Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week – DOUBLE your WIFI Speed!

– I have the top three
wireless deals in the world right now, a giveaway and they’re also the three best tech items on Amazon. (techno music) Hi, I’m YouTube deal guy Matt Granite. I upload the biggest deals in the country, give everything away,
everything I test away for free to subscribers. I’m wearing two mics
today because I’m having audio and self esteem issues. The deal that I have found, I’ll locate it right under the video screen, I’m very excited because the items are wireless doorbells, which
I’m gonna put to the test with our intern Phoebe, a weighted double your intern speed tied to one of the most awesome extenders I’ve ever tested. I will show you the before and the after and quite simply wireless work lights. Super bright LEDs, all of
which will be put to the test. Before we show you the
wireless doorbell in action, you get the screws if you
do wanna attach it that way. You get the actual transmitter
which has the speaker on it which is loud as we’ll show you. Just plug this into a
typical two prone outlet and you’re ready to rock. Then finally, you get a battery, you get a mini screwdriver
because it includes tools and that’s amazing and you
get the doorbell itself which is a heck of a lot nicer than what many of my neighbors have. You close this. You get the battery in and
then if you don’t wanna use the screw mounts,
you get the adhesive. – So this plugs into your
everyday household socket, firmly in there. This device would stick
outside your front door. This is the actual doorbell itself. I’m gonna click it, you’re
gonna hear how loud it is. (doorbell) No one’s gonna miss that. Fantastic. It’s actually the best part in my opinion, it’s weather resistant and water proof. With the rain and
depending on your different weather conditions if this is
going outside of your house, fantastic. (doorbell) – [Matt] If people have dogs right now, they are all going to be barking. – They are loving it. At least it’s not like at my house they’d be like rarr, rarr, rarr. – [Matt] So this is my
neighbor’s doorbell. Great neighbor, ugly doorbell. Let’s go down the condo hallway and see if we can do a little bit better. – All I’m doing right now
is getting the adhesive to stick on the doorbell. Now it’s mounted, all I do. Look how beautiful that is. – [Matt] I should say
we’ve got really strong fireproof doors and the
fact that you can hear this. (doorbell) Oh and it lights up,
let’s show them again. (doorbell) It’s so not annoying. We just want to show you the adhesive. Not only does it not ruin walls, but it’s impossible to take off. – I’m not even kidding. – [Matt] Phoebe rock climbs all day long. Alright, no wall damage. We ended up having to use the screwdriver, both myself and Phoebe. Wall’s good, doorbell’s good and if you ever wanted
to buy more adhesive to try it again you would be able to pick that up at a hardware store. Just hit market, down from
25 bucks to a crazy $12.99. You get over 36 chimes
and adjustable volume. I love that this has a 900 foot range. This is great for a massive home or a small condo like I have. Located right under this video screen. Second item up for grabs,
wireless LED work lights. These are absolutely awesome,
let’s move to the unboxing. On LED technology there’s actually, as a butcher the unboxing,
a huge difference between 2017 and 2016 lighting. I’m gonna show you the
difference between the two. I’m gonna show you the brightness. So obviously you have the flashlight mode in front of both which are comparable, but it’s on the face that the LEDs make a world of difference. So this the old 2016 model and on the 2017, I mean did
I just blind our camera guy? Which is brighter? – [Cameraman] Definitely the newer one. – [Matt] It’s using a bunch
of these individual LEDs right here which lasts longer,
are more energy efficient, and a lot brighter than all of the ones that comprise this device. Both the old and new ones are magnetic, but the new ones have a double hook so you could use this in a garage, in a shed, you could use
this as a emergency light, you could use this camping,
and you can prop it up. This has the stand. This one just has the hook. In almost pitch darkness
watch the difference when I turn this LED light on on my face. Oh that’s frightening for some of you. Poltergeist price drops but you can see massive impact and with
free prime shipping this is an astounding price
drop down from 30 bucks. That deal as well located
right under the video screen which brings me to the final
item before the giveaway. A way to potentially
double your internet speed. So I’m gonna take you into our TV studio on the best internet
connection I have ever used in my entire life. I’m gonna show you that even this on one of the world’s
fastest internet connections will have a major impact. If you’re wondering about the brand, they actually made the
Smart Wifi LED bulbs that I use all over my home. I’ve had deals on those before. The WiFi extender is also packaged nicely. With this you also get that
familiar two year warranty and the tech support,
better than Link System’s, some of the other brands that I’ve tested. Really nice size. This has better signal strength. On the display you are
immediately notified when the power’s on, the signal, and then which band you’re using, the 2.4 or the five gigahertz. This right here allows you to seamlessly communicate with the router. This now is connected just to our regular internet connection
with no repeater, no extender, I’m not using the TP Link. I’m gonna show you these
then I’m gonna replicate the test as I reconnect to the extender. This is at 146 and now
it’s doing the upload. This is why my signal keeps dropping. Let’s now connect to the TP Link. After we do this, we’re gonna
take a look at the upload speed and you will notice
a difference as well. So 173, way higher than the 140 range that we saw on the initial test. Upload speed also strong. It’s not hovering as much. The upload speed is
going to be much better and keep in mind these
results are especially drastic because I’m doing this on
one of the most awesome fiber connections. Imagine the impact this
could have on a quiet corner of your home on a regular DSL or cable internet connection. 200. Way ahead. I wanna let you all in on a secret. So here’s my condo and
some of you know that I work for ABC, NBC and CBS TV stations across the country. So I’m syndicated from this second bedroom in my home. Here’s the camera. This little box right here is a $5,000 contraption that feeds me out to TV stations across the country. There’s just basically this camera plugged in via HDMI to this. Has an ethernet cord going into it from this WiFi extender. I didn’t have hardwired
ethernet in this room so I actually needed to
rely upon this device. This is the only way I get on TV and it’s reliable enough to
serve most of the United States. All the deals located right
under the video screen and now for that anxiously
awaited giveaway. Keep in mind I have a
Microsoft Surface giveaway right around the corner. I’m giving away one WiFi extender and two pairs of the LED lights. Using two buddies random
selection tool to find our first subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months congratulations on the
free WiFi unit goes to James, awesome long time subscriber. Again thank you for all the support. Love having you here, just email [email protected] Our next winner gets two
of the LED work lights. Congratulations goes to piglet, hi. And our third winner also getting a pair of the LED lights,
congratulations goes to Tony. Yes my wife watches all the videos. If you wanna get subscribe to this channel click on my happy head right here and that’ll hook you up. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, demo right there. The last huge round up
of deals right over here.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week – DOUBLE your WIFI Speed!

  1. Married for 27yrs, 4 houses and 1 apartment. Only the apartment had a buzzer as the door bell.ย We never owned aย house with a working door bell.

  2. I just purchased 9 more pairs of these led lights! Got the first pair and have used them during our storms and power outage over the past 24 hours! Love them.

  3. Have been watching for over a year, just purchased the LED lights and WiFi extender. Thanks for all of the great tips Matt! Keep them coming.

  4. i cant really save money watching your videos,( lol)thank goodness your finding great deals. I get mad at myself for watching you old videos seeing some of the deals ive missed

  5. Got the TP-Link Wifi power line extender. Works as tested! And better then my Netgear power line extender, with a price that can't be beat

  6. Tried a wireless doorbell from a local store, and the signal failed as soon as placed on the aluminum siding. THIS one works wonderfully and was less than half the cost of the failed one. Only negative is it has no memory in the chime in case of power failure, but default chime is still good. Thanks, Matt.

  7. Thank you for all of these tech deals ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ

  8. When I click on the link the prices aren't the same on Amazon? what's up with that?๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

  9. I really need a WiFi extender one of the good guys ask if we had metal in our walls! It comes in one bedroom and my room is down the 15 foot hall. If I set on the end of my bed and tilt it just right I can get a signal.

  10. always finding a way to help us save money. thank u so much !!! im going to save a lot of money especially for the holidays.

  11. I just picked another of the wireless doorbell deal for $5.99!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I know this is like 10 months old and so is my original doorbell but one of my friends like mine so much that I decided to comeback to this video and guess what? The deal its a better deal!!!! THXS Matt!!!!

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