BEST CAR TECH UNDER $20 (February 2017 Deals)

– I have the top three car gadgets from Bluetooth wireless streaming, to a few other LED surprises, and a giveaway all coming right up. (cash register dings)
(upbeat xylophone music) Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for savings. I’m here, as many of the
amazing subscribers know, for you every day to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. All of the deals I find are
the lowest recorded prices and I give everything
I test away for free. At the end of this video I
am giving away a $50 MSRP, usually sells for about 40 bucks, Bluetooth streaming system for your car that I tested at the
Consumer Electronics Show. But I’m searching today for the
less expensive alternatives, a way to bring hands-free
calling to your car, and also one of my favorite
LED car hook gadgets. So many of you missed this particular deal that I did with intern Casey, I believe it was two weeks ago. Why? The YouTube notification
system did not work. No alerts went out and many of you did not know this deal was even featured, so I’m revisiting it one
more time at under $7. And then finally, just to pair with that, one of the most awesome
car charging systems with an overcharge alert to
make sure your iPad, or iPhone, or whatever smart device
it is you are using, does not get ruined. That sold out when I
featured it last year, it’s back at its lowest recorded price. So we’ve got three things, three gadgets. And I want to begin before we get to this really cool awesome item, the FlexSMART X2 is a great way
to bring Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling to your
vehicle using your car radio. But a lot of people don’t
want to go that route, and some of you have a headphone jack or an auxiliary in your vehicle. So let me show this to you up close. This is a simple system, you plug this into your
auxiliary or headphone jack that many of you will see, if you do have a fairly recent car, usually right under your CD slot. Then you get some additional functionality to control your smartphone from this. You have a play and pause button
right on the device itself, you have the ability to switch tracks or to change from one mode to the next, you have a charge slot,
and you have a microphone. And I was really skeptical about the microphone audio
quality tied to this, but as you can see from the ratings, not only is this an amazing grab, but our intern, Cody, did
agree this did the job. – I don’t have a smart car, I have a dumb truck and a dumb car, so– – [Matt] Cody, don’t be hard
on it, it’s a great vehicle. – I know, I’m sorry. But every time I talk to you, man, the audio quality through
the speakers sounds amazing and what I like about it, I have my hands on the wheel and I could control my smartphone
right from this device. – There are several
models all basically made in the same factory with
different brand names. I’ve listed my favorite at under 20 bucks located right under this
video screen, a great grab. The second item I want to feature is my favorite car charger. It has an overcharge alert
system, because keep in mind, many of us are plugging items that are $700 of value
into our DC adapter, and this smart system
not only charges faster but it shows you the type
of charge being distributed. I put this to the test
with our intern, Casey. – Yeah, just hanging out,
charging two devices at once. – Which is great, yes, you can definitely get
your tablet charged. This is now just starting
to pick up its battery which is great, but you
have the voltage indicator, so you know exactly what’s going on. – And now I’m gonna plug this
Samsung phone in to charge. – Now obviously this can handle, oh you got a new message from your mom. (Casey chuckles)
– [Cameraman] Aww! – Tell her, send her my best. – Hi mama.
– You can also plug in, iPhones, whatever it is, I
have my Prime phone plugged in. The beep you hear now,
registering a low voltage, it’s informing us of that, which is great, that’s a good way to know
that this is not equipped with our ignition off. (car engine roars) There we go. No more low voltage. (Casey chuckles) You can see it goes up when we actually turn the ignition on, and again this is something
that you would not have this information from any other charger. The lowest recorded price,
the Quick Charge ports, it will not overcharge your
device, which is great, you could charge an Apple,
or Android, a Samsung, an iPhone, a tablet, an iPad, whatever it is you want to charge. And then you always know
what’s going on voltage-wise which is so key and
something very rare to find at any price point, let alone
one that’s under 10 bucks. This deal, which is located
right under the video screen, is an awesome grab. And third, but not last, but not least? Whatever it is, this is
my favorite car hook, $7. These sold out and they
are now back in stock. And many of you missed the notification. Let me quickly show this
to you before our giveaway. Totally normal thing, we are in a live truck
with a Michael Kors purse, two hooks and a lot of bags. But what’s key about this live truck is the backseat has
absolutely no storage options. So I’m merely gonna hook this on. Put this right over here. They clip on, they’re
firm, they’re sturdy. – [Casey] I’ll just hang
up this purse right here. It’s not mine but I wish it
was ’cause it’s Michael Kors. But it hangs up great. – [Matt] Hanging great. And then on the same type of thing, we could hang this bag right here, we could actually put a
full backpack on top of it. And this would allow for
groceries to go under the bags without everything getting
on top of each other. – [Casey] I also like how
these hooks have lights on them because it’s great for seeing
things that are in your bags. – Rather than give away
something that’s $15 in value, I wanted to go all the way
up to the FlexSMART X2. And it is going to the next subscriber using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. Congratulations goes to Debbie Wolf, just email [email protected]
with your address so I can send you your freebie. That looks awkward but yes,
you’ve won, and congratulations. And if you’re watching right now and you’re not yet subscribed, you never want to miss another giveaway. I give items of substantially
higher value away on a regular basis, from Beats by Dre, to digital picture frames. Just click on my slightly
oversized floating head right here, that’ll subscribe
you to this channel, and make sure you never miss a giveaway. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, intern Casey and I, did a slightly above average
demonstration right here. And to find the find the last huge deal, in case you missed it,
just click over here.

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100 thoughts on “BEST CAR TECH UNDER $20 (February 2017 Deals)

  1. the two port car charger with overcharge protection for $10 is a steal and must have. thx again "THE" YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite

  2. I just stopped by to say great video bro! 😀
    Keep up the amazing work! 😀
    It would mean the wolrd to me if you could Check out my Channel! 😀
    I do videos with some TWITCH clips you will probably like.
    Come check it out and maybe leave a sub 😉
    Other than that Have a great day! Keep it up!! 😀 Maybe I will see you again! 🙂

  3. I want all of these things. I once had something similar to the Streambot but couldn't figure out how to use it. The company was really nice though and refunded my money and told me to keep it.

  4. You mentioned a few times it has an "over charge" alert. It only alerts if there is low voltage. Btw, I bought 2 and love them! Thanks again!!!

  5. I hope all of these are available today! The video from today and the Streambot is not on YouTube however I was able to find this video. Thanks Matt, I can't wait to purchase!

  6. Awesome thank you! I have been looking for a way to stream music from my phone in my older car! Can't wait to try this because of the review!

  7. Matt – I'm hoping this is a better product than the one I bought last year. That one had too many wires, etc.just way too cumberson to consider useful. Voice clarity was awful too….keeping my fingers crossed. Love your program though!

  8. I'm a new subscriber, I found your videos from 10 News' website. This bluetooth streaming thing looks and sounds awesome. I'm going to have to look into it thanks a lot. 😆

  9. I bought the car hooks (1/30/17) and they work as designed. I hang my backpack on one or both (depending on whether my laptop in is the pack or not (17 " Dell laptop adds 20 lbs) so the hooks are pretty sturdy so far. My only complaint is that it took 26 calendar days to get them (2/24/17) even though amazon says they are Prime eligible and it should only take a couple days…

  10. So I bought this car charger about a month ago and even though I like all the features, it does not work well with cars that have an auto stop feature (2015 Chevy Malibu, for example). That beeping that is heard in the video due to low voltage occurs every time you stop your car. My charger beeped at stop signs, traffic lights, and in stop and go traffic…basically every time my car auto stopped to save gas. I wish there was a way to turn the sound off. Hopefully you guys post another car charger that I can use with my Malibu. In the mean time, this charger has earned a new home in my Jeep.

  11. Thank you, just received the car Streambot bluetooth adapter, very good quality, compact, easy to setup and use.

  12. I just ordered this Bluetooth device. Been looking for something like this to play music without having a cable hanging out everywhere. Can't wait to try it out!

  13. So excited to be here again!!! i haven't been here since this time last year!! i am ready to SLAY Christmas shopping with yall!!! Thanks for all yalls hard work to make shopping easier on us joe's!!! 🙂

  14. Matt u give great advice, plus great deals. I'm looking for a device to charge ur car battery without the need of anyone else saw a few but pricey. If u do find one let me know. KEEP up the great work .

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