Behind the Scenes – Deck Flip on a Budget Day 2 – Upcycled Furniture

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow and welcome back to my series behind the scenes where I’m showing you
how I flipped our deck on a really tight budget so I thrifted this furniture that
I wanted to upcycle and yesterday I showed you how I spray-painted the deck
using that Wagner spray tech sprayer and today I’m going to show you how I’m
upcycling the furniture so the first thing I had to do was assemble the tent
so worklist sent me this 10 now say it assembles in five minutes so now I know
how to put it together I could definitely do it in five minutes this
one probably took me 10 to 15 the first time and there was definitely some
giggles in putting it together the first time Thank You Ryan for helping me put
it together because I certainly couldn’t have done it on my own we had some good
giggles on putting that together anyway I bought the sofa or couch I bought a
really pretty chair and the table now they don’t look much when you see them
to start with I went along the wicker style I knew what I wanted they look a
bit old and yes you can see the seat had fallen out of the couch
and even the seat on the chair doesn’t really look like much but you’ll see
that later in the week that I fixed all of those things and they come out great
and I’m gonna spray them again with my wagner spray tech sprayer super easy
assemble at the same way use the bag again definitely a lifesaver and I’m
spraying it black sherwin-williams paint again and I went black because my theme
is Palm Springs so it’s gonna be black white and then huge pops of bright
colors super awesome it looks great in there trust me it’s gonna look awesome
it really does we have so much fun in there in the evenings so two coats again
the spray tent was great so I popped my couch in there it stopped all of the
overspray yes I am an impatient crafter and that means I’m also an impatient DIY
er doesn’t mean I’m any different but so my lawn was black for a few days until
the black grew out but it’s fine nobody really noticed I don’t think and then I
just spray-painted out I kept turning it so that I got you know the spray paint
everywhere and that worked out reading real well so
two coats worked out great spray painting against super easy because if I
tried to do it with brushes or rollers or anything like that I couldn’t have
got into all of those ducts and crannies whereas by spraying it you can really
turn that nozzle into all those different places if I turned the spray
down a little bit as it indicates on the top of the sprayer which it does for
furniture and you can see you get into all of those sort of fine detail places
and there is a fine detail nozzle on there too so if I had something that
required even more detail you can do that and that 10 prevents overspray so
if you have a big piece of furniture you just pop it in there easy clean up the
tent then collapses really easily goes back in that little can pouch that it
comes in there and you can pop it back away for next time you you you you you you you you

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15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Deck Flip on a Budget Day 2 – Upcycled Furniture

  1. Awesome video! Can’t wait for the pour video to see how you made your artwork for your patio! Thank you so much! ~ Katz

  2. Alexandra, What can't you do! Amazing. I may get out the Earlex sprayer I bought years ago and never used. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I'm new to your channel! I absolutely love your videos. I feel like we are old friends! Lol I seen the cutest fall hedgehog In Hobby Lobby yesterday as and instantly thought if you. Keep up the great work love!

  4. Wonderful job! Both the sprayer & tent are a need for me! I usually spread plastic shower curtains from the dollar store everywhere to protect my surrounds & I keep the dog indoors or I would have to cover her as well, 😆. Thanks for sharing, Hugs!!!

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