Best Amazon Tech Deals of the Week (Christmas Deals!)

– I have your five best deals of the week ready for Christmas, awesome prices, plus tech deals and how a hit and run is affecting me right now. Oh, and I have huge giveaway but we’ll start with the
hit and run in a moment. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite and I did not hit a
person, but is is something and it did cost a lot of money. I am so excited to be back with all of you to find the top five
Amazon deals of the week. All of the items that I feature are located right under this video screen. Just expand the video description box and then a lucky winner
at the end of the video will get his or her choice of any item I feature, it’s yours. Okay, so as you guys know, I love tech and I’m constantly driving
around and sometimes, when I’m in a little bit of a rush, I need to just park a vehicle very safely, with a street permit and
someone over the course of a half hour period,
decided that they would just hit the side of my car,
cause $6,000 worth of damage and then take off and I
have nothing to show for it. That got me thinking, so this action cam that I’m gonna unbox and
show to you in a moment is a way to cut down on
that but also a great way to capture everything you need plus don’t worry, I
got other camera deals, let’s start with that. I find it very hard to believe
that you can actually score a dash cam for this price. One of things is the
manufacturers save money on the packaging, they
don’t go for this glorified, Apple-esque packaging but
they give you your accessories and a very well-rated device
that handles the basics and also has night vision. You actually get a nice suction cup. The DC adaptor or your
cigarette lighter adaptor is well-made, you actually get some decent cord length on here. And the device itself
is a full HD dash cam. You can charge this via a micro USB cable which if you’re an Android user like me, you already have one. It comes with that cable as well. You have a nice screen on the back. I’ll show this to you in action but I will tell you, at this price, this is nice. This is not gonna replace a $400 dash cam or one of those $200 systems from Vantrue, but it is well-made and covers you for the basics which in my case, coverage which what I needed
at the time of the incident. At under 50 bucks, this
dash cam is my favorite pick and your key to staying protected. This deal is located right
under the video screen, just expand the video description box where you’ll also find
a deal on the Echo Dot back to 29.99 at Cyber Monday and Black Friday pricing, yes! If you’re looking for an awesome Robovac deal on Amazon,
a wet dry combo system is one of my favorite
ways to clean up your act. One of the top-rated
Robovacs on the market is not only a self-charging robotic vacuum but it has in addition, to a large filter, you get that wet dry
vacuum mopping cleaner. This does wet and dry,
amazing for pet hair if you live with allergies or asthma, this reduces airborne contributors associated with all of that. It has infrared sensors
to keep your furniture, pets, and anything else safe. It crosses door sills easily. It’s well-rated, it’s at
its lowest recorded price. Love the Robovacuum,
I know a lot of of you right now have pets. By the way, just a quick
check of the people watching, how many of you have pets? Dog, cats, love to know. Something more exotic? I’d also be interested in reading that. I’ve lived my life with
dogs but I welcome all pets. Now I know I showed a dash cam, I wanna show an action cam right now just because these are a
top-trending holiday gift. For those of you who are
like oh, goodness me, not another action cam deal, this one is a winner,
it is 1080p beautiful HD and it comes with 16
different accessories. This is the unit, it comes
with waterproof housing already on in the mount which is amazing. A lot of companies, you have to buy those accessories separately. And then this just comes with
every possible peripheral you would need, it just keeps going. They give you absolutely everything. It’s a beautifully crisp display. This is footage being shot right now from this 4K action cam. No, the audio is not amazing and this mic that I’m wearing is not hooked
up to what you are watching. But on our set with decent lighting, I mean look, it’s great right? You’re not going to necessarily get ultra HD GoPro quality on this, but if what you’re seeing right now seems good enough to you, imagine this on a day where you can go outside and capture some beautiful elements. Also at under $40 bucks,
this deal was put to the test by one of our favorite
moms from the channel. – I love this handbag,
you know I love handbags, I look through them all the time. This one is so much fun. I love all the detail on the bag, I love the gold hardware. There’s two pockets right
here, I can fit my tissues, my hand sanitizer, my
lipstick, it’s easy to open, easy to close, it’s nice and big, I can fit my towel in there for the gym, I can fit my book in there,
I can fit my iPad in there, I love this bag for
the gym, for the beach, when going to the movies,
going to soccer games, and this pebble finish, it
won’t scratch, it won’t mark. – Again, all of the deals you need located right under this video screen. They are limited-time offerings so the prices can change
and they can sell out at any moment but if you
want to make your move, I’d say a lot of these items would be great stocking-stuffers, Christmas presents, celebrating Hanukkah or another holiday or
just treating yourself, this would be a great way to go. Alright, my favorite way to go is to give one of these items away for free using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a very lucky subscriber who has his or her choice of any item I featured. Congratulations goes to John H. Awesome! Whoo! Go you! You’re good! You got it! Pick any item, email
[email protected] and I will send out and
purchase your freebie for you. Alright, for everyone else that didn’t win or you’re looking to score more deals or save a lot of cash moving forward, this is the channel for you, not just do I have some even bigger giveaways right around the corner,
but I’ll be providing live coverage from the Consumer
Electronic Show in Vegas. I’m so excited, that begins in January, you’re gonna come along for the ride and I’m gonna show you
tech and lifestyle items that you’ve never seen
before about to hit market and I’m also gonna find
deals on a lot of that stuff so it’s a win-win and we
get to spend time together. I love you guys for watching. If you’re not yet subscribed,
just click on my head right here, that will
subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, just click here and that last big roundup of deals I did, right over here.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon Tech Deals of the Week (Christmas Deals!)

  1. WOW, THAT IS CRAZY! I can't believe someone would do that much damage and not stick around, find you or at least leave a note. I'm so sorry that it happened to you! The good thing is that you weren't hurt, Thank you, Lord! Speaking of accidents, someone hit my car the other day (front, left, drive side, quarter panel/headlight) Thank God neither one of us got hurt as well.
    Congratulations to John for being the winner!
    The last thing, retain a few of your hard earned bucks for a haircut. Lookin' like a wild man. (Unless of course, that's the look your going for. If so, party on dude!) Ciao!

  2. Sorry to hear about your car! I hope karma happens to that person. I need that filter, I have a dog and 3 birds. I also have asthma, but will not get rid of my pets.

  3. Sorry that person hit your car and drove off. Your such a great person for that to happen to you makes me feel awful. Thanks you the great videos you post πŸ™‚

  4. Good morning, Matt! Thanks for the great deals and giveaways. I’m done with gift shopping, now it’s time to gift myself!

  5. Thank you so much for doing this! I have bought several items that you showcased. Not only do you save me money, but you also give me gift ideas that I would have never thought of!! Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!

  6. Congrats to the winner….matt you have been by yourself lately…whats going on….you need some help…i will be gladly to send my info to be your assistant….

  7. Ouch! So sorry to hear about the hit and run. Were there any cameras in the area that might have caught the creep who hit you?

  8. I love your review of products that are typically under my radar, that would be really helpful, interesting or cool. Your enthusiasm makes my day!

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