Best Black Friday Apple Watch Series Deals 2019 – Early Deals On Amazon

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Friday Sale on Amazon. Amazon has really gone to town here. Not all the deals are big but there are some
standout offers on refurbished Apple devices. These discounts are not expected to last long
but stock levels should be better than on Black Friday itself, so do your shopping early
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the links in the description and discounted price for the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 4 Fundamentally redesigned
and reengineered to help u be even more active healthy and connectd. The largest Apple Watch display yet. Built-in electrical heart sensor. New Digital Crown with haptic feedback. Low and high heart rate notifications. Fall detection and Emergency SOS. New Breathe watch faces. Automatic workout detection. New yoga and hiking workouts. Advanced features for runners like cadence
and pace alerts. New head-to-head competitions. Activity sharing with friends & Personalized
coaching. Monthly challenges and achievement awards. You can use Walkie-Talkie, make phone calls,
and send messages. Listen to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. And use Siri in all-new ways. Apple Watch Series 4 lets you do it all right
from your wrist. This watch has a display that never sleeps. With the new Always-On Retina display, you
always see the time and your watch face. This watch has apps to keep an eye on your
heart. Get a quick read on your heart rate, or check
your heart rhythm with the ECG app. And tells you when things are getting a little
loud. The new Noise app alerts you when decibels
rise to levels that can impact your hearing. There are workouts for every way you exercise. And advanced metrics for every level of athlete. And lets you track your cycle with a tap. The new Cycle Tracking app makes it easy to
log information about your menstrual cycle. The Activity rings track your progress and
inspire you to sit less, move more, and exercise every day. You can even compete with friends in challenges. streams your favorite 50 million songs. Listen to the entire Apple Music library and
the podcasts you love. This watch has a great sense of directionWith
a compass and ground elevation, it’s made for life’s twists and turns, and ups and
downs. Lets you go without your phone or With cellular
you can call from the trail, text from the surf, or stream music from the slopes. All with just your watch. Subscribe our channel & Don’t forget to check
out the links in the description for more information.

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