BEST Budget-Deck 2016 | Monarchs | Deck Profile + Review (TCG)

Today I’ll show you everything about the new Monarchs, which are cheap and still great for tournaments. you can skip through the video on the right top side. Just click to the segments you want to see or watch the whole video for all of the informations. I will show you 2 decklists, one pure version and another version with “Super Quantum” Support, which will be released in February (Wing Raiders) the deck will be popular throughout the whole year, thats why I am doing a very informative video about it, so you understand how the deck works and what the combos are. As I said, if you want to see only specific parts, don’t hesitate to click the links in this video, or for mobile users: in the description! Let’s start with the combos, to understand, how the cards work and what combos are possible. starting with pantheism of the monarchs to discard the useless Stormforth to draw 2 cards. after that, just banish it from the graveyard to get a free Monarch Spell/trap from your deck (opponent choses 1 out of 3) now Normal summon Idea to SS Eidos, which allows us to Tribut Summon in addition to our normal summon the field spell lowers the Lv of Erebus to only use 1 Tribute Idea and Erebus activate their effects; Idea adds a banished Monarch S/T card to our hand, Erebus can shuffle 1 card from hand, field or graveyard back to the deck. March of the Monarchs protects the Tribute summoned monsters from effects so this is a possible first turn field. But I will show you the new Monarch trap for explanation purposes. you can special summon the trap from the graveyard as a monster, and the trap itself shuffles monarch S/T from the graveyard to the deck to draw 1 card. second example, the same start as the 1st example, but with Return of the monarchs, which is significant. to show why “kuraz the light monarch” is now really playable. so with Return of the monarchs, we get to search the second boss, Aither, after tribute summoning erebus. so she can be NormalSummoned in the opponents turn! and we can also SS another Monarch through her effect, and the only target is Kuraz. so the opponent starts an example turn, activating Rescue Rabbit. But now, I can stop the play by removing 1 Monarch S/T from the graveyard and tribute summon Aither (actually I had to tribute Erebus, but you can ignore that) so now she is able to SS Kuraz, which activates his effect, even if he is Special summoned. he can destroy up to 2 cards on the field, and each player draws cards for the destroyed cards. so it can be used accordingly to your situation (destroy your annoying permanent S/T to draw cards or stop the plays of your opponent) in this example, he couldn’t XYZ summon anymore, even though the field spell already prevents it (so this is just for showing purposes). so the field spell is already cool enough, but imagine another situation with nasty spell cards or big monsters. conclusion: kuraz is another draw engine and makes a combo with Aither. I hope this was a good first impression to the deck to you. The deck had neat 1st turns and is also viable in the late game, because it recycles so much with e.g. Idea Thats why we play 3 additional spellcards (foolish, one for one, rota) to search her and use her effect. let’s get to the decklist, this is version 1, version 2 will follow shortly (that is the Super Quantum version) so you can chose here, which mega monarch you want to play. I decided to play Caius, he is already the most expensive among these with ~10€ so mega monarchs are good to bring more conistancy to tenacity of the monarchs or as a little anti-meta addition. you can also play the much cheaper thestalos, which is great to look at your opponents hand and discard monsters, but you won’t trigger it’s second effect, so Caius is a bit better there. you can also play both once, that should not be a problem either, but I value other cards more. the monarch Spell /Traps are important to play 3 times, because of Pantheism, and because of conistency; except return of the monarchs and March. I put in both once, because they are great and still searchable. so the deck is very conistent, everything is searchable. March of the monarchs can be dead, so I decided to run my build that way. return of the monarchs is slighty better there, but not that important 3 times as well. Your decision. let’s talk a bit about the 2nd version: Super Quantum Monarchs after Wing Raiders mid February. so we get the …. very long name… but you play them because of the support it provides – you can special summon Blue Layer with E-teleport and it loops with the Red Layer to always have a tribute for your tribute summons we only play 2 idea and 1 eidos because we don’t need them as the tributes anymore, just because of their additional effects. So the build changed very heavily, but the deck is faster and kinda advanced. so if the blue layer is special summoned, you get to search a red layer, and the red layer can special summon itself, if you control no monsters. And if HE gets to the graveyard, you can SS the Blue layer from your graveyard. so it is kind of the futuristic treeborn frog. But better and faster in so many ways 😀 so the japanese people play the engine right now, and it just works but if you hate mash-ups, just play it pure with some tech cards.. apropos tech cards, let’s get to my advices there 😀 so you find the best tech cards written in the description, and listed in the Side Deck here on the picture Majesty Fiend is quite obvious, it is even searchable with Return of The Monarchs and it is easy to get him out or Zaborg the mega monarch; against every deck that plays Light Monsters. To shut down all the extra deck plays – very great side deck card so there is also “the monarchs erupt” ; never seen this card in competative play, but it is essentially a searchable skill drain for monarchs Not sure, because it has drawbacks. But if you like the idea, you can try it out of course there is also Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit or Maxx “C” instead of Effect Veiler, if you really want to invest more into this deck; but hey – this is a budget deck and Veiler is strong as well. trecherous trap hole works here very well, because the trap cards you play are actually special summonable, and the trap can really catch the opponent off-guard also, important to note: Fog King. Great card in the mirror match.Basically it is a Giant Beatstick which prevents the opponent and you from tibute summoning. But imagine the thing on your side with March of The monarchs. GG Let’s get to the conclusion, the price and the meta-ranking. the price depends on what you actually want to play (e.g. Ghost Ogre vs. Veiler). But you can build this deck with estimated 40 – 50 €. Just buy yourself the structure deck, which will be out 29th January 3 times, and 1 mega monarch, and you are good to go. you don’t need an extra deck. you CAN’T play an extra-deck, because some cards don’t work, if you have one. this can be a major hint that you play monarchs, so you tell your opponent directly an important information but it is also a great thing, because, well…. you don’t need to buy expensive extra-deck cards! as I said, just buy the structure deck and the side-deck cards, and you should only invest 50€ to play competative! the deck is the answer to the current meta, because of the field spell that prevents extra-deck summons, and because of the save playstyle, which is still great in the late game. it has beatsticks, it is fast, it has late game potential, it is consitent, it has anti-meta cards; basically it is everything in one deck maybe you might have no tribute monster for your tribute summons, that can change with wing raiders, but the deck even thought about that and makes tribute summoning as easy as never before! so if you like tribute summoning, this is the deck to go ’nuff said. I hope you havea good impression of the deck now, if you are interested in playing the deck, just try out my decklists – all cards are written in the description, so you can find them If you liked this video, my review, which was pretty exhausting to make, just give this video a LIKE and maybe subscribe, if you haven’t yet, because I do a deck profile/review every week. so now the final step:how many meta points? I decided to give the deck 8/10. because it has so many strength, it has everything you want (except pendulum mechanics and extra deck, but who wants that anyways :D) it is fast, consistent, and cheap as **** a meta deck which is roughly 50€ can be played by everybody who wants to play yugioh. But it is still budget, so I can’t give the deck 9 points, because it is not as fast and as combo heavy as PePe. But whatever! This budget deck is as good as a budget deck can be. and no deck is perfect. Every deck has it’s dark sides, but Monarchs just have this “Price / Performance” Balance no deck will be able to top in months. especially right now, against all the pendulum decks, it is has a great matchup, not only because of the field spell, but because of the all-round package. so. that is it for my review. Hope I see you guys this friday in a new video. If you want to, you can check out my previous video; a short Kuriboh 3D Animation – it was work, but I really love to learn more. yeah, see you 🙂

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15 thoughts on “BEST Budget-Deck 2016 | Monarchs | Deck Profile + Review (TCG)

  1. Hey ich habe da eine Frage, die kannst du bei der ersten Combo Erebus beschwören, Edea wurde ja nicht als Tributbeschworen

  2. Hey,
    ich bin neu im Business und habe eine Frage. Wo kann man sich die ganzen Karten kaufen oder muss man auf good luck Päckchen aufmachen?

  3. Darf man wenn man Edea in z.B. Dem ersten Spielzug normal beschwört hat durch den Effekt von Eidos (zusätzliche Tributbeschwörung) als Tribut anbieten obwohl sie noch nicht eine Runde auf dem Feld lag?

  4. hey ich habe mir reinzufällig ein monarchen deck gekauft um mich an die alten zeiten von yugioh zu erinnern wie geil es eigentlich war 😀 habe das kartenspiel sehr geliebt… die serie hab ich nie richtig verfolgt…habe immer schon gerne kartenspiele gespielt..schade das die zeit vorbei is :/

  5. Sehr gutes Video. Dank dir hab ich ein gutes Monarchen deck :D.
    Ps: Spiele nur mit Freunden ohne Banlist weshalb es egal ist wie alt die decks sind.

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