Best Black Friday Deals 2019 (Top 50 List!)

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100 thoughts on “Best Black Friday Deals 2019 (Top 50 List!)

  1. FYI, big deal on outdoor nest iq camera bundle from Lowe's, if you are military you get an additional 10 percent off.. killer deal through very early Dec

  2. New sub here, Your content has saved me so much money this season!!! Love your energy, Best deal channel on youtube! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  3. That's Walmart Nintendo Switch + Mindcraft deal hasn't been in stock since the first day it went on sale. It's only online sale as well.

  4. Please srop dropping your voice it makes it hard for those of us who have to ware a hearing device.. this is not a cretinism.

  5. Matt you're simply amazing. I know as a former video production guy the many hours you and your wife will put in over the next day or so. I'm disabled and so appreciate you and all you do for so many. Happy black Friday, I'll try and watch as long as I can. May God truly bless you and your family this holiday season. P.S. Drink lots of bubble tea! What is that anyway lol. Blessings.

  6. love those deals hope to win iphone 11 pro genuinely need an upgrade from shattered iphone se and happy thanksgiving bro ❤️🔥 thanks for giving us so great deals

  7. Hi Matt, my hubby wants to know if you have any tool deals. He is looking for a three plane laser level. Model GLL3-300?

  8. I am thinking about buying a 4K tv this year but I would order it online (because I'm out of town) should I wait until cyber Monday or buy it now?

  9. Everybody wants an Instant Pot and Nintendo Switch! I can play games on my phone and cook in a regular pot on my stove 😂

  10. Thanks for talking about the poison blankets. I can't believe these materials haven't been banned yet. I wish our government would monitor and have higher standards for what is sold to us.

  11. I am subscribed to you however I missed the deal on the court I back you are 550 Premier do you have another one there any way you can get another 1

  12. I usually don't shop much on Black Friday because the day is on the week before/after payday and I don't have much money. This year, because it was the 29th, I got paid early. (The 1st is on Sunday.) This year, I got a Hamilton Beach stand mixer for $79 from Walmart

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