Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Tech Deals

– I have the 10 best tech deals of Amazon Prime Day 2019. If you wanna know where
to find the best deals, I have you covered. (cash register chimes) (upbeat music) They are the best tech deals
of Amazon Prime Day 2019, and I am so honored to be with you. I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite. I’ve been working night
and day to look at Dab and what’s trending and also make sure you
can find these deals in stock right now. If you expand the video
description box right under me, I have a list of the 10 best tech deals and many more savings,
all waiting for you. If you’ve never seen me before, I hunt down deals for NBC,
ABC, and CBS TV stations. But more importantly, if the
folks that come back here time and time again, hello,
I love you, thank you, that are not only giving my life purpose, but also a reminder that I’m
here well beyond Prime Day. I find deals all the time. Please feel free to subscribe so you can score huge deals like this. In the number 10 spot, I will give the home surveillance deals that I’ve just hunted
down that have dropped for Amazon Prime Day. That selection. And, again, if you are looking to make your home a
little bit more secure, I have ways to do this
at incredibly low prices. In the number nine spot, it’s all about the headphone deals. Beats by Dre and Bose taking the top spot, but if you ever wanna know
what other headphone deals I think are more worth your while, just look back at any
of my previous videos and also the list below. In the number eight spot, Fire tablets. If you’re wondering how
does a Fire tablet compare to an iPad, I have a full
smash test and drop test in an earlier video, which
you are welcome to check out. In the number seven spot, an electric toothbrush. I know. How is this tech? But if tech can actually
help you whiten your teeth and prevent oral cancer, well you might as well
sign me up for that. The best one I’ve tested has
a six month battery life. It goes beyond anything I have ever seen, and it is there and waiting for you. In the number six spot, smart home products that range from doorbell cameras, lights, smart controllers,
and smart plugs, as well as deals even
on an irrigation system. I’ve done full demonstrations where you can check out any of these deals in a prior video and also
find the links below. In the number five spot, it is all about home audio and some serious upgrades at
really awesome, low prices, all waiting for you. And, of course, if you expand
that video description box, you will find them on my list. In the number four spot, it is a Silent Snore sleep mask. This thing actually works. It stopped my incredibly
bad and annoying snoring in about a three week period. Most people across the country will report similar findings. This will block out light. It’ll help you sleep better. It tracks your sleep habits and sends it all to your smart phone. And yes, it does train
your body to stop snoring. In the number three spot, it is the year of the robo-vac deal. Inching out many other deals that I’ve hunted down in the past, the best robo-vac that you
can score is waiting for you if you click the link below. In the numbeer two spot, it’s all about the laptop. I don’t know if this is summer and it means back to school eventually or people looking to
upgrade their home office, but I have done the tests, and the top deal that I
have found is from Lenovo. And in the number one spot, yes it is the year of
the Prime Day TV deal, Amazon taking a stance
against Black Friday. So people like me will tell you
how awesome their deals are, but I’m telling you the TV deals this year go beyond anything I
have seen in the past. If you expand that video
description box right under me, you’re gonna find a link to a list. I’ve checked all the items on there. I’ve unboxed as many as I can. And I’ve done demonstrations. So if there’s an item you see and you’re wondering, wow,
I wonder how that works, chances are there’s a prior video. And if there isn’t I’ll be
posting one in the near future, but if you do wanna score these items at their lowest recorded prices, that’s one of the biggest
things about Prime Day. You can do it now and then maybe have your
Christmas gifts taken care of later down the line or
just treat yourself. If there are other items that you want me to find deals on, other gaming items, I’m working on those lists and I would love to provide those for you so please let me know
what you’re looking for. Feel free to subscribe to my podcast. I have a Deal Guy podcast on Apple radio, and it’s also on Spotify. And if you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, I’ve got so many awesome, huge deals and many other things to further prove that I don’t have a life
right around the corner. Click on my oversized head right here. That will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. And that last big roundup of deals I did, right over here.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Tech Deals

  1. Thanks Matt! I was wondering what you can find on coffee bean grinders? Hope to see something in the near future on this.
    Thanks for working so hard for us on these deals you find for us.

  2. Hello Matt!! Which is the #10 spot Home Surveillance deals? The Top 10 List (your link) has "10) 40% Off GPS SmartWatch by GolfBuddy," instead :o( Thank you. A BIG hug!! Team Bagnasco

  3. Thank you Mac, I really appreciate you doing the ground work for us. Can you find out the best deal on the Nvidia Shield TV with game controller please. Thanks in advance.

  4. I am looking for a home office computer (not a laptop). Is there a deal that could be recommended?
    Also looking for a pre-X-mas gaming deal. Thanks, Matt!

  5. Hey Matt! I just shattered my phone and instantly thought of u when I remembered that tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day! Will they have phones on sale or should I wait? Thanks for all the help that y'all at The Deal Guy share with us! -xo

  6. Gaming & things for streamers, lighting, blue screens, etc… & household items, looking for a new dryer. 👍❤️


  8. Hey, really. Thank you. Smart tech for my drip irrigation system? I am on my way to Vacation with No Worries, Mate! WOW. Did not know this.

  9. Hi DG, Do know if there are any lower cost HDTV antennas? I know you did a tower but it Is over my budget. Thanks!

  10. We're looking to score a great deal on a PS4 or a Nintendo switch. When is the best time to look for those deals?

  11. Those amazon fire tablets that are old they come in orange and blue. They do not last long at all. I bought my daughter one and it lasted about a year. That’s why amazon sells them so cheap. I suggest buying a fire as new as possible like 2018-20 19

  12. 3:05 the laptop thing is because those of us still on Win7 unfortunately need to upgrade by Jan. 2020 so roughly 6 months, when MS stops issuing security updates to home users of Win7.

  13. Good stuff as always. Do you have specific TV under $250 you can recommend? I see the Toshiba 43 Fire TV for $189 looks pretty good.

  14. Great deals. I’m really on the fence about the Echo 5. I’m curious if you’ve tested it and what your thoughts are on it.

  15. Love your deals!! Can't wait to see what the best deals are and when!! You're the best. And I'll be your friend!!

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