– Today, I’m at CES 2017
with Apple and Android deals to make your whole life
better and smarter. (cash register ringing)
(light electronic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite, and I’ve just informed by our camera guy that I almost just got run over by a truck I had no knowledge of. So, I’m going to move this shot right now to somewhere else. Okay, I’ve moved. For those of you who watch me regularly, you know I hunt down the
biggest deals in the country, right here, every day, for subscribers. You also know that I give all
of the huge items I test away for free to you, the people watching. If you’re not yet subscribed,
I help you with that at the end of the video. You may also know that
I’m not coordinated enough to be walking backwards. So, I’m just gonna stand
still, for a moment, and I apologize for some
of the background noise. I’m one of the first
reporters in the country given early access to the
Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s biggest tech expo! And I’m bringing you
all along for the ride, and we’re uploading just
before seven o’clock in the morning, Vegas time, and that’s why a lot of
this isn’t set up yet. CES officially opens three hours from now, but I am hooking you up early. Before I get to the deals that I’ve tested and all of the items, which
will make your life better in many ways, those bargains, which are located right
under the video screen. I want to remind you
that if you stick with me for the next few days, and beyond, I’m gonna have the most
awesome CES tech deals that we’re gonna be showing
to you, right here, every day. I want to first begin with a reminder. If you are looking for CES
virtual-reality or gaming deals, just look back at my last upload. Now, right now, for those of
you that want to bring music streaming from Pandora or many
of the features of Apple Play to your car, including Siri functionality, the gadget that I’m holding right now, which works with both Apple and Android, virtually any smartphone
and will even charge it, is a fully loaded solution
to making that happen. The controls on this allow you the ability to pause, play, or control
your device, in some cases, without having to reach for it. Very simple process. Select a vacant frequency
on your car radio and then it sends a signal to your car, streaming all of the music via Bluetooth or through an included
auxiliary cable to your car. Setup took us exactly 35 seconds. – [Setup Genie] Phone one connected. ♫ Wiser from the mess you made ♫ I feel no pain – [Mike] Audio quality, unbelievable. Works with up to two
smartphones, simultaneously. Enhanced free calling setup in 30 seconds. Hi, you’ve reached Matt Granite. Please leave me a message, and I’ll… Gogroove, a pretty big name at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and they have lowered their
prices as part of a promo. Look at the reviews. 60 bucks down to 35. If your car is already Bluetooth-enabled, and you just need some
charging for your Apple or your Android, your iPad, my favorite plug-and-play,
new for CES 2017, charger displays how much power is being consumed, but, also, makes sure you
are always safely charging as it adjusts. We were easily able to plug
in an iPad and a Samsung and a smartphone. Whether you have an LG G5, Windows phones. Whatever it is you have
that you need charged, the new iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, this is a great grab under 15 bucks. The link located right
under this video screen. And my next deal is the
Apple AirPod killer, headphones that work with both Apple and Android that are also
wireless, sweat=proof, way better in all of our tests. They stay in. They have an ingenious
built-in hands-free microphone for under 80 bucks, down
from 200 with free shipping. If these sell out,
there is a waiting list. The packaging kind of awesome
because it smiling at you, just like I was smiling
the second I put these in. Now, I know the demand is extremely high for this particular item, so
I’m gonna do a full review, a full unboxing of these, but I just wanted to
put this on your radar while they are still
barely in-stock, today, located right under this video screen. Now, let’s give these away. Using Two Buddies random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months. Congratulations goes to Sea Bunny. I actually recognized this name. I believe she actually watches me on where I do
some other deal reviews through the app. Just email us, support,
at for your freebie. Yes! You have won your first CES tech gadget! And, I’m gonna be giving
away more CES tech items for the next few days. And, one other announcement
I want to share with you, we’re gonna be going live from the Consumer Electronics
Show, right here, tomorrow. Technology and my ability to
walk backwards, permitting. That’s seven o’clock a.m.,
Pacific Standard Time, 10 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. So, for all of those of you
who watch me, regularly, it’s my regular upload schedule. 10 a.m., you will see me right here. You’ll get a notification
that’ll give you the link so you can take a tour
with me through CES. I am so excited! This is the best time of my life, and I love that I’m able
to share it with you! So, stick with me, and
for help subscribing or turning your notifications on. – Hey everyone, Intern Casey here. I miss you all so much, so I decided to pop in for a video. If you want to subscribe
to Matt’s channel, click right on his head, down here. If you want to learn how to turn your YouTube notifications on and learn how to comment,
click right up here. And if you want to see
another amazing deal that Matt has to offer, click right down here. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “BEST APPLE & ANDROID TECH DEALS at CES 2017

  1. Bought the Treblab X11's and used them for the first time today. Love them! Good sound and saved me $130 bucks. You Rock!!

  2. I'm from and I follow you on there and subscribed to your channel. I hope you can subscribe to my channel as well

  3. Thanks! For being there for us and for being the early bird. For staying late searching out great deals, and now risking life and limb! Come home safely, Matt kenobi.

  4. Purchased the GoGroove under your recommendation and it works fantastic! My wife uses it daily and now doesn't have to fumble with her phablet while driving. Thank you for your hard work!

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