome this is! Now, I’m gonna enable the voice mode, so pardon me for a second. There’s gonna be a little bit of an echo. Check. Check. So you can use this for monitoring a home, you could use this for a nanny cam, you can use this in a
very GoPro-like format, or you could use it to take photos. Did I mention it’s magnetic? Not only do you get
that great point, but… Oh, what’s that! You can readjust from wherever
it is you mount the camera. I am now going to give
one of these away for free to a subscriber who’s commented
in the last six months, and if you have your
notifications turned on, you can hear your name
called for this giveaway. We are also giving away
one of those free awesome LED folding lamps. The winner of the LED
lamp using TubeBuddy’s Pick a Winner tool,
congratulations goes to… DL, just email
[email protected], and I feel like you
were with me at CES too, so thank you for watching, and the winner of the
wireless streaming camera, congratulations goes to… John Hamer. You rock, and I agree, the cart
lady wanted to run me over. Yes! All won. And for those of you
that said on the survey you didn’t wanna see me
dancing, that’s not dancing. That’s cheering. I’m happy, and I love you. Congratulations. And for those of you that wanna make sure that you do get hooked up
with an upcoming freebie, you wanna make sure you
never miss another deal, all of the items you’ve seen right here at the Consumer Electronic Show
are going to be upcoming deals, and I’ve found a lot of items here that I haven’t even shown you yet. Those will be featured
in the upcoming weeks, so, to make sure you get hooked up, a very important message
from Intern Casey. Why are you so sad? – I’m sad because people
aren’t subscribed to you. And it’s so easy! All they have to do is click on your head right here to become
subscribed to your channel! And if they wanna see
another awesome deal, they have to click right up here… Sorry, this is like, sad! I don’t wanna be sad. (both laugh) And to turn on their
YouTube notifications, they have to click right here.

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