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– From a top smartphone
gadget to Toilet Tech Valentine’s Day gift
ideas and a big giveaway these are your top five
Amazon deals of the week. (bright pop music) Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m here for you all week
long to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. And all of my favorite
items on this channel get given away for free to
the awesome subscribers. And I’ve got so many great
tech unboxings, deals, and a few other surprises in store. Today though, your top five
Amazon deals of the week are by viewers request. And there’s one item I wanna start with, which is the ultimate
smartphone accessory. It’s an LED nightlight
system that does it all. All of the deal links for
what I’m about to show you located right under this video screen just expand the video description box. Forget smart outlets. This is ingenious. You get four standard
three prong AC oulets. So, yes. You can safely plug-in
whatever it is you need. There we go. But, it gets even more
a little bit exciting. You get two USB ports. So you could easily plug Apple
or Android devices in here. You want to charge an iPad whatever it is. And it’s a nightlight. Not only is this MacBook Pro now charging, but of course via USB you
plug this in and this iPhone X is charging as well. Plus, here’s the nightlight. Complete with a sensor that
projects a beautiful bright LED the second darkness is detected or with the ability for a switch. You can easily illuminate a staircase, a bathroom, great for seniors, people getting up in
the middle of the night, kids, adults. Absolutely love this deal at its lowest recorded price. If you wanna score that smart
charge LED light system, it’s located right
under this video screen. Which brings me to one of
my other favorite bargains, also good for Valentine’s Day, a massage system under 40 bucks. Say hello to an eight mode
deep kneading massage pillow to help you relax,
relieve muscle tightness, and even activate blood circulation. Doctor approved, ready to rock, and one of the easiest to carry, and lightweight models you
will see on the market. This is great for an office, a home, will massage your neck, your
back, your head, your feet doing it on a dime today at
its lowest recorded price. This item is ready to travel
with a DC car cigarette lighter adapter and everywhere
else you happen to be. The link to that massage
system located right under this video screen where you can
also find some great deals on snow removal items. If your in a part of the
country right now that is unfortunately effected by snow. Well, anything from snow blowers to snow throwers and shovels. Also reduced with some great
savings on Amazon right now. From snow removal to magazines
subscriptions as low as $5 for an entire year of a favorite magazine. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Your sweetheart can have their
interests or hobbies catered to with some huge deals
they give year-round. One of the other top five
Amazon Deals of the week is a toilet light. It’s kinda hard to go through
this with a straight face but this is one of the
items that I did see at the Consumer Electronics Show. People are buying them, they
are reduced this week so, well, let me show it to you. Yup, It’s a real thing, complete with human body induction clamps. But, if you look at it just
in terms of the savings and the practicality, this is
a way to end blinding visits to the bathroom at night. Stumbling in the dark, misses and messes, great for seniors and
kids, and toilet training, or just people looking to get
a new level of accessibility in their home. It’s here! It’s flying off the shelves! And there is some frugality
tied to this item. Well that’s fun. Okay? That’s located right under
this video description box. And, the exciting part now is
I’m going to giveaway any of the individual items that I featured. I can give you a magazine
subscription if you want. But, the USB powered nightlight system, the massage system, or the
toilet light can be yours if you are one of the
next lucky subscribers. I’m just telling you, I would totally go with the toilet light. Okay, so using TubeBuddy’s
random selection tool to find a very lucky subscriber
who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations goes to! Congratulations Jacob H! And he wants to know if I could do a video on a top 10 security camera piece. Absolutely, Jacob. That’s a great idea. And since all of your ideas
are so important to me, you know what I’m actually
going to follow up on that. Hopefully one of my next videos would be a home security system. Or an unboxing, or a way to do a top 10 security checkpoint for your house. So I read all the comments,
they’re very important to me. You’re important to me! Go Jacob! And everyone! Else! Awesome! Happy savings! Have a great rest of your week. Turn your notifications on
’cause I will be back with a big deal and a giveaway coming right up. You can click my head right here to get subscribed to this channel. Turn those notifications on, if you do need some help,
there’s a demo right there. And the last big round up of deals that I found is right over here.

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100 thoughts on “Best Amazon Deals of the Week!

  1. Oh that toilet light…Its funny but ive been looking for one. it would make going late night way better then having to turn on the lights hehe.. Ill have to get this one…

  2. Never thought that one day I would be excited about toilet tech, but I'm now heading over to Amazon to see what else they have.

  3. I need that back massager!!!!!!! Like no really seriously. lol
    You are the best. You take care of all of our frugal needs including not falling into the lou at night because the seat was up. 😂😂😂
    Have a great week Matt. 👍

  4. Hey Matt, that LED charger station is a great deal, appreciate the heads up on it and for under $20! Congratulations Jacob, no shame if you pick the toilet light. Great video Matt!

  5. I bought one of those LED Motion Sensor Toilet Light after I saw them on Shark Tank and my kids love it because they dont have turn on the light in the middle of the night anymore! 🙂

  6. Matt unlove ur deals and ur enthusiasm, UR A great guy but as far as the giveaways I JUST CANNOT WIN A GIVE AWAY, I WATCH FAITHFULLY. HOPEFULLY ONE DAY.

  7. So hard to decide what to get people for Valentines Day, these are some good suggestions. A night light for your toilet is a good idea the older you get.

  8. Toilet bowl light? Man, how did I miss that million dollar idea? Don't worry though, I have an idea to make my toilet bluetooth compatible. You know, just in case I want to listen to audio music or my favorite podcast. Do you think Bruno Mars singing from my bum is taking it a little too far? 😀

  9. So many awesome deals. I missed a few weeks due to a nasty fall and injury. Hoping I didn't miss anything that I'll regret

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