Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week – DON’T miss these!

– From outdoor solar LED garden lights to the super strip for your tech, I have the top five
Amazon Deals of the week. (cash register clanging) (upbeat music) Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granat. I am a deal hunter for Amazon. I give the biggest items
away on YouTube for free to the amazing subscribers watching. I’m gonna have that giveaway
right at the end of this video, but right now, I want to get to five deals
that’ll rock your world. And I wanna start with your garden. This is a very clever way to package six LED garden lights. You get the top parts, which illuminate, and then under them, you get the solar panel control. You have the power button, and then you also have
the light selection. This goes right on top of here. Fits right in. And then in the center of the box, you get the posts that hold up the lights. With seven colors and three light modes that change for a yard, a path, a really nice way to
landscape your garden. You get six of these lights for under $20 with free Prime shipping. They regularly retail for $30. Again you get six. The multi-color light
settings are awesome. And if you get a full day of sunlight, you’re looking at 10 to
12 hours of the lights after they’re fully charged. And although my wife and I bought a house which I can’t wait to show you, we don’t have it yet, so I’m gonna pass this
along to our intern Kody who has a house. – So this is the Amazon of the lights. I have to say they did a great job bringing the front of my house to life. If you’re the type of person that has landscaping or any
greenery around your property, and you really don’t know what to do to accentuate that beauty, there is no cords or electricity needed to power this LED light. And I like the fact that
it has so many different light colors. Matt, thanks for lighting the way to these amazing deals. – You can find this deal located right under the video screen, and I will tell you these
are going to sell out. From here, I want to go to here. For under $15, let’s have
ourselves a charge party and replace all of these random chargers. I wanna start with my Samsung
phone that I got for free. It has the USB extension system. So all I need to do is go
from the surge protector right into the phone. This is now safely charging. The same system that’s charging that can also charge an iPad Pro. Again, you can see this is charging. I can take the same
system and safely power the iPhone 7 Plus. But that doesn’t stop there. You wanna plug in a USB-C
adapter, that’s great. I am now able to charge
this overpriced MacBook Pro. This is charging, and then from there, I could even plug in an LG adapter and plug our intern Kody’s phone into its own safe charging system. Infinite uses and a
crazy price at under $15. You have the power on, off, the reset, and of course with this
you get three standard three-prong AC outlets. You get four USB outlets, which is key, and this occupies very little space. So if you have those
larger clunky adapters like this that would
otherwise occupy two outlets, you can just simply take the USB and plug directly into the system. Let’s take a look at some
of the other huge bargains at Amazon this week. On the accessory aisle, one of my favorite tablet cases today, which also fits the iPad Pro, beautiful faux leather that
looks like real leather, really has that indentation
and that distressed look, for its lowest recorded price. This deal which is located
right under the video screen will score you a protective sleeve to the point where I’m actually confident dropping this $800 iPad
Pro onto a table with it. Again, obviously you’re
not gonna wanna drop it against concrete. But this is protective, it’s stylish, and it
looks like a $50 case. The Speck cases in
particular for the MacBook and MacBook Pro models
are an awesome value because to be honest, you barely see the case. On the bottom, they’re vented which is key for a lot of the protective cases. But keep in mind, this MacBook Pro which fully loaded has a value of $3,000 that
we use in our studios, completely overpriced, is a great way to protect not only the MacBook
Pro but let it breathe, and you can save money
from one of those bulky carrying cases that won’t protect it to the same degree. Scratch resistant, allows you full access
to all of your ports. And when you’re spending so much money to get that logo that’s costing you a lot of cash, you don’t wanna hide it. You also don’t wanna hide the aesthetics of your MacBook Pro or your MacBook. This is one of my favorite ways. You also get the rubberized bottom, so when you put it down, it doesn’t slide, it doesn’t skid. Just a great case at its
lowest recorded price. And speaking of cases, with a two-year worry-free guarantee, the Kindle, which is the
exact same version for adults as it is for kids, it’s part of a bundle aimed
at kids for under $100 down from $125. Obviously an adult could
buy this with a case and a two-year worry-free
guarantee, this is a score. And if you wanna score more deals, a reminder, I will be live with Anna Easa from the YouTube Studios this Friday, noon Pacific, 3:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time. All of the deals today located right under this video screen, and now my favorite part of the video, the giveaway. Using TubeBuddy’s random
Pick A Winner tool to find two subscribers who’ve commented in the last six months, and if you have your notifications on, you will hear this. You get your choice of a free power strip or garden lights. Kiki, you wrote cool, and it’s cool that you’ve won as well as Karen. I love Karen, longtime subscriber, just email [email protected] to claim your freebie. Yes, awesome, you see how carefully I’m getting excited because if you get overly
excited, that happens. So congratulations. – Don’t forget to tune
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the last huge set of deals I featured, it’s right here, don’t worry. Anna Easa and I are gonna be so smooth by the time we join you live on Friday. (laughing)

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