Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week – WATERPROOF your PHONE!

– From waterproof smartphone cases to air purifiers, a few
surprises, and a big giveaway, these are your top five
Amazon deals of the weak. (soft tune) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I find the biggest deals in the world which I hunt down for
the amazing subscribers and if you are subscribed to this channel, you are guaranteed a spot with a giveaway every week as I save you money, I’ll make the draw at
the end of this video but first, before we get
to one of the coolest smartphone cases that’ll
keep your phone waterproofed, I wanna begin right now, very quickly, with what this does for cigarette smoke, just as an example, as this purifies air in a matter of seconds. If you thought that was great, this also had an impact on one
home belonging to our intern filled with dogs that smell horrible. – I love this air purifier. It’s so easy to use
and so easy to hook up, all you have to do is plug this cord into a USB port or you
can use AA batteries and just put ’em right in there. Also, it’s really helpful if you have dogs because I have dogs
and, as you can imagine, they get really stinky,
especially during the summer, so this really just helps
clear all the dirty elements that are in the air, which, you know, helps you breathe better and it’s just a great add on to the room. – It uses the latest technology and high pressure ionization, it eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria. The price on this bad boy is unbelievable. $20 bucks gets the job done. You can score one of those
air purifiers on sale by expanding this video description box, the link right under this video screen, and now I wanna move onto
one of the most awesome ways to accessorize and protect your tech. You get two phone cases
and an additional straps if you do need to tether
this to you if you are partaking in water sports
or anything outdoors, even a rain storm, this would be great, this is obviously hurricane proof as well. Phone goes in and I’m gonna
do this with a Samsung before I switch to an iPhone 6 Plus. Android phone secure, so
Samsung getting dipped in here, let’s really have some fun, let’s move this around a little bit, let’s have ourselves a party. Gonna dry my hand off for a second so you can see I’m not cheating and the phone, it’s not only air tight, but completely dry, completely dry. Absolutely awesome. I’m now going to do this with
a $900 dollar iPhone 6 Plus. Phone is secure, let’s
give it a good dunk, phone goes right in, let’s move it around, let’s really have ourselves
a soak party here. Couple of splashes and we are good. Now, I’m gonna show you
the phone is completely dry but pardon me for a second,
I have to dry my hands ’cause I wanna show you
the phone is, in fact, perfectly dry and, of
course, this is submersible. So, we’re gonna reopen the case, we are disabling the airtight
waterproof seal right now, I’m gonna open this, here we go, phone is coming out, and
the phone is completely dry, not a speck of water or
moisture, this is awesome. I just wanna talk about what distinguishes this deal from many of the other knockoffs and the so-called waterproof bags. This comes from a very reputable brand within the Amazon ecosystem, it also has the IPX8
waterproof certification and if you’re boating or into
scuba or other water sports, by the way, anyone watching, are you a certified scuba diver? I am and I feel we could
go ’cause I have no friends and I’m looking for company. This is also great for snorkeling, it has a whistle, so, if you’re on a boat (loud whistling) you have the, that really was loud, the ability to signal for distress once you’re with your
phone which would be fine. My next deal has IP66 waterproofing which means it can’t be submerged but this is a great
outdoor security system that is water resistant with night vision, sends you the alerts to your
phone if it detects motion. You get four cameras,
$66 bucks down from $183, I’ll have a full unboxing of this once I move into my new home. The next deal comes by viewer request, a lot of people asking for
sous-vide pressure cookers, if you’re unfamiliar with
this, it’s a way to cook within a water bath. It allows you to cook meat
and seafood like never before and the price that I found
is actually $20 dollars lower than what you see on your
screen, thanks to a coupon code located right under the video screen. And the final request,
thankfully, is something I don’t need to test and some of you guys know that I have fitness
experts at my disposal to help test deals, especially when I just
don’t wanna go to the gym. So, the deal today is for
Recumbent Exercise Bike with back and lumbar support. This app-ready exercise
bike allows you to sync with an iPad, it has built in speakers, really stylish, easy to store, and if you are so interested,
it’s $100 dollars off, the free delivery is
key because many stores will charge you a couple hundred bucks just to get this delivered to your door. If you do wanna take
advantage of this deal, it’s located right under this video screen alongside all of the
other huge deals today. Now, let’s get to the giveaway. I am gonna giveaway three of these and if for any reason I call your name and you don’t want one of those, you’d rather have an air
purifier, it’s all good. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool, our first winning subscriber for today, congratulations Michael Torrez, awesome, happy to have you in my life, just email [email protected] to claim your freebie. Our second winner for today is Donna, thank you for wishing
me a speedy recovery, I am doing well after my
head surgery, you are great, and our third winner for
today is Ashley, you’re cool. Yes. Or that. You won. Thank you for watching. Dominique, it’s good to have you back. – It’s awesome to be back. I’ve totally missed being here and no, I have not been avoiding you guys, just been busy at home and with school, but I’m really happy to
be testing more products. – And you’re gonna be
back with us this summer for more back to school prep, right? – Of course. – Alright, if you don’t
wanna miss any of those deals or the future giveaways on
this channel, more Dominique, just click on my happy head right here to get subscribed to this channel. – You know, last time I was
here, it was your big head, but anyways, if you want–
– No, now it’s happy. (Dominique giggling)
‘Cause life is good. – If you wanna learn how to
turn on your post notifications, click right over here,
and if you wanna watch the latest big deal, just
click right now here. Bye.
– You know, you haven’t lost it at all. – Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week – WATERPROOF your PHONE!

  1. I especially liked that you took the phones out of the bag right over the water…I was waiting for it! ๐Ÿค”

  2. You seem to have bounced back pretty quickly from your surgery cause you are bouncing all over still! I appreciate your energy and glad you are feeling well.

  3. Hey Matt! Just wanted to know if you can help me out with the portable AC unit you had on. I contacted the manufacturer but di not get a reply. I was wondering how difficult the exhaust duct was to install and if there was a reservoir that needed to be emptied. Thanks my friend. Everything i buy that you recommend is pretty much spot on.

  4. Still watching even tho I never win : – ( BUT LOVE LOVE LOVE the waterproof phone case, I needed on bad! Ordering today.

  5. I've had one of these cases for years, they are great on vacation! Took lots of underwater images and videos of the kiddos and it was nice to keep our hotel keycard with us at all times.

  6. Maestro, AWESOME PICKS of GREAT PRODUCTS for the week! The prices seemed to be pretty reasonable, lower than I would expect.
    HELLO DOMINIQUE! ๐Ÿ™‚ We've missed you and hope to see you real soon! (Frankly Matt, I miss all of the interns and the incredible fun you seem to have with them.)
    I'm not a certified scuba diver but I can snorkel underwater in my bathtub! Does that count?
    I hope your weekend is going well. Please tell your wife and folks I said, "Howdy!"

  7. The waterproof phone protector is a great idea. Especially for boaters, kayakers, anyone who works around a lot of water.

  8. I KNOW u have missed me & wondered where I've been;) well. good news. my daughter finally received a gift of life. a new kidney after almost 3 yrs on dialsysis! so have been her caretaker in hospital and at home. She is now able to care for herself and…I AM BACK! HAPPY DANCE!!!๐Ÿ’ƒ

  9. went to purchase the air purifier that waa supposed to be $19.99. But when I click on it is listed at $30.00?

  10. This is exactly what I am looking for! So excited to get it so I can have it on vacation next week. Thank you Matt for always finding THE best deals and everyday objects๐Ÿ˜!!!!! Thanks again! Ashley

  11. you were pretty confident you weren't gonna drop that in the water after taking it out of the pouch! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  12. Matt, I admit I do not watch your deals everyday, I do try,! My husband and I have the same argument almost every night!!!!! I like to watch TV when I go to bed, he says it's to loud..etc! so I am looking for a Bluetooth headset that will link to my tv. This way I can watch my tv and he does not hear the TV. Thanks so much Matt!

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