Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Tech Deals

– What are the 10 hottest tech
deals this Amazon Prime Day? I have you covered. (light melodic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Welcome to Prime Day savings
like you wouldn’t believe. It’s here, we are saving you cash and more importantly for
those of you who don’t know, I host unboxings and I do
live tech for Amazon Live. So I’m an Amazon insider
I have more information than a lot of the people that
you’re gonna watch on here, and it is my privilege to show
you a list of savings tide to audio and tech and speakers
and all of those other deals that many people won’t
even know about first. If you expand the video
description box right under me your gonna see my list of
the 10 hottest tech deals for this Amazon Prime Day 2018. More importantly, if I had
to take you through them one by one this is what
you wanna score right now. In the number 10 spot, one
of the smartest power banks money can buy. Don’t just get some piece of
garbage from the Dollar Store and plug it in to your $1300
iPhone X, get the best. In the number nine spot, it
is a dash cam from HP with all of the accessories giving you an omni directional hd perspective. A great way to lower
your car insurance rates. In the number eight spot, a
robo vac to clean up your act. I have a new infant that crawls around or is about to be doing
that and I want to make sure I remove all of the allergens
and debris from my home. This can navigate seamlessly under couches and pieces of furniture
that you cannot access. In the number seven spot,
a beautiful high fidelity life proof Bluetooth speaker system. Don’t get some other $15
piece of garbage on Prime Day. Braven synonymous with top audio quality and I loved testing this. In the number six spot, a
neck massager flying off the shelves extremely popular
this Amazon Prime Day 2018. In the number five spot,
a Bluetooth smart scale that will give you a better perspective of what’s going on inside your body. Trust me I found out the hard way. In the number four spot, a
wireless charger you can easily use this on a desk or use this
with the included car mount. Awesome. In the number three spot, the best laptop deal I have
ever seen. Keep in mind if you want a laptop with solid state drive and a fingerprint reader
you’re easily looking at over 500 bucks found
this bad boy for $399 put it to the test against a MacBook and it actually held it’s own in terms of the display
and several other features. In the number two spot,
a 4K action cam complete with all of the accessories. People this is 4K at under 80 bucks with all of the
functionality extreme footage back to your smart phone. And in the number one spot,
a top pair of wireless headphones at under 25 bucks. If you wanna score any of the
deals that I just showed you plus many more that I’ve
made available on lists that take you right to the deals first, expand that video description
box right under me. That is where I’ll be
pleased to hook you up. If there’s any other Prime
Day deal that you want leave me a comment, let me know. I’m going to be working around the clock continuously to help you save. If you are not yet
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us all saving money together which I love ’cause I
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a demo already to rock and more Prime Day savings
waiting for you right over here.

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