Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week (Apple & Android) – DON’T miss these!

– I have the six best Apple
deals for the month of May including Beats by Dre
and a huge giveaway. (bell cha-chings) (bright digital tones) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite and my right eye is having
an allergic reaction to something right now, so if my face looks more weird than normal,
that’s what’s going on. I find the biggest deals in the country. I give more items away on
YouTube than anyone else all of which are located
right under this video screen. My last video I gave away
a free Microsoft Surface. And some of you might have
noticed that I catered a little bit more to the
Windows and Android users. Today I am catering to the Apple users, but also finding great products that us Android people can benefit from for the most part. I want to begin with a quick question from one of our awesome
subscribers, Melinda Angel, she’s won items before. And she wanted to know
what can she use in her car to bring iPhone streaming
and Bluetooth capability on a dime? This gadget sets up and pairs in seconds, bringing Siri type
functionality, Android CarPlay, whatever it is that you want to an under equipped vehicle. You get an adjustable head which is great. You can switch tracks
using this control here, your volume up and down,
you can start and stop music streaming from here. And once we plug this in you’re gonna see you get a call answer and a
call end button right over here. And on the bottom of course you can charge an iPad, an Android, whatever
smartphone it is you have. And if your device is
not Bluetooth equipped you also get an auxiliary
out and a provided cable, so you can add Bluetooth to your vehicle. Just plug this in to a DC
adapter or cigarette lighter. It immediately goes to a
frequency that you can program and then match what the radio wants, the two are paired you’re ready to rock. – Hey everyone. Set up was a breeze. All you had to do was just hold down this blue button for five seconds and it puts it in pairing mode. And just go to your Bluetooth
settings on your phone and it should say Flexsmart X3 mini. Click that and it pairs seamlessly. – [Matt] And the nice thing
is remembers your phone every time you get into the car. – [Kody] Correct. – So let me go to Madilyn Bailey. – [Matt] Oh, you’re
gonna stream my favorite! – [Kody] Oh you know it Matt. (easy going pop music) I like the feature where
you could actually control all the music and the volume right from the Bluetooth Flexsmart. So all you have to do is
just hit that middle button. ♫ Hold onto – [Kody] Plays seamlessly. And you can control the volume as well. (equipment beeps) I could drive four to five
hours on any road trip and I don’t even have
to change the station, it’s so powerful. (eerie digital ring) So Matt is calling me right now and it’s always great to hear from Matt. And what I like about this
is hands free calling, so I can answer the phone right here of push of a button.
(digital voice) Let me call Matt. (digital beep) Call Matt Granite.
(computer tone) – [Digital Voice] Calling
Matt Granite’s mobile. (phone rings) – [Matt] Hi you’ve reached Matt Granite. Please leave me a message. – I’ve tested other FM
transmitters and I have to say this audio quality is amazing. No hiccups whatsoever
when you’re listening to your favorite tunes. – I did find this, as I said,
in this lowest recorded price great for grads and all
of those occasions beyond. It is going to sell out
at the price I found. This deal located right
under this video screen, which also brings me to my next deal. Beats by Dre Pro. Found them for $169,
free two day shipping. This is a great deal because it’s usually selling for $202 at least on Amazon. Should you buy them? No, not in my opinion. And why is this an Apple deal? Apple makes Beats by Dre. These headphones you see
in my hand right here will not only be a huge upcoming deal, but a way better noise cancellation, better sound and I will have
it for a fraction of the price, so make sure you’re subscribed with your notifications turned on. Next up, an awesome
power bank that can also power an iPad Pro. Has a built in lightening connector. And it is a nice size,
extremely well made. Apple MFi certified and for
the Android users of course. It has the Android out
or you could use this micro USB for all sorts of other devices. You can even power a Bluetooth speaker. And I just want to show you that you also have the LED indicator here. It has a very strong battery. Keep in mind it’s not just
the output of the battery you need to look at, it’s also the quality of the item, so I’m gonna plug this now into my Samsung and it is charging. It’s also displaying the
weather for our neighborhood in Celsius that many of you
(chuckles) don’t care about. And now for the iPad Pro charge test which always shows just
how strong a power bank is. Charging, upside down
(giggles) but still charging. And I like the design
in that I could actually prop the iPad Pro onto
the power bank and use it, while it continues to
charge and power the device. So this is not just charging it, it can allow for a real time power source. It’s great for those that don’t want to carry lightening cables. Which brings me to my next
deal because who doesn’t need more lightening cables? Many of the iPhone cables
and chargers you will find in a dollar store are not
only harmful to your device, but they break very quickly. These are not only under $8 today, but they are nylon braided,
also Apple MFi certified. One of the best rated
products you can find. And because these are nylon braided they don’t bend with that indentation you would usually see on an iPhone cable. They also don’t fall
apart right at the front. So a big difference for under eight bucks. The next item a smart
desk lap that can charge an iPad Pro or an Android device. You get two high volt
charge ports that can handle an iPad, a smart phone, a tablet. You get the touch control on the front which is fantastic, you do get
the different mobile modes. And you get an LED light
that will ensure you can actually work under this for
extended periods of time. – I’m gonna be graduating next week and I absolutely love this lamp. I’ve worked countless hours on projects. And what I like about this desk lamp is the fact that it’s so easy on the eyes. – This smart lamp consumes 63% less energy than a conventional lamp. It charges an iPhone, an Android,
even an iPad Pro perfectly from the included USB ports. $35 down from $100, hugely well rated. Next up also located right
under this video screen, smart phone lanyards that
actually protect your device. I saw people wearing these all over the consumer electronics show. They’re becoming more and more popular. The best ones that I
found can very securely hold a credit card, although personally I wouldn’t use it for that. It’s great for attaching to your neck, great for attaching to a
back pack or for hiking. And it does work with any smart phone. Of course you get your choice of colors. I just want to put this on a larger device and just show you how easily
this expands right here. I like the color options. I like that I’m less likely
to drop a smart phone if I am holding it with
this attached to my neck. And finally, an item that I love that
you can actually use to double your iPhone capacity. No more annoying updates
to buy more iCloud storage. You’re solution is $38
down from $80, well rated. I put this to the test with
our floor director Rosaline. – [Rosaline] The app opens. To save photos on this flash drive, we go to the photos and
then we just select photos that we want to save. – [Matt] And Rosaline,
how easy was this process? Did you have to study up? – [Rosaline] No it was
a very simple process, anybody can do it. – [Matt] The memory in this
flash drive performed faster than anything we tested it against. – [Rosaline] And we are going
to select paste to here. (phone clatters) Copy succeeded, okay. So it’s a really simple copy and paste. And as you can see here
these are the photos that I just transferred from my iPhone to the flash drive. – What did you think in
terms of the ease of use? ‘Cause I think you unboxed
and had it going pretty fast. – Yeah it’s very simple. You download the app, you
follow the instructions, anybody can do it. – And now for the giveaway. I promised a huge giveaway
and I am giving away two of the Gogroove streaming systems valued at $50 each and one power bank,
also valued at $50 each to the next three subscribers. Using TubeBuddy’s random
selection tool to find our first subscriber. For the Gogroove congratulations goes to Cejay Hall who wants a Ninendo Switch. Sorry, you’re getting a Gogroove. But don’t worry I am looking for a new Nintendo Switch winner soon. Our second Gogroove winner is, congratulations Jacob, you rock. Just email [email protected] to claim your free
Gogroove streaming system. And our third winner today which is the win for the power bank, Barbara. I am so happy you loved
that Shark deal I found. Yes! All three of you are winners! This looks really bad when I go like that, but that’s fine I’ve put
it down, you are awesome. And to make sure you don’t miss any of the next roundup of
huge deals that I have. I’ve got Bluetooth speakers, I’ve got wireless items,
I’ve got headphones. I have the best High
Sierra back pack deals you will ever see in your life and they are all coming right up. To subscribe to this channel, just click on my happy head right here. It’s happy when you subscribe and you turn your notifications on. If you need help with
that or leaving a comment just click here. And if you missed that
Microsoft Surface deal, or you want to try and
win our next one for free, just click here.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon TECH DEALS Of The Week (Apple & Android) – DON’T miss these!

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    AWESOME JOB introducing some pretty cool tech deals! You featured some in the past which is always good to see but I'm glad you included a couple new ones. To my surprise, the sale prices haven't really changed and are still within reasonable range. It was great to see Kody and Rosalyn again. I hope they are doing well.
    Congratulations to all three winners! 🙂
    I asked this some time ago (without receiving an answer) but this video reminded to ask again. Is there a power bank to charge laptops? I haven't seen any but I'm sure if there are I could Google it. I was just wondering if you had come across anything like that.
    Well, I'll let you go. Take care…TEAM ANDROID!

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