Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week (+ Mothers Day Gift Ideas!)

– I have your top five deals at Amazon from pillows with massage hands to the Amazon Echo at Black Friday prices. A Kindle, a Fire Tablet,
handbags, and a huge giveaway. It’s all comin’ right up. (upbeat chiming music) Oh, you can bet I’ll get to that. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I find and upload, it just turned on, the biggest deals in the country all of which are located
right under this video screen. Before we get to this and the giveaway, I think I wanna start with
what could be the coolest, most futuristic pillow I have ever tested. – Matt, if you have neck pain at all, try something like this
neck massage pillow. It’s really kinda neat, it’s both a pillow and a massage unit all wrapped in one. It’s a great way to loosen
up the top of the shoulders through the trap muscles
and into the neck, even the base of the skull. A lot of people use it to
get rid of the headaches, migraines, or just some
tightness around their head or their skull. Try it out and you’re
gonna feel refreshed. – With nearly perfect ratings
since it just hit market and $30 off, you can use
this pillow on your abs, your back, your thigh. It comes with a cigarette
lighter DC car adapter, so you can keep this charged in the car. I don’t know if I would
recommend driving with it, although that’d be the
most relaxing drive ever. And with free shipping, which is great. This also looks fantastic on a couch. This is our couch right here in my condo. It blends in. It looks almost like
just a nice throw pillow. At $30 off with free Prime shipping, which brings me to Alexa. – [Amazon Alexa] Hello,
I am the Amazon Echo and I am standing beside the
amazing Deal Guy Matt Granite. – Thank you. You’re number one request
that can be used for anything from home automation,
Alexa, turn the studio off. – [Amazon Alexa] Okay. – To all sorts of other great components that include information,
music, news, weather. The sound out of this thing is incredible and I’m sure I don’t need
to tell you how this doubles as an assistant around your home. Great for anyone who’s visually impaired, if you need help with your homework, she tells jokes, she can call you an Uber, she can set cooking timers, and yeah. Alexa, tell me a joke. – [Amazon Alexa] Why did
the zombie turn in early? He was dead tired. – Alexa, that was a terrible joke. – [Amazon Alexa] I’m doing my best to try and make your subscribers laugh. Why don’t you just get onto the next deal? – Okay, I will. Let’s move onto the next deal. Handbags at their lowest recorded prices and this is just one of
the items I am giving away. I have never been excited about handbags, but it was after watching
people react to this handbag, including one of my favorite mom testers, that I knew I found a winner. – Hi, Matt. I love this handbag. As you know, I love to collect handbags. I shop for handbags constantly. So, I’m a fan of this one. I could just throw it over my shoulder, which is nice and easy. Look how large it is. I could throw a ton of things in here. I could throw my water bottle in here, my iPad can go in here,
snacks for the kids, it’s great for taking the
kids to soccer, to baseball. I can take this to the movies and not worry about it
putting it on the ground. I can throw a book in there when I’m waiting in the waiting room. This is absolutely fabulous. I like this one. – [Matt] With nearly perfect 193 reviews, which is so rare to see. $38 down from $100 and
your choice of colors, this is unbelievable. – Hey, guys. I’m Anna Easa and I work
with Matt at YouTube. The deal he found for $38 is amazing. I know fashion and this
purse is fantastic. – This is part of a Mother’s Day promotion and it’s interesting to
know that Amazon is also reducing prices on other items
in time for Mother’s Day. So, if there are two more
deals to round out the top five that I really want on your radar, the Fire HD 8 tablet at $25 off, it was already a great price, but to find it further
reduced just makes this an even more enticing offer. This is one of my favorite
eight inch tablets, it’s actually one of my favorite
tablets given the price, although it does come with special offers, which means you are, in a sense, a walking advertisement for Amazon. Which brings me to the final deal. The most expensive Kindle at $50 off. Why is this Kindle at this price? It has a dual battery charging system, which means the case also has
it’s own built in battery. So, you could take a
vacation for two weeks and never need to charge this. It also has free 3G internet included. That means you’re not paying a provider. If you use your iPad as an ereader, you’ll have to pay AT&T,
or T-Mobile, or Verizon, or another provider for that coverage. This is included in the cost
of the tablet indefinitely, which is great and of
course it works via wifi, but this is an ereader
and it is expensive. I’m just flagging this
because it is a great Mother’s Day gift that
you may wanna consider. All the links to all of the
deals right under this video screen, which brings
me now to the giveaway. I’m giving away a free
$50 Amazon gift card and also a free handbag. So, using Two Buddies random
selection tool to find our first winner of the $50 Amazon gift card, congratulations goes to George Dominique. Congratulations and our
second winner of today, you get the handbag, go you! Just email support at – [Amazon Alexa] Hip hip
hooray, hip hip hooray. Yay, you are winner. – Yeah you are! And, for those of you looking
for an incredible fitness tracker, a sleep tracker,
one of those devices, bear with me, within
the next upload or two, I guarantee you I will find
one at a mind blowing price and anything else you wanna
save money on, let me know. Before I say goodbye, great news! – Don’t forget to tune live this Friday. Subscribe to this channel,
turn on your notifications, and click his head or right over here. – Anna Easa and I will be live. A huge pre Mother’s Day round-up,
some great tech gadgets. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment just click there. And that last huge roundup of deals I featured right over here. You did great. – Thank you. See you soon!

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week (+ Mothers Day Gift Ideas!)

  1. Thanks Matt for the deals. It's been pretty cool watching your program grow! Great to see the Deal Mom again too.

  2. Excellent variety of Amazon tech deals for the week! One helps to relieve some tension (pillow), one that'll get you the attention (purse), one that stands at attention waiting for your command (Echo), and two that capture your attention (Kindles). πŸ™‚
    Big shout out to your guests for helping present/demonstrate and congratulations to the winners!
    Have a great one, my friend!

  3. Hello Matt, I purchased the hobo handbag for my wife for Mothers day. She loved it. I'm thinking of getting her one more. Thanks for all the searching you do.

  4. I hope my subscription is set correct it would be such a delight to win a Matt Granite give away I would tell the world!!
    Thanks Matt I watch you for the entertainment you crack me up.
    Love Ya

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